Canadians head down to L.A as Adidas Nations kicks off

The Adidas Nations tour jumps off today in Los Angeles, and brings together some of the top talent across the globe to compete and challenge themselves at the international level.

Adidas invites players from around the world to compose four American teams, a Canadian team, an Asian Pacific team, an African team, and a Latin American team to battle on the courts and develop with some of the top coaches and players by their side. From the Adidas Nations website:

“A multi-faceted international curriculum featuring NBA coaches and players, as well as current collegiate players acting as camp counselors, will provide invaluable insight and first-hand knowledge to the participants, illustrating the pressures, rigors and challenges that accompany the rise of any aspiring NBA star.” 

Team Canada kicks off its schedule of games tonight at 6:30 Pacific Time against Team Africa. Below is the roster of Canadian studs that will represent this nation down in L.A. Mississauga native and Iowa St player Naz Long will also be in attendance as part of the College roster of Camp Instructors, and will look to impart some of his knowledge on the young crop of talent coming into camp.

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Canada Elite’s Co-Director Shane James took to Twitter to congratulate his players on getting the invite to L.A, and Cashius McNeilly showed off the swag provided by Adidas. The trip to Cali seems like it will be an unreal experience for the young Canadians who made the trip.


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