Talent Display in Brampton: NPH at DYouville Junior Jam & Campion Showdown

@NorthPoleHoops will be in Brampton this weekend, simultaneously covering two tournaments, The #CampionShowdown and #DYJuniorJam – The NPH Brothers, @Elias_NPH and @Tariq_NPH will be in attendance providing live coverage.

Here are some results from the D’youville Junior Jam which started yesterday–along with schedules for both tournaments

D’Youville Junior Jam Results & Schedule

Participating Teams:

Castlebrooke Secondary School (Brampton)
École Secondaire Catholique Sainte-Famille (Mississauga)
Emery Collegiate Institute (Toronto)
Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute (Guelph)
Holy Trinity High School (Oakville)
Jean Vanier Catholic High School (Richmondhill)
Loyola Catholic Secondary School (Mississauga)
Nelson High School (Burlington)
Sir Allan MacNab Secondary School (Hamilton)
St. Edmund Campion Secondary School (Brampton)
St. Marguerite d’Youville Secondary School (Brampton)
Turner Fenton Secondary School (Brampton)


Thursday December 5th (Group 3 and 4)

10:00 Holy Trinity 50 (Elijah Lostracco, 21) vs Loyola 52 (Caleb Constantine, 13)
11:20 Campion 52 (Elijah Charles-Gregory, 11) vs Castlebrooke 39 (Jahdine Desir, 12)
12:40 Emery 44 (Lucky Osuigwe, 15) vs Holy Trinity 39 (Diego Nunez, 16)
2:00 Castlebrooke 24 (Junior Johnson, 14)vs Vanier 78 (Kascius Small-Martin, 17)
3:20 Emery 58 (Akil Jones, 12) vs Loyola 56 (Isaiah Cromwell, 23)
4:40 Campion 51 (Keshon Saunders, 11) vs Vanier 71 (Kascius Small-Martin, 19)
6:00 3rd place G3 Holy Trinity 51 vs 3rd place G4 Castlebrooke 33

Friday December 6th (Group 1 and 2)

10:00 Guelph vs Ste Famille
11:20 Nelson vs Fenton
12:40 d’Youville vs Ste Famille
2:00 MacNab vs Nelson
3:20 d’Youville vs Guelph
4:40 MacNab vs Fenton
6:00 3rd place G1 vs 3rd place G2

Saturday December 7th

9:00 2nd place G1 vs 2nd place G3 Loyola
10:30 2nd place G2 vs 2nd place G4 Campion
12:00 1st place G1  vs 1st place G3 Emery
1:30 1st place G2 vs 1st place G4 Vanier
3:00 Winner of 9:00  and 10:30
4:30 Winner of 12:00 and 1:30


Campion Showdown Schedule

Friday, December 6th, 2013 – Pool A and Pool B @ Campion
Game 1- 1:20pm Campion vs.  St. Roch
Game 2- 2:40pm Fletcher’s Meadow vs. Silverthorn
Game 3- 4:00pm  St. Roch vs. Cameron Heights
Game 4- 5:20pm Silverthorn vs. Bishop Reding
Game 5- 6:40pm Campion vs. Cameron Heights
Game 6- 8:00pm Fletcher’s Meadow vs. Bishop Reding

Friday, December 6th, 2013 – Pool C and Pool D @ St. Augustine
Game 7- 1:00pm St. Augustine vs. Woodlands
Game 8- 2:20pm HB Beal vs. Brampton Centennial
Game 9- 3:40pm Woodlands vs. Jarvis
Game 10- 5:00pm Brampton Centennial vs. Grand River
Game 11- 6:20pm St. Augustine vs. Jarvis
Game 12- 7:40 pm HB Beal vs. Grand River

Saturday, December 7th,2013 – All Games @ Campion 
Friendly Games:
Game 13- 9:00am 3rd Pool A vs. 3rd Pool C
Game 14- 10:30am 3rd Pool B vs. 3rd Pool D

Semi Final Games: 
Game 15- 12:00pm 1st Pool A vs. 1st Pool C
Game 16- 1:30pm 1st Pool B vs. 1st Pool D

Friendly Games:
Game 17- 3:00pm 2nd Pool A vs. 2nd Pool C
Game 18- 4:30pm 2nd Pool B vs. 2nd Pool D

Championship Final: 
Game 19- 6:00pm Winners of Games 15 and 16


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