Day 1, Canada Basketball National Championships Results and Leaders

Day 1 is in the books and all teams have got their sweat on and National_Championshipshave an idea of where they stand.

Coaches are determining what the path after preliminaries may be, how they are getting to the podium and whose game tape needs to be broken down.

The results and category leaders are found below:

U15 Results

G1 Saskatchewan 68 Newfoundland 47

G2 New Brunswick 96 Prince Edward Island 53

G3 Quebec 76 Nova Scotia 63

G4 Ontario 93 Manitoba 49

G5 British Columbia 78 Newfoundland 44

G6 Alberta 114 Prince Edward Island 27

Pts/Game                                    Asts/Game  

25.0 Alexander Dewar, SK           8.0 Avan Nava, ON

20.0 Jaden Matthews, AB             6.0 Noah Wharten ON

17.0 Adam Lambert, NB               5.0 Benjamin Datro, QC

17.0 Alex Jap, AB                         5.0 Josh Derochie, AB

17.0 Marc Hofer, NB                     4.0 Alexandre Phillipon, QC


10.0 Jaden Bediako, ON

9.0 Gabe Vicente, NB

9.0 Sabry Philip, AB

8.0 Dondre Reddick, NS

8.0 Kris Kogler, NB

U17 Results

G1 Saskatchewan 81 Prince Edward Island 39

G2 Newfoundland 69 Alberta 65

G3 Manitoba 97 New Brunswick 83

G4 Ontario 98 Nova Scotia 76

G5 Quebec 93 Prince Edward Island 62

G6 British Columbia 91 Alberta 59

Pts/Game                                    Asts/Game  

34.0 Nate Darling, NS                10.0 Ben Hillis, SK

24.0 Nathan Barker, NL              8.0 Jason Thompson, NL

23.0 Rj Barrett, ON                      6.0 Keenan Dowell, BC

21.0 James Wagner MB              5.0 Lambert Pajayon, BC

19.0 Lloyd Pandi ON                   4.0 Jean-Frederic Daho, QC


13.0 Noah Charles, BC

11.0 Nathan Barker, NL

9.0 Bankole Alade, AB

9.0 Rj Barrett, ON

8.0 James Wagner, MB


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