CYBL Grade 8 Session 2 Preview: Canada Elite, CIA Bounce and?


Christmas is coming early this December as the CYBL’s second session kicks off this weekend, Dec 13-14, and the following is what you should be looking out for.


Canada Elite and CIA Bounce’s Undefeated Streaks

These two teams dominated the competition at the last CYBL session and its going to take a near perfect game from any other team to challenge them. Hitting the triple digit mark in any basketball game is impressive, but to be consistently doing it at the grade 8 level, illustrates that advancement of these young athletes.

Which Other Teams Will Stand out?

UPlay Canada, Bayan, Burlington and WC2PLAY all are 3-1 during the circuit, but there is still a lot of games to be played this upcoming weekend. With some teams only having the week to practice before session one, you can expect to see better overall team chemistry this time around. Be ready to start seeing the real dogs separate themselves from the rest of the dog pound.

Best 7th and 6th Graders?

I had several requests about the younger age groups, so I’ll be keeping my eyes open.

It going to be a grind it out weekend at Centennial College in Toronto!

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