Eruption Of Juwan Miller In Win Over BC’s 17U’s, Ontario Chemistry In Full Effect

SHERBROOKE, QC–Basketball Ontario’s 17U team have been much like a freight train. They’ve traveled some distance with valuable cargo and have been extremely efficient. Their last stop is nearing as we approach day six of National Championships. British Columbia was supposed to be one of their tougher challenges but Ontario more than doubled their score winning 111-53. The only team left that can pose some sort of threat in their championship defense is the home team Quebec.

Juwan Miller
Juwan Miller

While travelling to various tournaments and events, the NPH team is constantly discovering up and coming talent. Throughout the high school and OBA season with the Waterloo Wildhawks, one player that has shown drastic improvements has been Juwan Miller, who is one of the starting guards for team Ontario.

His reign of terror from OBA’s has not come to a halt, Miller continues to play with a ferocious mentality on defense and is able to score in many ways as well as be a facilitator for his team.

In last night’s game against BC, he  athletically harassed their guards and made it difficult for them to find a man or get the ball up the court. His stat line by the end of the game read,14 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists and 4 steals; a mini-Rondo type of game as one fan suggested on Twitter.

Teammates, Chris McComber, Marcus Lewis, Devonte Campbell, Tyrell Bellot-Green, Connor Gilmore and Brody Clarke all shot over 50% from the field. Although this number seems absurd, this is what the box score reads. They’re able to do this because everyone is trusting each other and the chemistry is building stronger game after game.

Head Coach Chris Cheng credits the team’s cohesiveness to a system called, “selfless service”.

“Chemistry building is a major focus for our team, but first it starts with our players being open and willing. Once they have accepted that, the next step is sacrifice; sacrificing their personal goals for the benefit of the team”.

The coaching staff for team Ontario is able to play everyone on their roster because of the depth on this team. This has been a plus for them considering many of their players are coming off a very busy AAU schedule that hasn’t given them a chance to rest.

Ontario will play in the late game today against team Team New Brunswick.

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