National Preparatory Association Basketball Returns For 2023-2024 Season

The National Preparatory Association powered by North Pole Hoops, is proud to announce its return for the 2023-2024 basketball season with an exciting offering, stronger than ever for the Canadian Basketball landscape.

Launched in 2016, the NPA has produced talent at every post-secondary and PRO level, including the NBA, and international talent in the NCAA.

AJ Lawson (Brampton, ON / Dallas Mavericks) and Josh Primo (Mississauga, ON / San Antonio Spurs) are league alumni at the highest level, while international talent include Atiki Alli Atiki (Tanzania / BYU), Aboubacar Traore (Ivory Coast / Long Beach St) Sammy Hunter (University of Akon / Bahamas).

Following a league pause in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NPA is ready for a major return, with exciting developments and announcements to share to enhance the prep experience for the country’s Top programs.

“Since inception, the NPA’s primary function has been providing a Pathway, National infrastructure and platform for the elite level of basketball (players, coaches & industry professionals alike), and as a result, the league is and always will be about quality over quantity,” stated NPH CEO, Tariq Sbiet.

The NPA is set to bring together 12-16 programs from across the country that have the infrastructure, and ability to support world class basketball talent in their journeys to the next level.

In the interest of development, growth opportunities and serving the ever-evolving Canadian Basketball space, North Pole Hoops will offer multiple divisions, with opportunity for programs to develop and elevate through their performance to the NPA level and standard. (NPA, NPH D1, NPH D2)

“Similar to the European model, I see what NPH is doing, integrating Europe and North American approaches together,” explained Miguel Bullon, CEO of Spain’s NBN23, North Pole Hoops Strategic partner.

North Pole Hoops’ Global vision & expansion spearheaded by Sbiet is strengthening Canada’s basketball positioning internationally, by building strong bridges to countries around the world, and attracting world class talent to the North.

Canada ranks #1 in NBA talent production internationally, with over 20 Players in the NBA—making the country a prime destination for players from all over the world to assimilate & make the NPA a part of their pathway to the next level.

The blend of Canada’s multicultural nature, along with its expertise and proximity to basketball at the highest level (NBA) makes the country ideal for the World’s top talent to pursue their dreams.

“Why can’t Canada become the basketball capital of the World? I believe it can and will. Canada to the World…the World to Canada,” professed Sbiet.

“Toronto utilizes basketball as an immigration policy,” wrote David Hollander, Professor and author of NYU Course and Book How Basketball Can save the world. 

The return of the NPA is changing the landscape of Canadian basketball on and off the floor, with more growth opportunities & pathways to the next level for coaches, industry professionals, referees, sponsors and the basketball community at large.

“Looking back, the NPA was ahead of its time. It laid the groundwork for a level of exposure and professionalism that not only elevated the players but everyone that was involved with the league,” explained former NPA commissioner Jason Thom.

“Building and maintaining a national league at the high school level takes passion and unity from community leaders that are separated by thousands of kilometers. The NPA successfully connected those people and provided an organized, professionally run platform for their teams,” Thom continued.

“The only thing that paused this momentum was a worldwide pandemic. Since then, Canadian basketball has caught up to what was built years ago and its time for the NPA to pick up right where it left off.”



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