Brookwood Elite Heating Up into Vegas…9 Straight Wins on the Gauntlet


In Brookwood Elite’s first official Adidas circuit, the Montreal-based program is excelling against some of the top AAU teams in America.

Program director Joey McKitterick spoke on the elite competition that Brookwood now faces on a consistent game-to-game basis.

“For our kids, this is the first time they’ve had to play every game as a big game.”

Coach McKitterick in the huddle

Coach McKitterick in the huddle

Richardson Maitre, Joseph Chartouny, and Jordan Aquino have sustained pressure against opposing guards, however on any given night, a different player will step up.

Jerome Desrosiers, Nikita Kasongo, Kasheem Thomas have also had their share of production.

‘The team is just so unselfish…it doesn’t matter who scores, as long as we win,” said McKitterick.

Jordan Aquino

Jordan Aquino

The numbers reflect a true team effort, having had five different players lead the team in scoring.

After opening the first Adidas Gauntlet sesson in Dallas at 1-4, losing multiple close games, the Quebec contingent is red hot, rolling on a nine-game winning streak, currently holding an 11-5 record, as they enter the Adidas Super 64 championship in Las Vegas.

Brookwood guard Joseph Chartouny spoke on the progress that this group has made in the last month.

“I think the team has grown a lot…our first tournament we only had two practices, and we were missing two of our big men, they have been keys to our sucess,” explained Chartouny, referring to Scheneider Suffrad and Mark Fortin.

Although a relatively small team, this Brookwood group has taken pride on the defensive end, applying pressure, competing hard, and using their speed to their advantage.

“They are just a bunch of tough kids,” said McKitterick.

“We’ve come together, not playing for individuals, we’re playing together.”

McKitterick explained each player has recognized that Winning translates into scholarships.

With a guard heavy rotation, they have learned to play both on and off the ball.

“They are all used to dominating the basketball…they have all learned they can share it…and they are okay with it; all sacrificing individually.”

In the Adidas Gauntlet, they have consistently gone up against high major talent with great size and athleticsm; Brookwood has been able to counter with their speed and full court pressure.

“On the defensive end, we put so much pressure on the guards…Richardson [Maitre] and Schneider are playing big time…they are game changers,” stated Chartouny.

“We don’t ever ever stop, we can’t…our ball pressure disturbs other teams,” added McKitterick.

Brookwood has been able to methodically play their way into second place of the “Derrick Rose” division standings. At 11-5, the lone team ahead of this QC squad is EG 10 (14-2) — the only program to defeat Brookwood by double digits (68-49).

However, Brookwood will enter the Adidas Super 64 in July with a full roster, increased chemistry/ confidence and a chip on their shoulders.


Brookwood Elite Will enter Adidas Super 64 on 9-game winning streak

Brookwood Elite Will enter Adidas Super 64 on 9-game winning streak

Chartouny is very confident in his back court teammates saying, “I think we have one of the top guard combinations on the circuit.”

And they will use it to their advantage.


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