Chris Simunovic joins the 200 club

Basketball is about making shots. As a basketball scout this is one of the question’s that I am consistently asked, “Can he make shots?”

The 6’2 combo guard from Terror Prep, Chris Simunovic is someone who I can confidently refer to colleges of all levels because of his incredible shot making ability. Chris has hit more three-point field goals than any other Canadian amateur basketball player this year. With his remarkable shooting ability, Simunovic has become a recognizable name in the Canadian basketball world, leaving fans and players alike in awe of his incredible shooting talent.

Simunovic’s impact on the court is undeniable, as he has the ability to change the course of a game in an instant. His quick release and accurate shot from beyond the arc make him a constant threat to opponents. Whether it’s the clutch three-pointer in the closing seconds of a game or a series of deep bombs that light up the arena, Simunovic always finds a way to come up big.

Despite his success, the young guard remains one of the most humble players on the court. With his infectious smile and positive attitude, Simunovic has earned the respect and admiration of his teammates and coaches. He is a true student of the game, spending countless hours watching tape, studying his opponents and working on his craft. In fact, when he’s not playing, Simunovic can often be found alongside his coach, dissecting game footage from across the province or physically in the gyms watching.

Simunovic’s dedication to basketball has earned him recognition and accolades from fans and analysts alike. He has played against the majority of his competition in the United States, which only goes to show how talented he truly is. No one hits more three-pointers than Chris Simunovic, and it’s not just a matter of statistics; it’s a testament to his work ethic, passion, and love for the game. Oh, and it’s also a statement of fact.

I have been keeping up with Terror Prep and Chris Simunovic since early September when they attended the Prep Preseason Showcase presented by North Pole Hoops where Chris really established himself as a top shooter in the country with his performance in those two games. I would constantly get updates and notifications via twitter and other social media platforms, informing me of the double digit 3PM stat lines from Chris. On the season thus far Chris has had 13 games with over 6 triples and is currently averaging 4.61 three pointers made this year.

I have been talking with Coach Menelik Fernandes who started the Terror Prep program and is one of the coaches in the Canadian Prep ecosystem who is really doing it the right way. He purchased a van for his program early in the year and they have been “Road Warriors” ever since. The team has been across the country playing competition from coast to coast with multiple wins against Ontario Scholastic Basketball Association programs.

When talking with Coach Menelik he told me the following.

“As a coach having a player like Chris sets the bar really high and facilitates the ability to use complex or creative actions.

We’ve actually got to a point as a team where if Chris makes four or five threes we think of it as an average game. 14 of his 43 games (33%) he has made 6 or better, and he does it on just about 40% shooting against very good competition.”

Teams like CBA in Atlanta, Hargrave Military Academy out of Virginia, Combine Academy from North Carolina, Utah Peaks and many more top US programs are the type of competition that Chris has been producing against. Coach Menelik went on to say.

“The thing that I have found the most interesting about this journey is that all the guys celebrate Chris’ success as their own. I’ve had the pleasure of coaching other very good shooters and watched it cause jealousy. Our guys really grasp how his success is helping their own because of the way the defence adjusts to him.”

Coach Menelik on Chris Simunovic

This is truly a testament to just how much of a connectivity piece Chris has been for this Terror Prep program, he’s been producing on the court and been a passionate team player on the bench & off the court. I believe Chris may just be the best shooter in the class of 2023 if not the best than a top 3 candidate without a single doubt. Coaches in need of a lights out shooter who will bring the group together, Chris Simunovic is your guy.

Game Speaks.

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