2019 Canadian National Girls Rankings

The trajectory for Canadian women’s basketball is on a steady incline. Canadians are filling more DI NCAA basketball rosters than ever, three Canadian women were on this last WNBA season’s rosters (Natalie Achonwa, Kayla Alexander, Kia Nurse), countless are hooping professionally overseas, and our women’s National team programs are having great success. The next few graduating classes promise to follow this trend and continue to raise the bar in Canadian women’s basketball. 

The last six months have been spent in gyms across Canada evaluating high school girls basketball players. For the first time in North Pole Hoops history, National Girls Rankings are dropping. 

The winter season is kicking off, and these rankings will continue to evolve as the 2018-2019 season unfolds and as new players step onto the radar. 

Evaluations are based on the following criteria:

1. Production and skillset at x level
2. Size for position, length, and athleticism
3. Mental edge
4. Potential and long-term projection

2019 Top 10: 

  1. 6’3 F Laeticia Amihere | King’s Christian, ON
  2. 5’11 G Makayla Ennis | TRC, ON
  3. 6’1 F Brynn Masikewich | Lincoln Prep, ON
  4. 5’9 G Roxanne Makolo | Dawsome College, QC
  5. 5’7 G Keturah Balabyekkubo | Lincoln Prep, ON
  6. 5’9 G Ahrianna Grizzle | Bill Crothers, ON
  7. 5’10 G Mide Oriyomi | King’s Christian, ON
  8. 5’9 PG Micah Dennis | Capital Courts, ON
  9. 6’0 F/C Deanna Tuchscherer | GW Graham SS, BC
  10. 6’2 C Faith Dut | Semiamhoo SS, BC



Laeticia Amihere | 6’3 | F | King’s Christian – “No Brainer”

Physicals and athleticism are off the charts! Explosive mobile athlete with a versatile skillset. Penetrates and creates off the bounce for offensive production. Dominant finishes with contact in traffic. Rebounder. Athletic defender.
Last 3 are Kentucky, Louisville and South Carolina






Makayla Ennis | 5’11 | G | – Athleticism and Scoring Ability

High caliber athlete who rebounds and RUNS. Handles the ball with good vision up the floor; good passer & creates opportunities in transition. Offensive minded, attacks hard & finishes well at the rim, passes well off penetration. Pull up is smooth and 3 ball is coming along. Lanky defender, shot blocker, and rebounder; takeoff and second jump is quick! Transition player, high ceiling.
Interest from Washington, Buffalo, NC State, Wake Forest





Brynn Masikewich | 6’1 | F | – Physicals and IQ 

Shooting forward with good length. Active and long defensive presence inside; moves feet with hands up, finishes plays with D boards. Knocks the 3 ball down and likes to pop for it off ball screens. Pretty crafty with decent handles, creates well and delivers off penetration. Can push the ball up off D board, works well off the dribble within 15-17 feet.
UCLA Commit





Roxanne Makolo | 5’9 | G | – Athleticism and Impact 

Well-rounded strong athlete with good speed and a motor. Will look to push the ball up the floor and create in transition. Attacks with explosiveness and is refining the pull up jumper. Gets through D and finish at high speeds with contact, attacks well going left, delivers nice passes off penetration. Likes the corner 3, active off ball and in the right place at the right time to make the right play. Rebounds!
Interest from TCU, LSU, Purdue, Utah, James Madison, Utah, Memphis




Keturah Balabyekkubo | 5’7 | G | – Grit and Defense

Powerful and explosive athlete, rebounding guard! Relentless and intimidating full court defender who gets steals and translates to offensive production. Creates offense by setting up defense to get to the rim and finish with contact through traffic. 3 ball and pull up jumper are coming along nicely. Impact player, game changer!
Interest from UOIT and Embry Ridge






Ahriahna Grizzle | 5’9 | G | – Confidence and Intelligence

Smooth, crafty guard with vision and fluidity – handles & passes very well. Passer first, scorer second; Floor General, versatile scorer. Quick with efficient movements. Good change of speed and body control; uses pivots and seals to create opportunity. High IQ, has been successful in large variety of settings.




Mide Oriyomi | 5’10 | G | – Athleticism and Motor

Athlete, hustler, works! Runs and plays well in transition and open court, can push the ball up or look to go rim to rim, finishes against contact. Active off ball, gets involved in the offense. Anticipates well on defensive end; high energy player. She turned it up at Nationals; snatched some big time boards, got in passing lanes for steals and hit a big time buzzer beater 3. Shows sparks of greatness, high ceiling. 






Micah Dennis | 5’9 | PG | – Defense and Competitor

Solid guard with consistent effort and focus. Elite defender with a high motor and great footwork. Competitor; picks up full court man to man. She handles it with poise under pressure and keeps good court vision. Attacks well going left – strong finisher at the rim and good passer. Jumper and 3 ball look good. Silent producer, rebounds. Controls her emotions well.
Interest from Arizona, Rutgers, Kansas State, Marquette



Deanna Tuchscherer | 6’0 | F/C |- Patience and IQ

Poised, smart and reads defense. Undersized but gets her shot off, draws fouls and gets great position inside; efficient player. In the right place at the right time. Solid fundamentals and clean footwork, good hands. IQ player, poised under pressure, takes care of the ball. Value added in ability to knock down the 3 ball – solid shooter!
Interest from Liberty





Faith Dut | 6’2 | C |- Athleticism and “Upside”

Lanky athlete! Rim protector, runs the floor well. Skillset offensively is raw but high upside! I like her attitude & assertive demeanor on the court.
Final 3 U of Florida Gators, U of Oklahoma Sooners and U of Washington Huskies






Watch List; 

5’11 PG/SG Tiena Neale – King’s Christian
5’10 G Maddie Anderson – J Addison, ON
5’9 G Aerial Wilson – TRC, ON
5’8 PG Kaillie Hall – Lincoln Prep, ON
5’11 F Tatyanna Burke – SBA Juel, ON
6’2 F Briar McDonald – King’s Edgehill, NS
5’11 G Athel Malou – Canada Topflight Academy, ON
6’3 C Laura Barhacs – J Addison, ON
5’9 G Marley Bonnick – Central Tech


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