Canada has been giving birth to more and more generational types of prospects that set a very high bar for the rest of the nation. Addison Patterson could shape up to be of that mold for the Canadian 2020 class.

Andrew Wiggins, Jamal Murray, Rowan Barrett Jr. have been those guys in most recent history, Patterson has a chance to be on that same playing field.

The rest of the Canadian class is nothing to sneeze at either. There’s tremendous upside with the guys in the top 10 and beyond.

Fluctuating rankings is a naturally occurring process as prospects develop at different rates. Some have added to their packages while others have remained stagnant.

One thing is for sure and its that Patterson has created great separation from the rest of the class. Meanwhile, Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe is working at closing the gap and has rose four spots in 2020.

If we’re using National team representation as the highest platform of competition, well that’s where Patterson averaged 17.3 ppg on 50% from the field (U17), while his minutes were managed due to high use over the summer on the AAU scene as well as with the U18 team.

One can make the argument that he could have led the entire tournament at the U17 World Cup if he had fresh legs. Patterson played a whooping 13 minutes less than the tournament leading scorer, Siriman Kanoute of Mali.

He also netted 14.5 ppg and added 5.8 rpg and 2.5 apg with the U18 team.


Addison Patterson – Best Overall Package

What we saw from Addison Patterson throughout EYBL play and with the Canadian U18 & U17 National teams was of an elite status. He fit right in with senior talent and exceeded expectation.

Most importantly, the mental maturity over the last 6 months carries momentum into every part of his being and it shows in his game. Now at Bella Vista, as one of the leaders on the team, he is due for another explosion of exposure to the American public.

Since first seeing him as an 8th grader he has been known to get buckets, that’s what he does best. His game is transforming with a more reliable three ball in his arsenal. This will make it very tough for opponents to contain as he has his way of getting to the lane off of closeouts and using counter moves to dance around the defense.


Hot: Oregon

Warm: Oregon St, Syracuse, Oklahoma, Florida, Arizona St, Maryland, USC, New Mexico

Cool: Georgetown, Georgia Tech, Illinois, SMU

Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe – Maximizing

For the longest time we’ve used the word upside with Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe and even went as far as saying that he could end up the top player in the class when we look back 10 years from now.

Moncrieffe is supremely gifted with long physicals and elite athleticism. It’s not really debatable that there is a more athletic Canadian in 2020. He’s beginning to capitalize on his natural gifts and using them to mold a skill set as a three man.

What we really like about M-A is his defensive versatility. As his body continues to pack on muscle mass, he’s going to be even more of an asset defensively.


Hot: Georgetown, Vanderbilt, Seton Hall, Tulane, Arizona St

Warm: Florida

Cashius McNeilly – Welcome Back

He’s back home and in a stable environment after a stint at Huntington Prep, we will now get to see Cashius McNeilly as often as we did when he was on the come up.

McNeilly’s body has morphed over this post season having added weight during a time when there was irritation around his knee. He’s back in action now and has goals of getting his body in elite shape. The skill set is not up for questioning.

Cash can play from one to three if needed. His natural position is at point guard but with his high IQ and great overall feel for the game, he’s versatile enough to be used in a variety of ways.


Hot: Virginia Tech, Providence, Maryland

Warm: Tulane, Georgia Tech, St. Bonaventure, New Mexico State

Cool: Sienna, High Point

Keon Ambrose – Up, Up and Away

Keon Ambrose has continued to impress with constant development on what he brings to the table as a forward. You’ll see him operate out of the high post and from the wing. He’s the type of hybrid forward that NBA personnel takes interest in during the early stages. That’s the kind of upside on this kid and that is the lofty goal he has in mind.

At 6’8 with length, athleticism, competitiveness and high character, we project him to be of the highest recruited to ever come out of Canada when its all said and done.


Hot: Tulane, Florida, Howard, Tulsa, Butler, Dayton, Ohio State

Medium: Tennessee, Illinois, Vanderbilt, Texas, Western Kentucky

Okay Djamgouz – Leave No Doubt

We’ve had Okay Djamgouz as a top 10 player for a long time. He’s a player in the Canadian 2020 class that has a specialty skill set and that’s shooting the rock…but that’s not all he can do.

Djamgouz is showing more and more that he’s dynamic and can play on and off the ball. His separation moves create between 4-5 feet of space to get off his shot.

This year he has already added a great deal of athleticism and is focused on increasing his foot speed to become a better defender.

Shooters like him are looked at as a premium. There is space for him to surpass some of the guys ahead of him on this list based on the way he’s developing now. Djamgouz’s recruitment is picking up traction now to the point that NCAA coaches are trying to get him as a 2019 prospect.


Hot: Drake, Tulane, Santa Clara, North Carolina AT

Medium: Tennessee, Michigan, Penn, Purdue

Joshua Hemmings – Scratching the Surface

Joshua Hemmings is getting a fresh start and opportunity to lead the ship at Lawrenceville in New Jersey. Last year at Oak Hill he developed in an elite practice environment but did not get the game play with a stacked roster and elite schedule.

Over the summer he took an upswing and showed an extended range that is starting to get consistent from three,

We say that he’s scratching the surface because he’s still growing into his body at 6’8, gaining athleticism and can be utilized as a swiss army piece.

This season will help him be in a position to potentially lead a prep team and find himself.


Hot: Harvard, Penn, Georgia Tech, UCLA

Coleman Stucke – Consistency is Key

Coleman Stucke is a flat out producer regardless at which level he plays. With good size for position at 6’7 and an excellent shooter from outside he’s setting himself up for long term success by currently working on his agility and his body.

There have been so many instances where Stucke has displayed a high level of toughness. The one that sticks out the most is when he got his tooth knocked out in a game, quickly picked it up, suched up the blood and through the tooth towards his bench for safe keeping as he fled in transition to stay in the play.

On top of it all Stucke is a high academic student, leaving things open for him to be recruited by a multitude of conferences.

Hot: Drake, Southern Alabama, Denver

Medium: Harvard, Penn, Princeton, Stanford, Oregon St, Xavier, Providence, Purdue, Wisoncsin, Santa Clara, San Diego

Karim Mane – Mane Unknown

To Canada as a whole he may not be all that known, but to the Quebec community he’s a stud. In our opinion he is the one high major NCAA prospect that North America will learn alot about this season at Vanier. The more we see him the more certain we are about his trajectory.

He’s making the full transition to point guard under the guidance of Nathan Grant, who has been key in the development of many prospects from Montreal.

Mane has great size for position at 6’5 and is an elite leaper. When he gets in the lane he’s tough to stop due to his strength and athletic ability.

Vanderbilt has grown fond of Mane and was in Quebec to see him two weeks ago.

Hot: Iona

Warm: Xavier, Vanderbilt

Keeshawn Barthélémy – High Flying PG

This human highlight reel of a PG can really push the needle. His speed in transition and his above the rim plays get gyms in a frenzie pretty quickly. We’ve seen him throw down some viscious dunks in traffic over the years.

He’s really matured mentally and is building leadership qualities to help make himself more of a full time PG that his teammates can rely on for guidance and control of the floor.

He’ll make the tandem guard with Cashius McNeilly this year and cameras will be on these two year round to catch the action.

Expect Kee to rack up offers from the highest levels as the season progresses.

Kellen Tynes – Blowup Season

Kellen is way out on the east coast of Canada in Rothesay, New Brunswick, yet on his last outing to Ontario at NPA Nationals he showed that he is one of the top point guards in the country in 2020. He did the same late in the summer at Canadian Nationals where he was awarded U17 MVP while picking up a gold medal for Nova Scotia.

This high IQ, play making, scorer can get it done from everyewhere on the floor on offense and is also ready to snatch the ball away from ball handlers on defense.

Geographic location will no longer be a factor in recruitment as coaches are now aware of where he’s located and will be making the trip to New Brunswick to see him in action.

Jalen Celestine – High Riser, Knocking on the Door

We need to see Jalen Celestine a few more times this season to get a deeper understanding for what he is and what he can be. He is currently stationed at Long Island Lutheran.

What he can be is very intriguing considering his size and length as a guard, he’s 6’5 with a 6’9 wingspan. Right now, we love his pull jumper and spot up three which has been falling with consistency. Moreover, he’s viewed as a quality defender, one that goes man to man and gets it done as at helpside.

He has recently went on a spree of picking up NCAA offers from  the likes of Marist, Hofstra, Tulane, NJIT and others.

Elias Sbiet

Written by Elias Sbiet

Elias is the National Recruiting Analyst at NPH, keeping you up to date with Canadian basketball news on Canada's top prospects. You will find Elias at events across North America providing coverage and evaluating talent. He has been involved in the game as a scout, servicing NCAA, CIS and NBA teams for nearly a decade.


25 thoughts on “2020 Canadian National Player Rankings – Top 10

  1. What’s his papa paying you? says:

    Why the obsessive Djamgouz boosting. He didn’t make the Cadet team and was a complete non-factor for Team Ontario this summer (scoreless in two of five games!). He’s nowhere near a top 10 player. Top 5? Hurting your reputation and his chances to succeed.

    1. Elias Sbiet Elias Sbiet says:

      Mr. Mark “Sonny” Bairos… Firstly, you must be in the gym in order to have the broad opinion that you have.

      Secondly, he did make the National team as an alternate and was unable to stay with the team due to the flu. Team Ontario is a non-factor in his player evaluation. He’s the one kid on the team who had the most momentum going into Nationals and the only one with any NCAA offers. In the minutes he did play he was top 3 in efficiency, His own teammates were curious as to why he wasn’t being played more. There’s a lot more info that you’re not privy to.

      My reputation is of no concern. We stand behind our rankings and all Canadian players since no one in Canada spends as much time as us in the gym evaluating talent and outside of the gym learning about habits and personalities.

      The title of your comment speaks on your personality. If you knew the family and the father you would know the high degree of self-accountability they place on themselves and what an excellent young man they’ve raised.

      This platform is used to support Canadian talent, whether #2 on the list or #21 and onward. The last time you spoke to me behind the scenes, you were apologetic for the way you’ve attacked us on public forums, you wanted to get off to a fresh start, after the slander you’ve put out over the years. This does not help you do so, this will be my last response to you. Do not be fake and act like things are dandy when you see me in person.

  2. Parent says:

    You’ve ranked my kid. So what happens next?

    1. Elias Sbiet Elias Sbiet says:

      NCAA, USports, CCAA, JUCO coaches as well as NBA personnel that are using our service now have access to read your son’s evaluation. We will keep evaluating your son this season to gauge improvements. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me.

  3. Quebec guys underrated? says:

    Quebec guys should be a bit higher in my opinion. A quebec guy should replace Okay. At nationals quebec shut him down and he’s overrated to be honest and i know everyone feels that way.

    1. Elias Sbiet Elias Sbiet says:

      Quebec was highly represented in 2019 because #GameSpeaks and Quincy is #1. After Quincy there were several prospects from Quebec on the list. To make the argument that Quebec is underrated would be inaccurate, the province as a whole is rated, and rate high. The ones from the province on this list have a chance to rise equally to anyone else.

  4. Why Is Okay Here? says:

    You guys are making Okay a public enemy in canadian basketball. Everyone knows he shouldn’t be in the top 20 and no one understands. He knows himself he’s not that good. Also all-canadian Luka Sakota, Jahmyl Telfort, Taryn Todd, Shemar Rathan-Mayes, Jefferson Koulibaly and Godwin Llumoka are all great candidates to be in the top 10(Better than Okay).

    1. Elias Sbiet Elias Sbiet says:

      The fact that your comment is targeting one kid is confusing. The kids that you listed are getting recognition as well in our conversations with college coaches.

      These rankings are based off of over 10 evaluations on each of these kids in all of 2018. There is a lot of homework done in order to come up with this list. As a result, Godwin has risen over 10 spots thanks to his improvement.

  5. unknown says:

    Where’s Malachi Davis and Kalyem Mullings? They’ve showed out all year

    1. Elias Sbiet Elias Sbiet says:

      They’ll both be entering the Top 100 in the next edition after further season in high school/prep season.

  6. Jb says:

    I’ve got nothing against Okay but #5 smh… Luka and Shemar should definitely be above him.

  7. Parent says:

    Don’t have anything against Okay but what NPH is doing by promoting and putting so much effort into the #5 ranked spot is crazy! There are other kids you have ranked whereby they are not getting nearly enough of the priority you guys are giving Okay. Seems like there is alot of scrutiny around the #5 spot resulting in credibility to your program. In my opinion what will eventually happen is nobody will want to play with the kid based on your actions because other kids are just as deserving!

    1. Elias Sbiet Elias Sbiet says:

      There isn’t a priority to any player. #5 is not my favourite number 23 is and always has been thanks to Michael Jordan. The people who are commenting on that particular spot are the ones putting most attention to it. He doesn’t have any teammates that don’t like playing with him because he makes their job easier as a top shooter that forces help and closeouts, and him being a more than willing passer, he creates high percentage opportunities.

      Again, not concerned about credibility as previous years display that the game does the talking. Since most of the commentary is on Okay, let’s dig deeper.

      I was at most Nike EYBL events and watched him at the E16 level be a top producer at the highest level, if we can all agree that the EYBL is the highest level for AAU. Then at National team camp he earned a spot as a alternate. Then he killed it at CNIT and picked up 3 offers shortly after. Now he has Santa Clara, Drake, Michigan, Purdue, Penn, Illinois and others studying him on top of offers from Drake, Tulane and NC A&T. If I’m wrong and NPH is wrong so be it, but are these schools that coach at the highest collegiate level as well?

      The schools are not just taking my word and running with it. They’re coming in to see the prospect in person and get their own evaluation before pulling the trigger.

  8. Larry Johnson says:

    I admire what you all do. What I believe is lost on the majority, is that in creating a hotly contested ranking NPH is in fact following the tried and true “click bait” system that all of the top websites follow.

    They post something that is “questionable” and what follows is continuous debate and conversation. Is that not what we want? NPH clearly states they are in the marketing business. Why would you expect impartial editorial???

    NPH is by no means the final word on anything nor do I believe that they feel they are. They offer insight and perspective that generates interest and kudos to them for doing so. But let’s keep it a buck… Thinking that their voice is greater than a top D1 Coaches instinct is absurd and disrespectful to the coaching community.

    As for rankings, if the list was exactly as it should be, would there be any response in the basketball community? No. Everyone would just agree and stay quiet.

    If that was the case so uld the discussion ever extend beyond the closed gym doors and mentality of this community? No.

    Furthermore, y’all need to check yourselves with the critical comments. Please remember… YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT KIDS. In this day and climate of bullying, mental health issues etc your words impact these young men who have dedicated themselves to following the path less travelled.

    Let’s commend them and applaud them. To contrast and compare we can all speak of comparables, stats and metrics that can and will clearly outline our arguments for or against but don’t make it personal. Build up those around you that you obviously are repping for and understand that commentary is not commitment.

    1. Elias Sbiet Elias Sbiet says:

      Thanks for your bringing attention to cyber bullying in this ultra sensitive society. We have to all be careful in how we express our opinion and commentary. I will stand up for any prospect who is being attacked this way, doesn’t matter who. This has been continuous and out of line and it need to stop. Appreciate your initial kind words as well.

      Wanted to make sure that we’re all on the same page and know that NPH will always put the game and the players and their families first. The rankings are the way that they are based off of extensive observation and studying…not the need to create clickbait. Every year there is disagreement with rankings. Fans comment subjectively based on who they’re rooting for or the limited amount of games or highlights they’ve watched. On the other hand our scouts are taught to be objective, use the facts presented, the numbers, the recruiting, production, work ethic, potential, character, etc (in no particular order).

      And yes you are right, we do not claim to be the end all be all or to know more than top D1 coaches. Yet, many D1 coaches rely on us for information and then act upon it by coming to see the talent, and those same coaches are offering a scholarship to the individual in question.

  9. rudy hyatt says:

    Okay should be there no doubt. Leave the kid alone.

  10. rudy hyatt says:

    Lots of kids to look at lorenzo barbieri and brandyn talbot

  11. rudy hyatt says:

    When is the top 100 coming out.

  12. Player says:

    After having played several seasons with Okay, he has made it absolutely clear to me that he is a top 5 player in our class. He is a great, high characters kid. I see why some people might try to make a debate, due to their being a lot of great players for our age. However, Okay had continued to prove himself, again and again on ever single stage. What more do you want? Talk to any of his teammates and they will tell you. He makes our team better period. Firstly, his ability to shoot makes defenders play him tighter, opening up the floor for the rest of us. Secondly, he has a big name and players are constantly watching what he is going to do (similar to the effect LeBron has on his teammates) and on top of this all, he has much improved passing ability. What else do I have to say? I’ve played in the EYBL circuit for 2 years now, and am in my second year at prep school. You haven’t been with him in the gym like I have. Take it from me, because I’ve seen it first hand. Okay is the clear pick for number 5, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they ranked him higher soon. Work ethic and intangibles are off the charts also

    1. Parent says:

      The truth is NPH recognizes and acknowledges players who might not otherwise be recognized because of “politics.” You are objective, at least so far. I say…keep doing what you’re doing!

      1. scott says:

        As long as you pay the $200 to go to an “evaluation camp”

  13. Brian Daly says:

    Kellen Tynes can really ball and he proved it at the Nationals. Expect to see more east coast ballers following in the footsteps of Lindell Wigginton and Nate Darling. But Kellen, “way out on the east coast?” C’mon NPH! I count THREE provinces further east than New Brunswick. Let’s keep things in perspective.

  14. Player says:

    I like Okay and I understand he is a great player who puts in a ton of work and effort to getting better and have nothing but respect for him. All I want to say is I feel like he gets too much attention from NorthPoleHoops in general. I feel like of the Top 10 he gets the most attention. I have no problem with that, the only problem I have is that the kids that don’t get that attention won’t have as many scouts see them as Okay. Sure Okay has more offers, but that’s cause scouts only see him on social media. You are limiting the potential of others and getting scouts to see others. If you say NPH is a great tool scouts use to get an impression on a player and come see them, please post highlights of ALL the players in the top 10! On instagram, I haven’t seen these guys highlights, only seen 5 or 6 vids of Okay, so scouts will also only see this and in their mind come to see Okay when other kids should have their tapes on this platform as well. Again, nothing against Okay, could’ve been anyone, and I think Okay will be a fantastic player at the next level, he really is great and no problem with him at #5, I just want all the kids to succeed and have as many scouts because really you can make anyone look good from highlight reels

  15. JW says:

    Jerred Kinstler and Luka Syllas are two very underrated players out of Kingston which you should be on the watch for this season!

  16. Steve Campbell says:

    I really do think that someone needs to take a look at 6’8″ forward from Erindale in Mississauga Kyle Abdi.

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