Embrace 75% Failure, Obtain 25% Success


I have to admit that I am extremely excited and really looking forward to taking my training philosophies on the road and being a part of the NPH Showcase circuit this summer, kicking off on the East Coast.

I have been working with NorthPoleHoops for a while, collectively building a system to combine high level development and national exposure for Canadian student-athletes.

Kyle Julius Will Spearhead the 2014 #NPHShowcase Circuit | Courtesy: MSN News

Kyle Julius Will Spearhead the 2014 #NPHShowcase Circuit | Courtesy: MSN News

Its amazing that we will be able to offer kids across the country with the necessary tools to succeed, while pushing basketball to new heights in Canada.

A lot of people don’t know who I am and don’t really understand my workouts or training philosophies.

As a player I studied the game like a sponge at many different levels. As a coach and trainer I share the information I used while creating an understanding that what you do off the court is just as important as what you do on the court.

I teach my players that the key to basketball success is in your nutrition, proper goal setting, rest and recovery, the way you treat your family and teammates, and the way you train – specifically in that order.

My philosophy is very simple: Practice hard and approach your preparation with an unrelenting dedication so that the game becomes easy. The foundation to becoming a great player is all about falling in love with pain and being honest with your self.

Its painful to be good and its very boring to be good, you must do all the things you don’t want to do at a very high level ALL THE TIME.

You will fail on the path to your goals and you must relentlessly identify the reasons and contributing factors to your failure. Then, get your butt out of bed before your competition and eliminate the causes to your failure every single day.

The road to your basketball dreams will be 75% failure and 25% success. You have to willingly fall in love with the failure so that you can truly appreciate the chase of that 25% of success. And when you get it, you must want more and more and more.

Training and improving your game is a mind set not a feeling. Meaning, if you don’t feel good you must learn to convince your self that you feel great. If you are fighting Goliath you must create the mind set that he is in for a very long night because you have out trained and out prepared him (no matter how big he is or where he is from).

Becoming a better player is a total investment into your life, your body and the relationships you have. We want to create a workout and training plan that forces our athletes to embrace that investment wholeheartedly, and develop a true on court edge for anyone or anything that stands in your way.


  • Why are players getting more attention than me?
  • What are those players doing, eating, seeing, how are they getting better?
  • Did I waste time today?
  • Do I know my true weaknesses?
  • How do I attack my weaknesses with out losing time improving my strengths?
  • Am I in optimal health and attack mode?

When you are honest with yourself, workouts and the pursuit of your goals become clear and precise. When you are honest you stop wasting time and you start making immediate gains. When you are completely honest with yourself, you begin to build true confidence and fall in love with building your craft.

We use our systematic workout progression to build better basketball players and more honest people.

First stop…Halifax, Nova Scotia!


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