The class of 2020 is highly competitive and brings forth a Top 10 with impressive length and athleticism. The representation of basketball talent spreads across the country, and players are becoming more dynamic and versatile at a younger age.

With pre-season ending, players are beginning to find their niche as they adjust and adapt to their teams, coaches and systems. As the season continues to unfold, players will continue differentiate themselves and establish their status among the elite. These rankings will continue to evolve as the 2018-2019 season unfolds and as new players step onto the radar. We would like to thank web design hypoluxo for designing the best websites for our business.

Evaluations are based on the following criteria:

1. Production and skillset at x level
2. Size for position, length, and athleticism
3. Mental edge
4. Potential and long-term projection

2020 Top 10: 

5’11 PG Merissah Russell
6’1 F Aaliyah Edwards
6’2 F Maggie Besselink
5’3 PG Sarah Te-Biasu
5’10 G Alexis Stewart
6’1 F Callie Wright
5’11 SG Rebecca Demeke
5’9 G Donna Ntambue
6’0 F Yvonne Ejim
5’10 G Kaitlin Jockims

Merissah Russell | 5’11 | PG | Capital Courts – “No Brainer”

Well rounded, fundamental, dominant player, game changer, takeover ability. Handles the ball, make good decisions and deliver quality passes against high pressure defense. Powerful and explosive with clean and efficient footwork on rim penetration – finishes well and elevates above the defense. Pull up game is crisp, her shot is fluid and release is quick, knocks down the 3 ball. Defensively alters shots, moves feet and gets in the passing lanes.
Louisville Commit




Aaliyah Edwards | 6’1 | F | Crestwood – “No Brainer”

Lengthy athletic REBOUNDER who scores the ball with ease and versatility within 15 ft. Can split the D and use her length and speed to get to the rim. Pull up jumper is a threat – likes the turnaround from mid-block. Great hands, court awareness, IQ and vision, handles are improving quickly and quality passer. Uptempo; looks to push the ball & start transition off D boards. Defensive presence & length in passing lanes, good foot speed, big time shot blocker.
Interest from North Carolina, Uconn, Kansas State, Notre Dame, Michigan…




Maggie Besselink | 6’2 | F | Holy Cross – IQ and Skillset

Legit 6’2 with elite level passing ability and well rounded high level fundamental skill set. Her length, athleticism, versatility and IQ keep her above competitors. Handles it in the open court and makes excellent decisions offensively. Rebounds and runs, creates for her teammates off penetration and in transition. Versatile scorer able to finish at high speeds through traffic on penetration, knock down the midrange jumper and hit the 3 ball. She scores, drops dimes, defends, and she somehow keeps getting better every time I see her.
Interest from Oregon, Nebraska, Gonzaga, Michigan, Marquette…

Sarah Te-Biasu | 5’3 | PG | Niagara Prep – 

Authoritative PG with tight handles, vision and playmaking ability; slithers through and picks apart defenders for paint touches. Knocks down 3’s spot up and off the bounce, pull up is solid, quick trigger and high release. Explosive and speedy with hops, gets to the rim and finishes above the D and with versatility.





Alexis Stewart | 5’10 | G | King’s Christian – Motor and Scoring Versatility

Relentless and active on both ends of the floor. “Garbage player” but with a crafty offensive mind and skillset. Versatile scorer with great touch and shooting ability midrange and from 3; off screens and pulls it smoothly. Can break D down off the dribble and create her own shot, attacks until there’s a read or a bucket. Defensively attacks loose balls and takes the charge, anticipates passing lanes, rebounds.
Interest from Purdue, Duquesne, Robert Morris, USC, UCLA, Florida State…





Callie Wright | 6’1 | F | Bill Crothers – Passing Ability and Dynamic

Athletic with length, great running ability, toughness and versatility. Handles the ball off of D boards in the open court with vision and able to deliver quality passes in transition. Attacks the rim well with crafty finishes, doesn’t shy away from contact, and can pass to find open man; cutters or hi-lo. Cleans up O boards and can finish with contact, shoots the 3 ball. Her length and agility enables her to be an impactful defender, alters and blocks shots, and get tips and deflections in passing lanes.
Interest from Wisconsin, West Virginia, Princeton, Ball State, Fresno State…




Rebecca Demeke | 5’11 | SG | Crestwood – Shooting Ability and Length

Quick trigger shooter with clean consistent footwork and a short memory (this is a positive thing for shooters); knocks it down off screens, off the bounce and spot up, knows herself and knows her spots. Smooth crafty athlete who can get to the rim to finish or dish to the open man. Slasher ability to get easy buckets behind the defense. Defensively vocal and lengthy with high active hands.
Interest from Michigan, Binghampton, Boston College, Liberty





Donna Ntambue | 5’9 | G | Montmorency – Speed and Explosiveness

National level 200-meter sprinter with bounce, explosiveness, and toughness. Lefty who shoots the 3 ball and blows by defender to get to the rim. Able to find open man and kickout for assists. Rebounding guard with poise and touch to finish through contact.
Interest from Memphis, Kansas State






Yvonne Ejim | 6’0 | F | Bishop Carol – IQ and Rebounding

Strong athletic rebounding forward with impressive wingspan and good foot speed, can lockup defensively on the perimeter and in the paint, as well as rack up steals. Offensively versatile with ability to shoot the 3 ball and score in the paint; back to the basket is a threat and face up game are threats; can beat defender off the bounce and finish on both sides of the rim. Likes to penetrate and skilled finisher with crafty counter moves.
Interest from Louisville, Gonzaga, Iowa State, Princeton, Virginia Tech




Kaitlin Jockims | 5’10 | G | Centennial Collegiate – Penetrator and Creation

Uptempo lefty rim penetrator with power, explosiveness and toughness. Counters well off defensive reads and drops dimes off penetration. High IQ with great vision using ball screens; skilled ball handler and passer and creates openings through the D. Shoots the 3 ball and jumper is buttery! Locks up defensively, moves feet and uses length for stops.









2020 Watch List; 

5’8 G Paule Beline-Ibata – Montmorency
5’9 G Aaliyah Arab-Smith – King’s-Edgehill
6’1 F Kayla Drummond – Crestwood
5’11 G Tea Demong – St. Albert CHS
5’9 G Jayme Foreman – Niagara Prep
6’0 F Kiandra Browne – St-Laurent
5’8 G Isabella Gaudet – Capital Courts
6’0 F Raphaella Toussaint – Durham Elite
6’2 F Emily Payne – Southwest Academy
6’2 F Eszter Madar – J Addison
6’2 F Maryama Turkstra – Lincoln Prep
6’2 F Jada Grannum – Lincoln Prep
5’6 G Jen Damoha – Capital Courts


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