Jamal Murray featured in new Adidas commercial

Jamal Murray has confidently cemented himself in the upper echelon on the sporting world, landing a spot in the new Adidas commercial next to the top names in sports today.


The commercial, which features Denver Bronco Von Miller, Manchester United’s Paul Pogba, Green Bay Packer Aaron Rodgers, Houston Rocket James Harden, WNBA rookie Moriah Jefferson and a trio of NBA rookies including Brandon Ingram, Jaylen Brown, and Kitchener’s own Jamal Murray. Murray’s short clip features him throwing down some mean dunks, including launching himself over the 6’9” Ingram.

The commerial, titled Sports Needs Creators, implores young athletes to use their sport as a creative outlet, making the playing field your canvas.

Canadians can expect to see Murray creating some insane plays on offense this year with the Denver Nuggets, as he is expected to play a major role with the squad in his rookie season.

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