NPH Platform Prospect List Released: Underclassmen

TORONTO,ON–The following NPH Platform Underclassmen Prospect list has been highly anticipated since the release of the upperclassmen. Each and every player has built their resume over the course of their young careers through their production on the high school, club, AAU, provincial and national scene.

As always, decisions are extremely difficult to make given the plethora of talent that Canada has to offer. This game will be featuring a combination of great size, strength, athleticism and skill. Once again, the match ups will be exciting as each player will compete for recognition and bragging rights on Boxing Day!

The following proposed match ups are NOT exclusive as switches will be made, however they are certainly interesting ones that we will see over the course of the game.

NPH #1-Ranked Prospect in the Nation Will be in exciting match up against another #1 at The Platform!
NPH #1-Ranked Prospect in the Nation Will be in exciting match up against another #1 at The Platform!
Featured Match Up

Chris Egi,  the #1 player in the class of 2015 will be pitted against Justin Jackson, #1 in 2016. Both players have different skill sets as Egi has a physical advantage (strength & athleticism) playing the four-spot, while Jackson’s versatility including his perimeter game and vision gives him the upper hand when stepping out. Or does it? Egi is known to defend the oppositions best player as NPH has witnessed during the high school season with St Andrews. Egi is an elite defensive threat on the interior but also takes the challenge on the perimeter. This will be a very exciting match up that both players will look forward to, as much as the Canadian basketball community will!

Munis Tutu broke out at the NPH Windsor Showcase and has graduated to the Platform. Tutu’s Lightning quick ball speed, athleticism and playmaking ability will be matched up against Michael Provenzano’s high basketball I.Q, tight handle and crisp passing. Both high level lead guards with a bright future ahead. In the meantime, they will battle.

Not an ideal match up for Josiah Rileyand Matt Trpcic as they play different positions, however Trpcic has the capabilities of playing the one or the two spot. We will see how he is effected with size and length on him as he is a high IQ guard. Riley earned his way on the Platform as he’s been a key piece to one of the top programs in the country, D’Youville.

NPH Platform Hits Toronto on Boxing Day, December 26!
NPH Platform Hits Toronto on Boxing Day, December 26!

Jalen Poyser VS Jamar Ergas, another exciting match up ; both with size and athleticism at the two spot. Ergas has been known for his freakish athletic abilities and elite slashing, but what else has he added? Poyser recently enrolled into Findlay Prep and we are expecting  to see added strength and toughness as a result.

There is still a level of uncertainty here with the Okolie/ Vassell match up. Every time we have seen Okolie, he has been very effective despite environment, Vassel has been putting up big numbers at Pineridge during the HS season. We are looking forward to see what happens here!

Brody Clarke, a national team player has always had great size, but seems to have added a jumper to his game. Of course, consistency must be increased along with his toughness. Matched up against 6’8 Nicolas Morris (who did a great job defending Chris Egi earlier in the season), it will be interesting who has the edge in this one.

Nolan Narain is coming off a hand injury and will be excited to compete. Kevin Hamlet has kept a low profile this season, however we are looking forward to gauge his development. It will be a tough match up with Narain due to size, however Hamlet’s foot work is exceptional. Have both added to their skill set?

Since the day we discovered Devonte Campbell, we knew he would be a very good prospect down the road to due his combination of size, versatility and glimpses of a perimeter game, which should be improved at this point. Daniel Cummings is similar in this sense with size and a very nice consistent shooting stroke, coupled with good athleticism.

Jamal Murray has earned his stripes, however Marquell Fraser has not just yet, and will have a great opportunity to do so. Fraser has had a great start to the season leading one of the top junior teams in the province at MacNab. Murray is playing at the senior level and has shown that he can not only compete, but dominate at times.

Kendrick Jolin, the point guard hailing from Quebec has earned a reputation as a HARD WORKER. We are extremely excited for what Jolin can become strictly based off of work ethic alone. In addition, he showed many attractive tools at the point as we witnessed him in action over the summer. Jordan Holness of Emery has had a strong run on the junior scene recently picking up MVP tournament honours, and proved he can play at a high level over the summer. We will see how he responds against another high level guard.

Marcus Ottey is reigning Nationals MVP; explosive with great ball speed he is matched up against a player that we have not become familiar with just yet. Christien Gould has been putting in work for D’Youville alongside HS teammate Keshon Montague which you will hear about shortly.

Time is up, enter Keshon Montague. D’Youville’s PG has an impressive skill set at his age level and will be matched up against the smooth stoking Jordan Keane, the cousin of Illinois St lead guard Kaza Keane. It will be a good one.

Another family tie with Eli Long in the mix, as older brother and NPH Platform alumni Naz Long (Iowa State) competed last year and took MVP honours. Could Eli follow in big brother’s footsteps? Murtada Khamis will be his counterpart; an agressive, strong lead guard out of Kitchener that has a nack for getting to the basket and finishing. Another exiting PG match up.

NPH Platform Prospect List: Underclassmen


  • Mark Poyser (Father Henry Carr)
  • Omar Miles (St Edmund Campion)
  • Mike Mackenzie (D’Youville)
  • Cedric Carter (Mother Teresa)

Chris Egi (2015 6’8 F/ St Andrew’s) VS. Justin Jackson (2016 6’7 G/ Eastern Commerce)

Munis Tutu (2015 6’0 PG/ La Lumiere) VS Michael Provenzano (2015 5’11 PG/ H.B Beal)

Matt Trpcic (2015 6’2 PG/ MacNab) VS Josiah Riley (2015 6’3 G/ D’Youville)

Jalen Poyser (2015 6’4 G/ Findlay Prep) VS. Jamar Ergas (2015 6’3 G)

Obi Okolie (2015 6’3 G/Dennis O’Connor) VS Chase Vassell (2015 6’3 G/ Pineridge)

Nicholas Morris (2015 6’8 F/ Crescent) VS. Brody Clarke (2015 6’7 F/ Oakwood)

Kevin Hamlet (2016 6’6 F) VS. Nolan Narain (2016 6’9 PF/ MacNab)

Devonte Campbell (2015 6’5 W/ Culver) VS. Daniel Cummings (2016 6’4 SG/ St Andrew’s)

Marquell Fraser (2016 6’3 G/ MacNab) VS. Jamal Murray (2016 6’3 G/ Grand River)

Kendrick Jolin (2016 6’1 PG/Point Claire) VS. Jordan Holness (2016 5’10 PG/ Emery)

Marcus Ottey (2016 6’1 G/ J.C Richardson) VS. Christien Gould (2016 6’0 G/ D’Youville)

Keshon Montague  (2016 5’10 PG/ D’Youville) VS. Jordan Keane (2016 5’10 PG/ Humberview)

Eli Long (2015 5’11 PG/ John Carroll) VS  Murtada Khamis (2015 5’10 PG/ Grand River)

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