Armaan Ahluwalia Checks in From San Diego State

NPH Manitoba Correspondent Armaan Ahluwalia is currently at San Diego State completing Spprts MBA

NPH Manitoba Correspondent Armaan Ahluwalia is currently at San Diego State completing his Sports MBA

Canada, did you miss me?

If not, that’s okay. You probably didn’t even know that I had left.

Currently, I am attending San Diego State in pursuit of my Sports Business MBA. Yes, I’m doing grad school and it is a major step up from the undergraduate level. It’s almost like making the jump from University to the Pro’s.

My time in San Diego has been brief but, it’s also been an amazing experience in the program as I’m surrounded by like-minded individuals, who are focused on achieving great things upon graduation, including another Canadian like myself.

I’ve become very patriotic and extremely proud of all things Canadian, including our Gold Medal Victory (hockey) which included a win over the Americans on the way to glory. I also find myself calling out Canadians with pride every time they make a basket or a nice play.

Life in the United States is pretty great, and for that matter San Diego. The weather here is beyond fantastic and is significantly better than the cold Winnipeg and Halifax winters that I have been suffering for the past 22 years of my life. I don’t know why I’ve put up with it for so long.

The way Canadians and Americans consume sports is like Apples and Oranges, it’s totally different. Almost every night there is a college basketball game on. Their numerous channels are for the most part devoted to all things college, professional football, basketball and baseball…and of course not hockey.


Viejas Arena @ San Diego State

Sports are a way of life down here. College basketball arenas are flooded with crazed fans and most people are very knowledgeable about their sports. Except, there is one thing that my fellow classmates and for the most part, America doesn’t know.

Can you take a guess?

It’s how great our Canadian talent is.

Yes, those Canadians who used to be just cracking NCAA rosters are now having a huge impact on the American college scene and no one seems to notice. Canadians are getting national recognition from the analysts, but still fans don’t realize that their teams star player who is winning the Big Ten (Nik Stauskas) and Big 12 (Melvin Ejim) player of the year trophies hail from north of the border.

Maybe they just don’t care and that’s fine. Sooner than later, they’ll start realizing that it’s a Canadian suiting up for their favourite college basketball team, logging quality minutes and scoring important baskets.

To me, it seems like America is still sleeping on our major talent. In my opinion that’s fine, because we still have to prove it on the world stage…only then will our neighbours start accepting Canada as a major contender internationally.



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