YAAACE Preparing for Big Summer: “We Want to Be Number One”

Courtesy: Randy Smith, Randyphotos.ca
Courtesy: Randy Smith, Randyphotos.ca

BRAMPTON, ON–It felt great to be back in the gym. Last night, I was in Brampton catching YAAACE vs Brampton Warriors, in a entertaining game that saw YAAACE step it up a few notches in the second half to take the 71-56 victory.

Justin Jackson, Marcus Ottey, Nolan NarainGodwin Boahen, Jordan Holness, Keshon Montague and the list goes on for this talented YAAACE squad. On the flip side, the Brampton Warriors are no slouch as they have some nice pieces in Marcus Anderson & Erick Hackett…plus some new names such as Nas Wharton, Romar Subban & Osaze Obano , to name a few.

Courtesy: Randy Smith, Randysphotos.ca
Courtesy: Randy Smith, Randysphotos.ca

“We’ve known Brampton has been a talented group for years…their strength is they are very discipline. They follow their system and execute, it’s just a matter of time before they burst out of their shell and start competing on a national level,” YAAACE Head Coach Jordan McFarlane told NPH.

The Warriors kept it tight through nearly three quarters, however the star power began to shine for YAAACE, who put in a team effort lead by Boahen (11 points) and Jackson (10 points).

There are some super-sized goals for the program heading into the July live period, and with the crew on the team, you can say that they are warranted.

“We want to be the number one team in the nation,” said McFarlane.

Which nation?

McFarlane paused, and re-worded himself.

“We want to be the number one team on the planet…in the universe,” he said with conviction. “That’s the plan and we are working towards it. Communication is something that’s lacking, which is understandable seeing as how some of these players have never played together before.”

This YAAACE team could have a special run through the AAU circuit, which begins with the Adidas Invitational in Indiana.

Anthony Bennett (CIA Bounce-Findlay Prep-UNLV-Cleveland Cavs) made Canadian basketball history only a few days ago, and I asked McFarlane about the type of response, that he, along with the YAAACE players had, when NBA commissioner David Stern called Bennett’s name.

“I loved it. I was jumping up and down in my house like a little school girl,” he laughed.

“Tristan Thompson laid down the foundation being drafted number four. Bennett going number one opened up the flood gates for Canadian basketball, so we’re coming now.

And by ‘we’ he means Canadians as a whole.

“We can get there, and I think the players are realizing that now…not just my guys, but every talented kid across Canada…we can make it.”

Furthermore, speaking on the effects that Bennett has had on the next generation.

“I definitely think what happened in the draft is going to motivate them to work harder. It used to be a dream, now it’s a reality.”


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