North Pole Hoops provides a pathway to the next level through a multi-layered system, beginning with student-athletes in elementary school (fifth grade) all the way to the NBA, and every level in between.

Aspiring student-athletes from coast-to-coast maximize exposure opportunities through the NPH Showcase circuit, Canadian National Invitational Tournament (CNIT) and the National Preparatory Association (NPA) while provided with guidance and support on their journey to the next level.



Founded in 2011 by brothers Tariq and Elias Sbiet, North Pole Hoops has evolved into a leading resource for Canadian basketball prospects from coast-to-coast, based on a foundation of passion and persistence, while striving to always maintaining the best interest of youth and the game.

North Pole Hoops’ birth was inspired by a lack of opportunity and exposure; Canadian basketball has always produced quality talent for over a half century, however our country was lacking the recognition it deserves for young talent to thrive at the highest levels of the game.

Today, Canada boasts the most international NBA talent in the world at 11 players, with an inevitable incline for years to come.

Canada is establishing itself as a global power in basketball, and North Pole Hoops is proud to be supporting the efforts of the entire basketball community from coast-to-coast, while contributing to a thriving culture through dynamic multi-media platforms, and highlighting the country’s finest talent.

Championship Mentality

#GameSpeaks is a code the NPH family lives by, emphasizing a “no excuse, get it done” mentality, based on hard work, production and progress.