Canadian Wing Mychal Mulder Leading #1-Ranked JUCO in America

He’s leading the number one junior college in America, with an 11-0 record.

Since attending Vincennes last year, Mychal Mulder out of Windsor, Ontario has been a strong addition for Coach Todd Franklin, and a considerable part of the team’s success, holding a 45-3 record since the 6’5 wing’s arrival.

Vincennes holds the #1 spot in the nation, and have had it since the pre-season.

“We’ve had a great year and he’s been a significant part of it,” Franklin told North Pole Hoops.

Mulder VincennesMulder is averaging a team-best 15.6 PPG, along with 7.6 rebounds and 1.6 assists per game, shooting an efficient 48% from the field, and 43% behind the arch.

Coming out of high school (Catholic Central), I have always held Mulder in high regard, due to his rare physcial attributes–true length & athleticism second to none.

As long as he went to a situation that held players accountable, while encouraging hard work and repetition, sky was the limit for Mulder.

Fast forward a year and a half later, and he has made strong progress, but yet to reach his limits, according to Coach Franklin, saying that there is great room for improvement.

“He has certainly worked and that’s why he has improved but the process is on going– he’s got more in him I think,” continued Franklin.

Coach also spoke highly of Mulder’s catch and shoot ability; when you combine that with the aformentioned physical attributes, it becomes clear how high level Mulder can be.

After his time at Vincennes, the next step for Mulder is the NCAA, where Wichita State and Missouri have been heavily involved in his recruitment.

Mulder jumperWSU recently graduated Canadians Nick Wiggins (Vaughan, ON) & Chadrack Lufile (Burlington, ON), while Missouri currently suits up Montaque Gill-Caesar (Vaughan, ON) and Keanau Post (Victoria, BC).

Mulder will focus on the season and make his college decision in the spring.

Catholic Central’s Pete Cusamano coached Mulder throughout his high school career, and knew early on that his former student had a chance to be special.

“He’s the only player that I’ve had in 36 years that played senior in grade nine,” explained Cusamano.

“He was always a kid that can do a lot of things but wasn’t great at any one thing.”

Cusamano now says that Mulder has improved his shooting and defense considerably, echoing Coach Franklin.

“The games that I went to see, they assigned him to the team’s best player and he was able to shut them down,” said Cusamano.

“This summer he came in, we put the shooting gun in, and he was putting in the time…it’s paying off.”

Coach Franklin operates with an “old school” train of thought, constantly urging players in his program to never be satisfied.

“Does he start thinking I’ve arrived? You can’t do that, you have to keep working to get to the next level,” said Franklin.

“With that mindset, chances of success are so much higher than the other guy.”

Production has proved that “the other guy” is not Mychal Mulder.

Mulder was part of the first ever NPH Showcase camp in 2012, where he, alongside Jalen Griffiths put on a show, arguably the best dunk off we’ve seen. Here’s a flashback, displaying Mulder’s athleticism.

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