Canadian Girls Basketball; Colts Classic, NISAA, Cegep & CBQ

The last couple weeks have been a blur of high level girls basketball starting in Ontario and wrapping up in Quebec. 

October 26-28: The Centennial Colts Classic had an amazing showing of Canadian basketball; top teams from across Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia competed at a high level for 3 full days. 55+ NCAA, USport and CCAA coaches were in attendance, recruiting to build their future programs. 

November 1-3: The NISAA Canadian Classic which hosted a different variety of high level teams – some local, some Ontario as well as some high level programs from the US. NCAA and Sport coaches were also in attendance at these games.

November 2nd: Cegep ball matchup had Vanier College hosting Montmorency.

November 4th: There was a morning session of Circuit Basketball Quebec for Juvenile girls and a Cegep ball matchup of Champlain St-Lambert hosting Champlain Lennoxville. 

Here are some highlights…

Centennial Colts Classic; October 26-28
Director Chris Smalling
Sponsored by Crown and Hooptown GTA
Centennial College, Scarborough

Caledon’s (#5)2021 6’3 C Isabella Zingaro has been gaining attention from coaches for her length and ability to play around the basket. Her potential to be impactful on both ends of the floor and contribute at the next level is exciting.
She is gathering interest from Michigan State, North Dakota, Rider University, James Madison amongst others.

King’s Christian high motor (#4)2020 5’10 G Alexis Stewart has had an awesome start to the season. Consistently showcasing her ability to contribute both offensively and defensively; versatile scoring threat and defensive stopper.
She is gathering interest from Purdue, Duquesne, Florida State, USC amongst others. 

2019 6’0 G Mide Oriyomi is bouncing back nicely from her early season injury. She is scoring the ball with versatility; bouncy around the rim and comfortable beyond the arc. She is equally impactful on the defensive end, anticipating passing lanes and rebounding.
She is committed to Northeastern for the 2019 season.

St-Laurent Express has made a serious statement for Quebec ball so far this season. The squad is led by a big starting 5 in (#3)2021 5’9 PG Sandrine Clesca, (#6)2021 5’9 SF Angelica Juste-Jean, 2021 5’7 G Sarah Bailly, 2021 5’11 F Ornella Niankan and 2020 6’0 F Kiandra Browne. The lineup provides a solid combination of rim penetration, assists, 3 balls and O boards on the offensive end, and defensive pressure, blocked shots, steals and rebounds on defense. Clesca has established herself as a scorer and distributor; Juste-Jean loves that baseline jumper and gets on all the boards; Bailly is a lock down defender; Niankan will dish off the bounce and rebound; Browne makes big time plays inside and midrange game is a threat.
Browne is gathering interest from Louisville, Robert Morris, Harvard and James Madison amongst others.
Niankan is gathering interest from Lehigh, American, Indiana, and Kentucky amongst others.

Bill Crothers is having an exciting debut to the season and is playing well together, each player performing in their role and complimenting their teammate. (#6*)2020 5’9 PG Ahriahna Grizzle competes with a confidence and efficiency in her game that is appealing to any program in need of a cerebral floor general. Her ability to create off the bounce and deliver perfect passes is elite. (#6)2020 6’1 F Callie Wright is dynamic and active on both ends. She rebounds, scores and defends. Her ability to play in the open court and distribute the ball offensively compliments her versatility. (#10)2021 6’3 F Isaline Alexander is a rebounding machine, protects the paint and locks up one on one defensively. She is a scoring threat within 15 ft and puts pressure on the defense by consistently running the floor and playing with urgency.
Wright is gathering interest from programs such as Wisconsin, West Virginia, Buffalo, Delaware amongst others.
Alexander is gathering interest from James Madison, Iowa State, North Dakota and Fordham amongst others. 

Crestwood’s 2020 6’2 F Aaliyah Edwards has continued to prove her spot at #2 Ranked Nationally, gathering interest from top programs such as UConn, Notre Dame, Michigan, Kansas State amongst others. Her versatility, athleticism, rebounding presence, and defensive production adds on the her scoring ability and puts her amongst the elite in her class across the world. 2021 duo of (#1)6’5 F LaTasha Lattimore and (#2)5’7 PG Shayeann Day-Wilson are already popular across the country and throughout the NCAA for their ability to score in high volumes and do so with versatility and toughness. The two are gathering interest from programs such as Louisville, UCLA, Florida, and Michigan amongst others. Lattimore has been impactful defensively, adding on nicely to her ability to score the ball and play in the open court. Day-Wilson has continued to score dominantly and orchestrate offense for Crestwood. (#7)2020 5’11 F Rebecca Demeke has proven she is a confident and relentless shooter.  Lengthy and athletic, crafty off the bounce and can get to the paint, lefty floater is a good look. 2020 6’2 F Kayla Drummond has established herself in the paint, finishing well around the basket and understanding how to seal her defender. Rebounding the ball, defending well inside and running the floor in transition.
Demeke is gathering interest from programs such as Michigan, Binghamton, Boston College and Liberty.
Drummond is gathering interest from Lafayette, Binghamton, Liberty, UNLV amongst others. 

Southwest Academy’s veteran guard lineup of 2020 5’8 PG Natsuki Szczokin, 2019 SG Maggie Denys, 2019 5’7 PG Piper Doo and 2019 5’8 G Laurin Moro are combining well for a poised backcourt; assembling an offensive flow, distributing the ball and shooting the lights out across the board. The 2022 Class of 5’7 G Shantavia Dawkins, 6’2 F Cheyenne Rowe and 6’0 G Lemayah Hylton is coming along, the freshmen getting used to the pace of the game and providing a small preview of the the 2022 Canadian ballers.
Doo is committed to Hofstra for the 2019 season.
Moro is gathering interest from Brock, York, UOIT, and UVIC.
Denys is gathering interest from Brock, UPEI, UVIC, and UNB amongst others.

Capital Courts (#1)2020 5’10 PG Merissah Russell has been handling business, scoring the ball, facilitating offensively and rebounding both ends. (#8)2019 5’9 PG Micah Dennis has been impactful defensively, locking up and constantly pressuring the ball. Offensively facilitating and distributing for buckets. (#7)2021 5’11 F Sira Ba is able to score at the rim through contact and finish tough shots, high motor and physical player. 2020 5’6 G Jen Damoah has been an offensive threat, constantly penetrating the D and looking for buckets in the paint.
Russell is committed to Louisville for the 2020 season.

(#4)2020 is Niagara Prep 5’5 PG Sarah Te-Biasu, scorer with the ability to create her own offensive production. Knocks down the 3 ball, gets to the paint and delivers the ball nicely. 2020 5’9 G Jayme Foreman has been impactful for Niagara so far this season, versatile scorer with the ability to hit the 3 ball, creates off the bounce and active on defensive end. 2020 5’6 PG Madalyn Picton has been an efficient PG, delivers the ball nicely and can score at the rim or off the 3 ball. Pesty and relentless defender.
Te-Biasu is gathering interest from Louisville, Utah, Kansas, Maryland amongst others.
Foreman is gathering interest from Siena, Detroit-Mercy, Canisius, Buffalo. 
Madalyn is gathering interest from Iona, Pacific, Buffalo, UNCW.

Central Tech’s 2019 5’9 G Marley Bonnick and 2019 5’6 PG Kia Watt have been key factors to the offensive production thus far this season.Watt has knocked down clutch 3 balls and has been a scoring threat off the bounce or dishes for buckets. Gets on the boards and locks up for steals. 

Bonnick has proven her ability to score in volumes at the rim, from beyond the arc and off the bounce.

Durham Elite’s 2020 6’0 F Raphaella Toussaint is competing on the boards, scoring the ball at all 3 levels and playing well in transition. 2021 6’0 F Willo Thomas is a defensive stopper and offensive threat around the rim. Shooting guard combo of 2019 5’11 Jada Poon Tip and 2020 5’10 Emily Mandamin stretches the defense and provides a 3 ball threat for Durham. 

2019 5’10 SG Maddie Anderson was locked in lit it up for J Addison in the Colts Classic! Volume 3 shooter who rebounds. 2022 5’8 G Mary Asare always has the motor on; defensively relentless, powerful rebounder and versatile scorer off the bounce or beyond the arc. 2019 5’6 PG Shaunae Brown is facilitating nicely and a scoring threat off the bounce or spot up 3. 2019 6’3 C Laura Barhacs has been impactful inside; scoring back to the basket and rim protecting defensively. 

Nova Scotia’s King’s-Edgehill 2020 5’10 G Mackenzie Smith and 2019 6’2 G Briar McDonald made a statement for Eastern Canada. McDonald has picked up an offer from Duquesne and gathered interest from Colorado, Iowa State, Illinois amongst others. Dynamic and lengthy on both ends, comfortable running the ball in the open court, shooting the 3 ball and scoring at the rim. 

Smith has picked up an offer from Duquesne as well as gathered interest from Western Michigan, Columbia, Cleveland state amongst others. This powerful and athletic guard scores at the rim, knocks down the 3 ball and rebounds with pride and purpose!


Lincoln’s (#5)2019 5’7 G Keturah Balabyekkubo has been drawing attention for her relentless defensive intensity and powerful athleticism. Her ability to play in transition, disrupt defensively and translate to offense is valuable. 2020 6’2 Forward duo Jada Grannum and Maryama Turkstra have high ceilings; great physicals, dynamic and versatile roles, and the ability to score the ball, rebound, and defend. (#3)2019 6’2 F Brynn Masikewich has been a key contributor on the offensive end; scoring from beyond the arc, midrange and at the rim off the bounce.
Masikewich is committed to UCLA for the 2019 season.
Grannum has been gathering interest from Virginia Tech, Hofstra, Maryland and Wichita State amongst others.

Josephine Durand’s backcourt of 2023 5’7 SG Rosalie Mercille and 2022 5’10 G Angelie Ricard guarantees a lot of three balls and some buckets off the bounce. Mercille is a high energy crafty PG who delivers nicely off the bounce and can hit the 3 ball with ease. Ricard is a dynamic and powerful combo guard, she can get to the rim and score with both hands, 3 ball is a knock down too. 

Holy Cross (#3)2020 6’2 F Maggie Besselink has been gathering interest from Oregon, Nebraska, Gonzaga, Marquette amongst others. Dynamic forward who weaves the offensive possessions together with her ability to move the ball, distribute, and score with ease at all 3 levels. Defensively impactful, minimal mistakes, high versatility and game IQ is appealing to the highest programs. 

NISAA Canada Classic – November 1-3
Director Dan Lacasse
Ecole St-Laurent, Montreal, QC

St-Laurent Express Xavier squad had some seriously exciting young talent in 2024 PG Angelina Mbengo and 2023 5’10 F Terissa Lavoilebrice. Mbengo can handle it, create off the bounce and hit the 3 ball. Lavoilebrice uses her length to score above defenders and is dynamic and efficient scoring off the bounce. 2021 SG Yasmyne Estevez-Gilcorado will knock down the 3 ball, rebound and get through de D to the rim.

Gerard Fillion has 2022 6’2 F Clara Bergeron and 2022 5’5 SG Yasmine Gasmi in the lineup. Gasmi can score in volume from beyond the arc or getting through the D for her floater. Bergeron is threatening in the open court, scores well at the rim and will knock down the 3 ball. Impactful defender and rim protector, passes the ball with accuracy and timing.

Lucien Page 2022 5’5 SG Jayla Owen is a knock down shooter with range and a quick trigger. She can weave through the D and score at the rim or distribute off the bounce. Teammate and defensive terror 2022 5’7 G Daniella Mbengo disrupts every offensive possession, on or off the ball, and can translate steals into offensive production and transition.

RSEQ Cegep – November 2nd
Montmorency at Vanier College 

Montmorency has a plethora of athleticism in (#8)2020 5’9 G Donna Ntambue, 2020 5’6 G Grace Koffi, 2020 5’8 G Paule Beline-Ibata and 2019 5’10 F Jael Kabunda. Ntambue is impactful in transition, scoring off the bounce and rebounding the ball. Koffi locks up in the open court and creates offense from her D. Beline-Ibata is a 3 ball scoring threat with the ability to break down her defender. Kabunda is a versatile scorer with toughness and physicality on both ends, gets to the free throw line.
Ntambue is gathering interest from Kansas State, JMU, Utah and Rutgers amongst others.
Kabunda is gathering interest from Wagner.
Beline-Ibata is gathering interest from St-Johns, Central Florida, JMU and Vermont amongst others. 

Vanier College had strong performances by 2019 5’10 G Deborah Abogaye is disruptive defensively, rebounds and scores with versatility on the offensive end. 2019 5’4 PG Aprille Maria Whyne puts pressure on the defense by penetrating the gaps and getting to the paint. 2021 6’1 F Penelope Castillo brings size and inside game; scores well back to the basket or can face up, midrange jumper is solid.

RSEQ Cegep – November 4th
Champlain Lennoxville at Champlain St-Lambert 

(#4)2021 5’8 SG Kenya Cote Lysius had a tough performance from the field but got quality looks for 3 balls and looks in the paint. Gets to the free throw line, facilitates offensively and active defensively. 

Circuit Basketball Quebec – November 4th
Ecole Lucien-Page

Canada Topflight Academy 2022 5’11 G Achol Akot is a lengthy athletic scorer who can break down her defender off the bounce and shoot the jumper. Impactful defender who rebounds. 2019 5’10 G Jade Lyons has brought intensity and energy on both ends of the floor; gritty defender and offensively shoots the lefty 3 ball or gets to the bucket. 2019 5’5 PG Amanda Gaetano provides a scoring threat from beyond the arc; spot up or off the bounce. Distributes and facilitates the offense. 

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