NPH 2013 Pre-Season Player Rankings

Tyler Ennis & Xavier Rathan-Mayes
Xavier Rathan-Mayes guarding Tyler Ennis during Red & White Game

AAU season is over, the dust has settled and players across the country are in preparation mode for their upcoming high school season. Over the past year, the NPH team has travelled across Canada and America tracking and evaluating the nation’s rising prospects. Travelling to British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Georgia, Florida, Nevada and many other regions gave us the opportunity to not only identify but understand the depth of talent in each area.

Not only did it allow us to gage the skill set of each player, but also helped build long-term relationships to witness and track their progress. The NPH team learned about the prospect’s on and of the floor, which was certainly taken into account with respect to rankings…which leads us to the next question, that is often asked by the general public.

How do you rank players, especially from different regions? 

Truthfully, there is no short answer. Ranking players involves a multitude of factors that includes the mental, physical, tangible, intangible traits of a player and person. The toughest part about rankings is weighing potential vs production.

“Potential” refers to what a player could develop into down the road, whereas “production” refers to the current efficiency and consistency of a player. In the NPH rankings, production typically outweighs potential simply due to the fact that production is proof. However, there are exceptions.

For instance, if a player is averaging 15 points and 10 rebounds per game throughout an entire season, there is no denying what he can provide to a team. On the flipside, if a player isn’t averaging consistent numbers but still has great room to develop (usually depending on age, work ethic  & physical growth) then this must be taken into consideration. This is one of many potential examples.

Especially as a player, it is important to understand that rankings will move up and down throughout the season, however should serve as extra motivation to remain hungry at all times.

Syracuse commit Tyler Ennis  holds the top spot in 2013 and is the only player currently committed (as of September 11, 2012).

As the upcoming season quickly approaches, players look to prove themselves, while the NPH team continues hunting for Canada’s brightest stars!

Stock Rise

  • Donnavan Hastings has risen 15 spots primarily due to the combination of physical attributes that he brings to the table and his shooting ability. He’s proven his production on the HS scene, and did it on the AAU circuit this summer. It didn’t take long for coaches to notice Hastings, however it is vital that he continues to develop and mature both mentally and physically.
  • Matthew Atewe has also risen since the last NPH release, after a busy summer with the national program and on the AAU scene. Atewe is undoubtedly a high level defensive presence possessing an impressive physical frame; and with his final year at Notre Dame Prep, there is still time to develop his offensive game in preparation for the next level.
  • Troy Reid-Knight is an absolute competitor and continued to prove it at Peach Jam where he was CIA Bounce’s fourth leading scorer. As a result, he has moved up 10 spots.

NPH Top 25 Newcomers

  • Luka Zahirjevic
    Luka Zahirjevic dominated the NPH BC Showcase, while earning MVP honours

    Luka Zahirjevic moved up significantly after capturing the NPH BC Showcase MVP while proving he is arguably the most skilled big man in the nation.

  • D’Adrian Allen improved his stock after a strong showing in Vegas. He is big, strong, athletic and is gaining confidence in his game.
  • Marko Pirovic made the cut for the Canadian junior national team where he was awarded minutes, and produced as a result. Pirovic is expanding his offensive game, and putting up more shots.
  • Alex Hart stood out at Canadian nationals. A 6’11 rail thin centre with great length and a nice touch around the basket. If he can manage to add strength and tenacity, he could see himself rise fairly quickly.
  • Max Joseph- There isn’t a point guard in this class that is more physically ready for the next level than Max. Built like a bull, this NPH showcase alumni could power his way up with a good, productive season.
  • Hamid Nessek is an Ivy league prospect with a great basketball IQ on and off the court. He will be taking official visit to Columbia this weekend (September 2012)
  • We couldn’t leave Matthew Taylor out of the Top 25 this time, especially following the show he put on at the Caribana Classic, displaying that freak athleticism that we have become very accustomed to seeing. The next step for him is polishing his fundamental skills and becoming a player, not just a superior athlete.
  • James Sylvester will look to maintain a strong reputation on the defensive side of the ball this season, while also leading his Eastern Commerce Saints on the offensive end. Eastern will be among the top schools in the nation once again, and Sylvester will be pivotal to their success.

NPH Pre-Season 2013 Player Rankings

1. Tyler Ennis Tyler Ennis 6’2 PG St. Benedict’s
2. Xavier Rathan-Mayes Xavier Rathan-Mayes 6’3 SG Huntington Prep
3. Duane Notice Duane Notice 6’4 SG St. Thomas More
4. Matthew Atewe Matthew Atewe 6’9 PF Notre Dame
5. Isaiah Watkins Isaiah Watkins 6’8 SF St. Benedict’s
6. Nick Madray Nick Madray 6’9 SF REDA-Brampton
7. MiKyle McIntosh MiKyle McIntosh 6’6 PF CFCA
8. Denzell Taylor Denzell Taylor 6’8 PF St. Benedict’s
9. Donnovan Hastings Donnavan Hastings 6’5 SG Future College Prep
10. Mychal Mulder Mychal Mulder 6’5 SG Catholic Central
11. Troy Reid-Knight Troy Reid-Knight 6’1 PG  Thornlea
12. Tevin Findlay Tevin Findlay 6’3 PG Quality Education Academy
13. Jayde Dawson Jayde Dawson 6’1 PG Brooks
14. Luka Zaharijevic Luka Zaharijevic 6’8 PF Kitsilano
15. DAdrian Allen DAdrian Allen 6’8 PF Riverside
16. Trevon McNeil Trevon McNeil 6’0 PG Holy Trinity
17. Marko Pirovic Marko Pirovic 6’8 PF Thornlea
18. Alex Hart Alex Hart 6’11 C Immaculata
19. Abednego Lufile Abednego Lufile 6’7 SF REDA-Waterloo
20. Jalen Griffiths Jalen Griffiths 6’5 SF Pickering
21. Cameron Smythe Cameron Smythe 7’0 C Cushing Academy
22. Max Joseph Max Joseph 6’1 PG Ahuntsic
23. Hamid Nessek Hamid Nessek 6’0 PG ACMT
24. Matthew Taylor Matthew Taylor 6’5 SF Future College Prep
25. James Sylvester James Sylvester 6’1 SG Eastern Commerce

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