Mississauga Monarchs 10th Grade Squad Loaded With Elite 2027 Talent

Those who are tracking the upcoming Canadian Basketball High School classes know just how special the 2027 class can potentially be. I’ve even heard some say it might end up the most talented class in Canadian Basketball History. Obviously still far too early to tell, but that statement isn’t coming out of nowhere. When looking at how gifted these underclassmen are at a young age and the volume of high-upside prospects from across the country; if they are developed properly, they’ll be seriously intriguing to say the least.

This is where an established program like the Mississauga Monarchs come in. Proven track record of developing players for the next level as well as providing everything needed from competition, high level coaching/teaching how to play the game the right way, an emphasis on basic basketball fundamentals and concepts, and an overall positive environment for growth.

Their Grade 10 team in the NPHShowcase League have put together a nice collection of some of the most talented 2027 Prospects in the region. Currently undefeated at 8-0 and have a roster of multiple 6-4-6-6 players who can do a number of things on the floor. Serious depth and can make two starting lineups equally as good.

2027 6’6 F Markeese Strawbridge

2027 6’6 W Alessandro Acosta-Reyes

2027 6’3 G Tristan Brathwaite

2027 6’5 G/W Andre Brutus

2027 6’3 F Nico Cameron



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