Koby McEwen and Jalen Warren Scoop Up MVP at NPH Showcase


This past weekend, U of T’s Goldring Center was host to the Toronto #NPHShowcase which carried a collection of talented prospects that have been flying under the radar, along with under developed and under-coached athletes with a high ceiling.

Koby McEwen

Koby McEwen

Will their potential be maximized? That is yet to be seen. One thing that we always say at NPH and within our family lives is “you get what you put in,” and try our very best to ensure that this mantra is alive in camps. The long list of experienced coaches that were involved with this event did a great job spreading awareness of this theme over the three days.

The purpose of the #NPHShowcase is to provide the next generation of basketball dreamers with guidelines and habits that must be developed in order to achieve success in this sport and life thereafter. The discovery of Canada’s next crop of top talent happens to be a bonus.

Let’s jump into some names that really made their presence felt over the three days at camp.

Familiar names like Koby McEwen and Nickeil Alexander-Walker got what they wanted and steadily dominated their competition. Both have a strong ability to play either point guard or shooting guard at the highest levels. McEwen is a slashing guard with a knack for scoring and play making; he turns defense into offense and has good control over speed in the half court.

He is being actively recruited by the likes of Baylor, Valparaiso, Illinois, Utah and Ole Miss. Stay tuned on NPH to see exclusive footage of this dynamic guard.

Alexander-Walker is on the brink of moving up two spots from his number 5 position in NPH National Rankings for the 2017 class. The jump must be earned and he is extremely close to doing so.

When’s the last time you saw an ambidextrous player? Nickeil is that guy. He used his left hand all weekend while his broken right thumb was wrapped up. Regardless of which hand he used, his moves and shots were smooth and calculated.

Nickeil Alexander-Walker

Nickeil Alexander-Walker

Besides Christian David he is the most skilled player in 2017. He has the ball on a string and a variety of counter moves in his arsenal to play off of. He gets buckets from virtually anywhere on the floor and can spoon feed teammates into high percentage situations.

Nickeil Alexander-Walker – the fastest rising 2017 prospect.

While these two names stole a lot of the shine, there were other prospects who made sure they were recognized.

Daniil Shesternin is a returning showcase participant from last summer. We have learned about him through the high school season, club and in these types of event. One thing he is sure to bring is a motor and a bundle of intangibles.

Shesternin’s communication skills and physicality while establishing position or boxing out differentiated him from others at the position.

He is progressively making strides with his body and beginning to step outside his comfort zone beyond 15 feet from the basket. Another 2017 prospect to keep tabs on.

Fresh on the Scene

Jalen Warren

Jalen Warren

New names appeared and stamped a spot on the map. Jalen Warren took home the underclassmen MVP award through a relentless two way game. He strapped up man to man, was in the passing lanes for steals and finishes and score in a variety of way.

This 2018 Milton product played with grit and a competitive edge that exceeded that of other prospects. His consistency over the three days is what earned him MVP.

Pablo Villa was right in the mix as the purest PG at camp. Villa was able to control the tempo, thrive in primary ball handling responsibility while scoring in from the perimeter and using a floater in the lane.

Up until day three it, it had looked like Raheim Sullivan or Isaiah Moseley were in the run for top dog from the underclassmen.

Sullivan’s tight handle and speed set him apart from the rest. In transition he is tough to keep up with and in the half court set he has a breakdown game to get past most defenders either with a crossover dribble or his first step.

Isaiah Moseley is pretty polished player with an all around game and skill set. We could not pin point a weakness in this young student-athlete and it was hard to say exactly what his greatest strength is.

Moseley did a bit of everything. His combo guard skills allowed him to set up teammates and score from the perimeter while absorbing contact and finish as he attacks the rim.

The underclassmen in this camp were significantly ahead of the upperclassmen when considering their age and what their bodies looked like combined with the offensive packages.

At the forward positions in the 2018 class, Lincoln Rosebush, Mason Middaugh, Chad Vincent, Joseph Hlady, Jacob Polski and Yaakob Bendayan impressed with their versatility.

Brandon Miles made a name for himself out working opponents on the glass and chasing down his man to get pins from behind. We’ll continue tracking him at Birchmount Collegiate to see what kind of progress he makes over the summer.

Rosebush is a name that has been appearing in recaps and reports often. His footwork, IQ and use of the fundamentals made him look like a senior among his class because it brought a high level of composure.

The next step in Rosebush’s development revolve around gaining speed and explosiveness. A consistent mid-range jumper and back to the basket game currently are the defining features in his game.

The list of players who performed well goes on between 20-30 names. For coaches that are interested in learning more through our in depth scouting reports, subscribe to NPH National Scouting Service for comprehensive coverage on Canada’s top prospects.

Contact info@northpolehoops for more information.

The next camp in Ontario is set for August 14-16 at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. For those interested in attending, follow @NPHShowcase for registration release dates all over Canada.

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