Semi’s Set At Campion Showdown – Marcus Anderson, CJ Bennett Leading The Way


Campion's John Christian attacking from the wing
Campion’s John Christian attacking from the wing

The amount of individual talent at the Campion Showdown is in abundance, however getting individuals to utilize their teammates is the challenge for most coaches here. When frustration is building and things aren’t going the way you want it to, that’s when a player’s true colours show, and this is the best time to get a proper evaluation of what a “high level” player can offer a team.

For a team like the St. Edmund Campion Bears, they have a variety of skill, size and IQ that will likely take them into the Championship game based off of how the team has played to date. The leadership of Marcus Anderson at this point continues to be a determining factor in how good they will play as a pack. With guys like Kean Lopez and CJ Bennett on his wings, these are two guys who make for good scoring options.

Today’s goal is to identify and get a better understanding of the players in attendance that will be able to produce at the next level. The craftiest player in the tournament, Nikola Farkic of Cameron Heights (Kitchener) has continuously shown that he can run a team and set teammates up to score. Watching him draw in multiple defenders and then making a tough pass that’s right on the mark is entertaining to say the least. However, Cameron Heights will not advance to the semi-finals as a result of a loss last night to host team Campion, regardless of 15 first half points from Sasha Simic.

Nikola Farkic setting up his teammates
Nikola Farkic setting up his teammates

On Saturday we will focus in on Brampton Centennial and St. Augustine who we have yet to see much of this season. The word on the street is that they are a guard oriented team with good speed. Both teams have a good shot on advancing into the finals of the Campion Showdown.

Saturday Semi Final Games: 
Game 15- 12:00pm 1st Pool A Campion vs. 1st Pool C St. Augustine
Game 16- 1:30pm 1st Pool B Silverthorn vs. 1st Pool D Centennial

Friday, December 6th, 2013 – Pool A and Pool B @ Campion
Game 1- 1:20pm Campion 57 vs.  St. Roch 40
Game 2- 2:40pm Fletcher’s Meadow 56 vs. Silverthorn 65
Game 3- 4:00pm  St. Roch 54 vs. Cameron Heights 65
Game 4- 5:20pm Silverthorn 60 vs. Bishop Reding 51
Game 5- 6:40pm Campion 79 vs. Cameron Heights 45
Game 6- 8:00pm Fletcher’s Meadow 68 vs. Bishop Reding 48

Friday, December 6th, 2013 – Pool C and Pool D @ St. Augustine
Game 7- 1:00pm St. Augustine 86 vs. Woodlands 29
Game 8- 2:20pm HB Beal 56 vs. Brampton Centennial 66
Game 9- 3:40pm Woodlands 55 vs. Jarvis 68
Game 10- 5:00pm Brampton Centennial 72 vs. Grand River 62
Game 11- 6:20pm St. Augustine 88 vs. Jarvis 78
Game 12- 7:40 pm HB Beal 67 vs. Grand River 60

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