Top 20 CCAA Players, by Bill Crowdis – October 2015 Copy


One of our priorities this season is to shed light on the individual players that hit the court in the CCAA.

CROWDIS5YRSome of these players have the potential to play at the next level and they should be recognized.

To start, I have listed my top 20 fifth year players to watch as they will be suiting up for their last collegiate season.

Moving forward, we will be compiling a top 20 players list for each class of CCAA men’s basketball players‎.

This is a preseason list and several team rosters have not been finalized or updated, so it’s quite possible someone has been left off the top 20, that should be acknowledged, and we will do our best to update accordingly.

I’m taking into account individual talent, team strength, previous seasons and potential abilities, these are my choices.

Top 20 CCAA – 5th Year Players

1st Team
  • Anthony Ottley – Red Deer
  • Mike Lucier – Lambton
  • Andrew Dawkins – St. Lawrence
  • Thomas Watson – U of Kings
  • Jeff Hunt – Mohawk

2nd Team

  • Chaz Johnson – Lethbridge
  • Travis Butt – Lethbridge
  • Michael Zayas-Duran – Quest
  • Dustin Poirier – MSVU
  • Jason Fortin – VIU

3rd Team

  • Kojo Afari – Mohawk
  • Darian Rowe – Durham
  • Keith Marshall – Kings UC
  • Nathaniel Wojcicki – Concordia
  • Colin Whitely – Keyano

4th Team

  • Justin Mitchell – Georgian
  • Kevin Dia – Keyano
  • Alex Harding – MSVU
  • Jamison Plett – Grand Prairie
  • Demaine Nelson – Keyano

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