JUEL All-Star Recap: Iziegbe Enabulele, Julianna Tomson Earn MVP

This weekend marked the 4th annual JUEL All-Star Game and the 2nd Annual JUEL Prep All-Star Game.

Juel All Stars

All-Star Game Rosters:

Sophomores (Grade 10):
#4 – Mikaela Dodig – Caledon Cougars – 5’6”, PG
#5 – Jessica Richards – Caledon Cougars – 6’2”, F
#6 – Kayah Clarke – Hamilton Transway – 5’9”, F
#8 – Emma Fraser – North Toronto Huskies – 6’1”, PF
#9 – Nyamouch Teny – KW Lightning Tri-County JUEL Prep – 5’9”, G
#10 – Georgia Lee – Barrie Royals – 5’9”, G
#11 – Halle Bovell – Hamilton Transway – 5’10”, G
#12 – Kiana Sampson-Steinauer – Oakville Vytis – 5’10”, F
#13 – Mackenzie Trpcic – Hamilton Transway – 5’8”, G
#14 – Stephanie Findlay – Oakville Vytis – 5’11”, F
#22 – Oksana Gouchie-Provencher – Caledon Cougars – 6’3”, F
#23 – Julianna Tomson – KW Lightning Tri-County Thunder Prep – 6’2”, F

Freshmen (Grade 9):

#4 – Eve Uwayesu – GCBA Wolverines – 5’6”, G

#5 – Hailey Brown – Hamilton Transway – 6’2”, F

#6 – Shaina Pellington – Advantage Titans – 5’9”, G

#7 – Michelle Instead – GCBA Wolverines – 5’7”, G

#10 – Hanna Hall – Hamilton Transway – 5’5”, G

#12 – Hanna Hammond – Blessed Sacrament – 5’10”, F

#13 – Mary Besselink – Kingston Impact – 5’9”, F

#14 – Aiden Rainford – Toronto Triple Threat – 6’1”, G/F

#15 – Julia Knez – Oakville Vytis – 5’10”, F

#21 – Claire Litchfield – London Ramblers – 5’5”, PG

#22 – Alyssa Jerome – North Toronto Huskies – 6’0”, G

#23 – Hailey Summers – Hamilton Transway – 5’7”, G



JUEL Prep Championship Tournament Recap

The Sophomore vs. Freshman JUEL Prep game started in traditional fashion, with the older ladies going on quite the run. The Sophomore team ran out on the Freshman as Halle Bovell (Hamilton Transway – Nurse) lead the team with her ongoing attack at the rim, sly steals and blocked shots. Teammate Mackenzie Trpcic, a crafty 5’8” point guard led the Sophmore offense as her high basketball IQ was showcased. Julianna Tomson (KW Lightning Tri-County) was a huge presence inside and was unstoppable from the block and within the key. The Freshmen had no answer for Tomson on the defensive end. Also on the Sophomore team, Oksana Gouchie-Provencher converted rebounds into baskets on the offensive end.

The story of Sophomore supremecy continued into the second quarter. However, after the first substitutions were made, the Freshmen class showed some signs of life as Eve Uwayesu (GCBA Wolverines) attacked the basket hard, using her outstanding athleticism to draw fouls and often beating her defender to the paint. Uwayesu was able to look for open teammates to dish to and look for her own scoring opportunities. Freshman Hailey Brown (Hamilton Transway – Nurse) contributed with her aggressive play on the boards on both ends of the floor. This 6’2” forward, a member of the Cadette Women’s National Team, made sure to keep her team in the game alongside Uwayesu. Hanna Hall got the starting call for the Freshman, and the point guard was far from nice throughout the game. Offensively. this 5’5” JUEL Prep player was tenacious and consistent with her slashing which allowed for her teammates to get open shots.

Julianna Tomson (KW-Lightning) earns game MVP

At the end of the second it only seemed that the Sophomores were guaranteed to cruise throughout the rest of the game. But under the watchful eye of Head Coach Nick Nurse, the Freshmen did not let up. To start the third quarter, momentum shifted as the Freshmen group went on their own little run to keep the game close. From Toronto Triple Threat, 6’1” Aiden Rainford was a big factor in the comeback with her solid post moves and great footwork. Eve Uwayesu and fellow Wolverine, Shaina Pellington, started the back court pressure with a great offensive attack. Michelle Istead followed suite after her two GCBA teammates. Istead is known for her extremely aggressive play and rambunctious defense that puts her check in vulnerable positions.

By the end of the third, it was still the Sophomore squad up on top. To enter the final fram, it seemed as if the Sophomore team decided to wake up and push their younger counterparts out of the running to win the game. Nyamouch Teny (KW Lightning Tri-County) helped with the distribution of the ball as well as good decision making. Mackenzie Trpcic was heavily relied on to facilitate the group and Oksana Gouchie-Provencher of the silver medalists Caledon Cougars made good on several transition plays. After what seemed to be a valiant effort by the 2017 class, the story was complete with the Sophmore all-stars ultimately picking up the victory.

Julianna Tomson of the KW Lightning Tri-County earned MVP honours.

Honourable mentions go out to Halle Bovell and Mackenzie Trpcic for their strong play to keep the Sophomores up on top.


Juel Prep


#4 – Madison Horst – KW Lightning Tri-County JUEL – 5’7”, G (Western University)

#7 – Melissa Tatti – Blessed Sacrament – 5’4”, PG (Brock University)

#8 – Sophia Paska – Oakville Venom – 6’4”, F (Ryerson University)

#9 – Bridget Atkinson – Niagara JUEL – 5’8”, PG (Guelph University)

#10 – Cheyenne Creighton – Brampton Warriors – 6’1”, F (University of Memphis, NCAA)

#11 – Kia Nurse – Hamilton Transway – 6’0”, G (University of Connecticut, NCAA)

#12 – Rachel Fradgley – London Ramblers – 6’2”, F (Simon Fraser University, NCAA)

#13 – Iziebge Enabulele – Advantage Titans – 6’2”, F (University of Kansas)

#14 – Shay Colley – Brampton Warriors – 5’8”, G (Undeclared)

#15 – Linnaea Harper – Blues JUEL – 6’0”, F (McMaster University)

#21 – Carly Steer – Windsor Valiants – 5’7”, SG (University of Windsor)

#22 – Megan Smith – Barrie Royals – 6’1”, F (Robert Morris University, NCAA)

#23 – Christina Buttenham – Hamilton Transway – 5’11”, G (University of Iowa, NCAA)



#4 – Hayley Robertson – Brampton Warriors – 5’7”, G

#5 – Chelayne Bailey – Blues JUEL – 5’7”, G

#6 – Kendra Van Leeuwen – KW Lightning Tri-County JUEL – 5’10”, G

#7 – Jaelyne Kirkpatrick – Oakville Venom – 5’6”, G

#8 – Keyira Parkes – Blues JUEL – 5’5”, G

#9 – Danielle Garven – Advantage Titans – 6’1” – G/F

#10 – Bridget Mulholland – Kingston Impact – 5’10”, G

#11 – Mikaela Brewer – Barrie Royals – 5’11”, G

#13 – Julia Chandler – Oakville Venom – 6’2”, G/F

#21 – Bridget Carleton – London Ramblers – 6’2”, G

#21 – Eternati Willock – Blues JUEL – 6’2”, F

#23 – Candice Wright – KW Lightning Tri-County JUEL – 6’2”, F (University of Vermont)



JUEL All-Star Game Recap

Every year the JUEL produces some of Canada’s best female talent in the game of basketball. Some commit to schools in the USA and some opt to stay here in the motherland. For the Juniors this is their chance make a statement against their older counterparts, and for the Seniors, this is their last chance to end their high school careers on a W.

Right at tip-off the Senior class led the underclasswomen with a bucket only three seconds into the game.

UConn commit Kia Nurse, assisted by Memphis commit Cheyenne Creighton, started the run for the class of 2014. Other starters, Brampton’s Shay Colley, London’s Rachel Fradgley (Simon Fraser), and Blues’ Linnaea Harper (McMaster) joined forces to start a full throttle performance to keep the seniors on top of the Freshman.

Iziegbe EnabuleleThe Freshman tried to get their legs under them as they were scoreless for a while in the first. The starting five consisted of Oakville’s Jaelyne Kirkpatrick, Blues’ Keyira Parkes, Kingston’s Bridget Mulholland, London’s Bridget Carleton, and KW Lightning Tri-County JUEL’s Candice Wright (Vermont).

After making progress in the first, the class of 2015 were led by Bridget Carleton with her aggression and ability to get into the paint against her bigger defenders. Also in the mix to help Carleton was Candice Wright with some 10 foot jumpers and Danielle Garven with some 15 footers. Kendra Van Leeuwen contributed her 3 point shooting skills to keep the game respectable.

Coming off the bench Keyira Parkes hit a 3-pointer of her own to cut the lead. Senior Christina Buttenham had her fair share of points as she blew by her defenders and was a force with her size and athleticism. Megan Smith (Robert Morris) and Carly Steer (Windsor) both had solid play and contributed to the score board.

In the third, it was all Juniors as they set the tone with their physicality and great on-ball pressure. However, in the midst of the storm, leaders rose from the shadows in Kia Nurse and Iziegbe Enabulele (Kansas). Kia kept a steady flow of drives to the basket, and adding some blocks to the stat sheet. Iziegbe, although coming off the bench, put in a solid front court effort with her relentless rebounding and put-backs, post moves and lay-ups. Also a defensive monster was Oakville’s Sophia Paska. Standing at 6’4” this forward caused trouble for the freshmen offense with her ability to push players out of the key.

Continuing from the third to the fourth, Seniors Madison Horst (Western) and Melissa Tatti (Brock) combined to give a great backcourt performance with their cunning and deceiving plays on the offensive side, while heckling the opposition with their feisty defense.

Junior PG Hayley Robertson stepped and displayed her smooth finishing skills; this Ms. Finesse helped in the battle to bring the Freshmen on top. Chelayne Bailey of the Freshmen crop put lightning full-court pressure alongside Keyira Parkes.

Julia Chandler helped relieve some of the offensive pressure that the Seniors put on the younger guards.

At the end of four quarters, it was the Senior Class that went home with the W and deservedly so. The MVP of the game was Kansas commit Iziegbe Enabulele.

Honourable mentions go out to Bridget Carlton, Kia Nurse, and Hayley Robertson for their outstanding performances.

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