East Coast Showcase Prospect List + Schedule Released


Ottawa Showcase

A jam-packed weekend of growth is scheduled at the fourth @NorthPoleHoops East Coast Showcase –the first one being held in Halifax, Nova Scotia at Saint Mary’s University.

We have a line up that will tackle a variety of areas on and off the court, to help maximize the potential of student-athletes.

Skill Acquisition

The #NPHShowcase begins with skill acquisition, along with both social media & academic seminars on day one.

Prospects will learn about how professional representation will aid in their recruitment and what exactly is required to become eligible to play at the post-secondary level in Canada & the U.S.

Skill Application

If you can compete, you will survive at the next level.

On day two, prospects will be taken through progressive skill application spearheaded by Kyle Julius.

Campers will be put through one-on-one competition, leading into full five-on-five scrimmages, while being introduced to innovative drills.

“For anyone evaluating talent; you get to see a player’s true competitive nature and watch how it progresses from one-on-one to working with teammates,” explains Julius.

NPH National scouts Tariq and Elias Sbiet will be on hand identifying new talent on the East Coast, learning about player’s strengths and weaknesses.

“As the drills progress, you have to have more spacial awareness, a great indication of the player’s I.Q,” continued Julius.

250 Test with Javon Masters

Kyle Julius designed the 250 test to measure an athletes skill level and conditioning. When the test is complete, the athlete leaves with a number to quantify their development and better track their improvements and weaknesses.

CIS freshman of the year, Javon Masters of UNB will cap off day two by demonstrating the 250 test for campers.


  • Duane Notice (South Carolina) currently holds the highest 250 score (228 Points)
  • Kevin Pangos (Gonzaga) scored 218 points on his first attempt when he was in high school.

The 250 Test is becoming a staple for skill development; a testing tool for players at every level.


Day three will have campers competing in their final games prior to the “Top Prospect Showcase” selection, where the event’s standouts will take the stage in the final game of the weekend.

NPH East Coast Showcase Schedule

  • Friday: 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Hotel Information


For players travelling from out of town, The Westin Nova Scotian is the official hotel of the #NPHShowcase – Please contact for booking, Mention “NorthPoleHoops Showcase or East Coast All-Star” for discounted rated.

1181 Hollis Street • Halifax, NS B3H 2P6 · Canada • Phone: 902.421.1000 · Hotel Reservations: 888-627-8553

Prospect List

 Prospect list will be updated throughout the week.

Travis Dorsey 2014 PG Annapolis West Education Centre
Duggan Nickerson-Fox 2016 SF Annapolis West Education Centre
Myles Spence 2016 PG Avon View High School
Andrew Thibault 2016 SF École secondaire de Par-en-Bas
zammy quiambao 2016 PG St. Mary’s High School
Curtis Ryan 2016 PG Sydney Academy
Sam Antsey 2015 C Sir James Dunn Academy
Rowan Power 2016 SG Dartmouth High School
Brett Warren 2015 PG Booth Memorial High School
Dre Medicraft 2016 PG Northeast Kings Education Centre
Logan MacDonald 2015 PG Charlottetown Rural High
Matthew Brown 2015 PF Saint John High School
Matthew Mitchell 2014 C Parkview Education Centre
Alex Petropolis 2016 PG Charles P Allen High
Jermal Mansfield 2014 SG John Hugh gillis regional high
Devon Rector 2015 PG Saint John High School
Liam McDougall 2015 SF Tantramar Regional High School
Greg Manuel 2015 SF Auburn Drive High School
Lyon Mclean 2018 PG Central Junior High
Jackson Tighe 2014 PG Riverview Rural High School
Stephen Ryan 2014 PG Mount Pearl Senior High
Alex Carson 2016 SF Sackville High School
Julian Roche 2016 C Proctor Academy
Kenneth Levy 2014 PG Forest Heights Community School
Dyrel Johnson 2015 PG Citadel High School
Matthew Fraser 2016 SG Yale
Tyler Beach 2016 SG Hants North Rural School
Desalegne Wagaw 2015 SG Gordan Bell High School
Jack Tilley 2016 PG Kennebecasis Valley High School
Dylan Borden 2014 SG Guysborough academy
Brendan Balcom 2016 SG Park View Education Center
Jalen Johnson 2016 PG North Nova Education Centre
Daniel Judd 2014 PG/SG Citadel High School
Ian Crowley 2015 SF Kennebecasis Valley High School
Jeshua Becker 2015 SG Tantramar Regional High School
Cainyn Johnson 2014 PG Dartmouth High School
joshua edwards 2014 PG Alexander Muir Public School
Nicholas Frew 2014 PG/SG Mount Pearl Senior High
Ethan O’Neil 2015 SF Kennebacasis Valley High
Cole Long 2015 SF Booth Memorial High School
Jordan Wheeler 2014 PG/SG Park View Education Centre
Shayne Clements 2014 PG St. Mary’s Bay Academy
Christopher Towle 2017 SG CP Allen High School
Elhadj Barry PG  École secondaire De l’île
Andreas Foerster 2015 SG Cobequid Educational
Tristan Pelletier 2015 SF Sir John A
Matthew Mitchell 2014 PF Parkview Education Centre
Dakelle Brooks 2017 SG Auburn Drive High school
David Arsenault 2014 PG Lockview High
Logan Fitzgerald 2016 SG École secondaire de Par-en-Bas
Carter Roderick 2016 SG Saint John High School
Liam White 2016 SF Lockview High
Jordan Reid 2015 PG/SG Pugwash High
Nathan Wentzell 2016 SG CP Allen High School
Josiah Simmonds 2018 PG Graham crieghton junior high
Jack Campbell 2016 SG Citadel High School
Wendell Weir 2014 PG Liverpool Regional High School
Jack MacAulay 2015 PG Charlottetown Rural High School
Brayden White 2015 PF Charlottetown Rural High School
Johneil Johnson 2015 SG Auburn Drive High School
Shane Johnson 2018 PG/SG Dartmouth High School
Stephen Wiles 2015 SG Annapolis West Education Centre
Sabo Adil 2014 SG Woodroffe High School
Ben Tait 2015 PG Kennebecasis Valley High School
Antonio Kostakos 2016 SG Citadel High School
Haashim Abukar 2016 SG Citadel High School
Mitch Claybourn 2015 PG Leo Hayes High School
Jacob Wamboldt 2014 SF Eastern Shore High
Sean Clarke 2015 SF Saint John High School
Zakaria Askar 2017 PG Ottawa Islamic School
Liam McEvoy 2015 F Kingsview Academy
Mark Wallace 2015 SG Leo Hayes High School
Mickeil Beals 2016 PG Prince Andrew High School
Chandler Davis 2015 SG Sackville High School
Ethan Doucette 2015 PG Yarmouth Consolidated memorial
Spencer Perkins 2016 PG Lockview High
Lyon Mclean 2018 PG Central Junior High





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