Kyle Julius Returns to his roots for the Toronto Showcase

Northpolehoops takes great pride in helping people along their basketball path no matter where it may take them. This holds true for people who work alongside us and in the case of Kyle Julius, it has taken him to other side of the world as the Head Coach of the Saigon Heat in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

After his playing career was over, Julius turned his sights on sharing the wisdom he had gained and the journey has been amazing. From being the first ever NPH Showcase instructor; to an independent skills trainer of some of Canada’s best NCAA talent; to a Championship as the Head Coach of the London Lightning, Julius has an impressive resume that will only continue to grow.
Now, in his off season he is returning to his roots to pass on his wealth of experience to the next generation of players and to continue his growth as a coach with the NPH team.  Coach Julius demands the best from those he instructs and as a result, will bring the best out of anyone who is lucky enough to spend time with him on the court.
No one knows what his future holds but one thing is for sure, that growth will continue to happen alongside the like-minded people of Northpolehoops.

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