The air is crisper, the temperatures are lower and fall is just around the corner.  And that means the return of the basketball season!  This season we have another record crop of Canadian players in the NCAA with 104 men on Division 1 rosters which, after all the graduations, turning pro early, transfers and straight up vanishings is still one more than in 2014.  If you’re wondering that is 24 freshmen (22 true freshmen), 29 sophomores, 26 juniors and 23 seniors.  This a remarkable number regardless I’d say.  Since NCAA basketball practice has officially started we at NPH figured to give you most complete list of Canucks playing in the NC-Double-Eh and we have it for you right here.  Looking at the list I’m sure there are going to be some breakout season, surprises and a whole to talk about for sure …

Mississauga, ON's Dillon Brooks. (PHOTO: Ryan Kang, The Emerald)

Mississauga, ON’s Dillon Brooks. (PHOTO: Ryan Kang, The Emerald)

Name               Height   Class   Hometown       School

Richard Peters 6 – 10 C JR-RS (Pickering, ON) Albany

Alex Paquin 6 – 1 G SO (Montreal) American

Jake Babic 6 – 5 G SO (Oakville, ON) Appalachian St

Kemy Osse 6 – 1 G RS-JR (Montreal) Ark-Little Rock

Fred Dure 6 – 4 G SR-TR (Montreal) Arkansas St

Bikram Gill 6 – 8 F/C SR-TR (Mississauga,ON) Ball St

Francis Kiapway 6 – 3 G SO (Hamilton, ON) Ball St

Brandon Busuttil 6 – 4 G SR (Kitchener, ON) Bowling Green

Obie Okolie 6 – 7 F FR (Ajax, ON) Brown

Kimball McKenzie 6 – 1 G FR (Toronto) Bucknell

Jarryn Skeete 6 – 3 G SR (Brampton, ON) Buffalo

Dartmouth's Rodell Wigginton. (PHOTO: Chad Cooper, The Spectrum)

Dartmouth’s Rodell Wigginton. (PHOTO: Chad Cooper, The Spectrum)

Rodell Wigginton 6 – 5 G SR-TR (Dartmouth) Buffalo

Malcolm Henderson 6 – 7 F SR-RS (Montreal) Cal-Fullerton

Cassidy Ryan 6 – 6 F SO (Mississauga, ON) Canisius

Jamaal Reynolds 6 – 5 G SR-TR (Pickering, ON) Canisius

Keifer Douse 6 – 3 G JR-TR (Toronto) Canisius

Kassius Robertson 6 – 3 G SO-RS (Toronto) Cansius

Mathieu Kamba 6 – 5 G SO (Calgary) Central Arkansas

Otas Iyekekpolor 6 – 8 F SO (Edmonton) Central Arkansas

Daniel Levitt 6 – 1 G FR (Montreal) Cleveland St

Joe Di Ciman 6 – 4 G SR (Regina) Colorado State

Chris McComber 6 – 8 F JR (Ottawa) Columbia

Grant Mullins 6 – 3 G SR (Burlington, ON) Columbia

James Sylvester 6 – 0 G JR-TR (Toronto) Coppin St

Braxston Bunce 6 – 10 F/C SR (Kelowna, BC) Cornell

Dyshawn Pierre 6 – 7 F SR (Whitby, ON) Dayton

Jordan Robinson 6 – 7 F SO (Toronto) Duquesne

Abednego Lufile 6 – 7 G JR-TR (Burlington, ON) East Tennessee St

Jaylen Babb-Harrison 6 – 4 G JR-RS (Ajax, ON) Eastern Kentucky

Nick Madray 6 – 10 F JR-TR (Mississauga, ON) Eastern Michigan

Toronto's Xavier Rathan-Mayes. (PHOTO: Florida St Athletics)

Toronto’s Xavier Rathan-Mayes. (PHOTO: Florida St Athletics)

Xavier Rathan-Mayes 6 – 4 G SO-RS (Toronto) Florida St

Joseph Chartouny 6 – 3 G FR (Montreal) Fordham

Nemanja Zarkovic 6 – 3 G SO (Montreal) Fordham

Isaiah Watkins 6 – 9 F SO-TR (Brampton, ON) Furman

Dustin Triano 6 – 3 G SO-RS (Tsawwassen, BC) Gonzaga

Kyle Wiltjer 6 – 9 F SR-TR (Oregon) Gonzaga

Grandy Glaze 6 – 6 G/F SR (Brampton, ON) Grand Canyon

Tevin Findlay 6 – 4 G JR (Toronto) Green Bay

Agunwa Okolie 6 – 8 G/F SR (Ajax, ON) Harvard

Chris Egi 6 – 8 F SO (Markham, ON) Harvard

Corey Johnson 6 – 6 6 FR (Ottawa) Harvard

Patrick Steeves 6 – 7 G/F SR (Montreal) Harvard

Stefan Jankovic 6 -11 F JR-RS (Mississauga, ON) Hawaii

MiKyle McIntosh 6 – 7 F SO (Pickering, ON) Illinois State

Naz Long 6 – 4 G SR (Mississauga, ON) Iowa State

Shae Jones 6 – 1 G SR-TR (Weston, FL) Jacksonville

Yohanny Dalembert 6 – 8 F JR (Montreal) James Madison

Justin Edwards 6 – 4 G SR-TR (Ajax, ON) Kansas St

Alonzo Walker 6 – 4 G FR (Brampton, ON) Kent St

Kitchener, ON's Jamal Murray. (PHOTO: Rick Madonik, Toronto Star )

Kitchener, ON’s Jamal Murray. (PHOTO: Rick Madonik, Toronto Star )

Jamal Murray 6 – 4 G FR (Kitchener, ON) Kentucky

Mychal Mulder 6 – 4 G JR-TR (London, ON) Kentucky

Nevell Provo 6 – 0 G FR (North Preston, NS) Loyola (MD)

Munis Tutu 6 – 2 G FR (Windsor, ON) Loyola Marymount

Marko Pirovic 6 – 7 F JR (Bolton, ON) Maine

Troy Reid-Knight 6 – 4 G JR (Toronto) Maine

Elijah Long 6 – 2 G FR (Mississauga, ON) Mount St Mary’s

Jayln Pennie 6 – 6 F SO-RS (Ajax, ON) New Mexico State

Matthew Taylor 6 – 6 F SO-RS (Brampton, ON) New Mexico State

Rashawn Browne 6 – 1 G FR-RS (Toronto) New Mexico State

Tanveer Bhullar 7 – 2 C SO-RS (Toronto) New Mexico State

Dexter Werner 6 – 6 F JR (Bismarck, ND) North Dakota St

D’Andre Bernard 6 – 8 F FR (Ajax, ON) North Florida

Miles Seward 6 – 2 G FR (Toronto) Northern Colorado

Dinjyl Walker 6 – 2 G SR-TR (Toronto) Oklahoma

Denzel Taylor 6 – 7 G JR (Brampton,ON) Old Dominion

Chris Boucher 6 – 10 F JR-TR (Montreal) Oregon

Dillon Brooks 6 – 5 F SO (Mississauga, ON) Oregon

Dylan Ennis 6 – 1 G SR-TR (Toronto) Oregon

Toronto's Malcolm Duvivier. (PHOTO: Randy L. Rasmussen, The Oregonian)

Toronto’s Malcolm Duvivier. (PHOTO: Randy L. Rasmussen, The Oregonian)

Malcolm Duvivier 6 – 2 G JR (Toronto) Oregon St

Junior Lomomba 6 – 5 F JR-RS (Montreal) Providence

Matthew Neufeld 6 – 11 C FR (Victoria) Saint Louis

Marc-Andre Fortin 6 – 9 C FR (Quebec City) Sam Houston St

Montaque Gill-Caesar 6 – 6 G SO-TR (Vaughan, ON) San Diego St

Jadon Cohee 6 – 4 G SO (Vancouver) Seattle

Manroop Clair 6 – 2 G JR-RS (Vancouver) Seattle

Breaden Anderson 6 – 9 F SR-TR (Edmonton) Seton Hall

Kadeem Smithen 6 – 7 G SO-TR (Toronto) Siena

Woodbridge, ON's Duane Notice. (PHOTO: USA Today Sports)

Woodbridge, ON’s Duane Notice. (PHOTO: USA Today Sports)

Duane Notice 6 – 5 G JR (Woodbridge) South Carolina

D’Adrian Allen 6 – 8 FR (Toronto) Southern

David Andoh 6 – 7 F SR-TR (Montreal) St Bonaventure

Nelson Kaputo 6 – 1 G FR (Toronto) St Bonaventure

Ben Millaud-Meunier 6 – 1 G SR (Montreal) St. Francis

Kevin Ndahiro 6 – 9 F/C FR-RS Nelson (Ottawa) Stetson

Kyle Alexander 6 – 9 F FR (Milton, ON) Tennessee

Ray Kasongo 6 – 8 JR-TR (Toronto) Tennessee

Josiah Moore 6 – 5 G JR-RS (Oakville, ON) Tennessee Tech

Kareem South 6 – 2 G FR (Toronto) Texas A&M – Corpus Cristi

Aaron Ariri 6 – 8 F SO-RS (Toronto) Troy

Gentry Thomas 6 – 5 G FR (East Preston, NS) UC Riverside

Eric Rwahwire 6 – 5 F JR-TR (Toronto) UC-Riverside

Alex Hart 6 – 11 F SO-RS (Kelowna, BC) UC-Santa Barbara

Shayok Shayok 6 – 8 G SR-TR St. Patrick’s (Ottawa) UMKC

Jelani Mofford 6 – 4 F FR (Brampton, ON) UNC-Greensboro

Jaylen Poyser 6 – 3 G FR  (Mississauga, ON) UNLV

Tyler Belot-Green 6 – 7 F JR-TR (Toronto) UNLV

Matt Willms 7 – 1 C JR (Leamington, ON) UTEP

Max Joseph 6 – 1 G SO (Montreal) Valparaiso

Tevonn Walker 6 – 1 G SO (Montreal) Valparaiso

Drew Urquhart 6 – 9 F SO Vancouver Vermont

Trae Bell-Haynes 6 – 2 G SO (Toronto) Vermont

Marial Shayok 6 – 4 G SO (Ottawa) Virginia

Matthew Atewe 6 – 9 F JR-TR (Brampton, ON) Washington

Cody John 6 – 3 G FR (Mississauga, ON) Weber St

Haboubacar Mutombo 6 – 5 G SO-RS (Ajax, ON) Western Carolina

Nolan Narain 6 – 9 F FR (Hamilton, ON) San Diego St

Ottawa Marial Shayok. (PHOTO: Jamie Rhodes, USATODAY Sports)

Ottawa Marial Shayok. (PHOTO: Jamie Rhodes, USATODAY Sports)

Ray Bala

Written by Ray Bala

Can Ball Ray has been a freelance writer for a few years and Canadian basketball junkie since the he found out Rowan Barrett was heading to St. John's on a full ride. He's spent many sleepness nights and many billable hours searching and tracking the many Canucks that play basketball online. When he's not writing about the game in Canada he's looking for new basketball sneakers or searching for vintage Nike Flight suits online ... or changing diapers.


6 thoughts on “The 2015-16 NC-Double-Eh Men’s Players List

  1. Such a shame that CIS and Canadian schools continue to forbid full ride scholarships and do not take their programs to the next level; it would be great to see many of these players in a Canadian system.

    1. Ray Bala Ray Bala says:

      It would be nice to see. The game would develop so much more at the CIS level and it would definitely be more exciting to watch. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the future will keep 50% of these types of players at home.

  2. Toronto's Finest says:

    Even if they did I don’t believe it would keep our best here, they would continue to go south. Just my opinion

    1. Ray Bala Ray Bala says:

      I agree TF. The lure of the big time and free everything is always tough to walk away from. The show that the basketball has become in the NCAA is so big that it’s not even giving any school in the CIS a fighting chance at all. CIS teams are losing players to low D1s that offer full rides. Gonna be a tough thing to change.

  3. thinking ahead says:

    I’m a big supporter of Canadian basketball and wish all these kids well. I also completely understand the dream to play D1, and all that comes with it. The real issue is that rather than play at a Canadian school with top notch academics, kids are going to low D1 or D2 schools with sub par academics. The exception is schools like Vermont and anything in the Patriot League or Ivy League or say a Fordham which are top schools. With all do respect to Binghampton and Canisus, you are not helping yourself for life at basketball. 25-40% of the kids on the list should be playing CIS ball, not because they can’t play D1, but because it will put you in a much better position to land a career. This would increase the level of play and also help kids ensure they get a degree that will help them throughout the rest of their lives. I hope the quality of education factors into every decision to go south.

  4. Mr.Pong says:

    As much i agreed with “Thinking Head” on most of his points. The fact and reality of things are you will make a decision where to go to university on the bottom line, which is the almighty (Dollars). Many of these kids are from a low income family and cannot afford to send their children to university (based on cost) no matter the level of academics. So if and when a young man or woman is lucky enough to get an offer for a full ride ,who am i to judge. If the canadian schools offer at least 2/3rd of scholarship many of these kids would stay and play CIS ball. That is just the fact and reality. Keep studying an ballin youngman you are up next.

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