Announcement: Can Ball Report Joins North Pole Hoops Family!

We are proud to announce Ray Bala, also known as “The Can Ball Report” as the newest addition to the North Pole Hoops family!

Bala has been covering Canadian basketball for the last eight years across both print and electronic platforms, with an emphasis on tracking homegrown talent competing in the NCAA.

“I originally got involved in the game to get to talk to some of the players I had followed and to be a part of the game in a different way,” said Bala.

canballreport officialFor, Bala will be a dynamic addition to the NPH roster, allowing viewers to experience extensive coverage of both men and women in the NCAA, NBA and beyond.

North Pole Hoops has a mandate to expose Canadian basketball to the world as well as develop the game in Canada,” explained Bala.

“Having known Tariq and Elias Sbiet (NPH founders) for some time, I know that they were always in for the bigger picture of basketball in this country and I’m honored that they want me to be a part of that growth and development.”

With 100+ Canadians in the NCAA, talent from the North is thriving across America, at the low, mid and high-major levels, with no signs of slowing down.

“Considering what the state of the game may have been as little as five years ago, I think the future looks incredibly bright for Canadian basketball,” said Bala.

“The talent is developing, at various levels, and it’s a matter of time before Canada is being considered in the same breath as the top tier countries internationally on both the men’s and women’s sides.”

Stay tuned for your daily dose of The Can Ball Report on NPH!


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