We have big day of hoops action that will include Wiggins, Stauskas, Powell and Ennis in the NBA plus CIS ball starting in the AUS early and heading to the Canada West late plus the RSEQ tipping off their season all here in The Slate …

Toronto's Dwight Powell. (PHOTO: Dallas Morning News)

Toronto’s Dwight Powell. (PHOTO: Dallas Morning News)

* All times are in EST unless otherwise stated. *



6:00pm Minnesota @ Chicago

7:00pm Orlando @ Philadelphia

8:30pm New Orleans @ Dallas

8:30pm Brooklyn @ Milwaukee

9:00pm Memphis @ Utah



Fort Collins, CO's Kara Spotton. (PHOTO: UBC Athletics)

Fort Collins, CO’s Kara Spotton. (PHOTO: UBC Athletics)

CIS – Women

1:00pm St FX @ UPEI

1:00pm Windsor @ Waterloo

1:00pm Western @ Laurier

4:30pm Saint Mary’s @ Memorial

5:00pm Acadia @ Cape Breton

5:00pm UNB @ Dalhousie

6:00pm Laurentian @ Ottawa

6:00pm York @ Queen’s

6:00pm UQAM @ Concordia

6:00pm McMaster @ Algoma

6:00pm Nipissing @ Carleton

6:00pm Guelph @ Lakehead

6:00pm Regina @ Brandon

7:00pm Mount Royal @ MacEwan

7:00pm Winnipeg @ Calgary

7:15pm Manitoba @ Saskatchewan

8:00pm Thompson Rivers @ UNBC

8:00pm UBC Okanagan @ Fraser Valley

8:00pm Victoria @ Trinity Western

9:00pm Alberta @ UBC



Ajax, ON's Jonathan Tull. (PHOTO: Canada West)

Ajax, ON’s Jonathan Tull. (PHOTO: Canada West)

CIS – Men

3:00pm St FX @ UPEI

3:00pm Windsor @ Waterloo

3:00pm Western @ Laurier

6:30pm Saint Mary’s @ Memorial

7:00pm Acadia @ Cape Breton

7:00pm UNB @ Dalhousie

8:00pm Laurentian @ Ottawa

8:00pm York @ Queen’s

8:00pm Regina @ Brandon

8:00pm UQAM @ Concordia

8:00pm McMaster @ Algoma

8:00pm Nipissing @ Carleton

8:00pm Guelph @ Lakehead

9:00pm Mount Royal @ MacEwan

9:00pm Winnipeg @ Calgary

9:00pm Manitoba @ Saskatchewan

8:00pm Thompson Rivers @ UNBC

10:00pm UBC Okanagan @ Fraser Valley

10:00pm Victoria @ Trinity Western

11:00pm Alberta @ UBC


Ray Bala

Written by Ray Bala

Can Ball Ray has been a freelance writer for a few years and Canadian basketball junkie since the he found out Rowan Barrett was heading to St. John's on a full ride. He's spent many sleepness nights and many billable hours searching and tracking the many Canucks that play basketball online. When he's not writing about the game in Canada he's looking for new basketball sneakers or searching for vintage Nike Flight suits online ... or changing diapers.

Website: http://www.NorthPoleHoops.com

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