Tri-City Top 40 Camp Kicks Off June 1-3, Hosted by Imad Qahwash!

WATERLOO, ON–The Tri-City Top 40 Camp composed of the best underclassmen in the CWOSAA region (Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Brantford, Cambridge) will take place June 1-3 hosted by Imad Qahwash, former NCAA player (Central Arkansas) and current professional, who opened his career abroad with stints in Russia this past season.

Tri-City Top 40 Camp

Qawash is a product of the same region he is catering to through his inaugural camp to be held at the world-class facility, RIM Park located in Waterloo, Ontario.

“When I was back from school in the summers, parents and kids would always ask me ‘why don’t you start your own camp,'” he explained.

“With the time I put into my basketball career, I never had the chance to organize such an event, but I finally have some down time and I want to give back.”

In the past three years, the 6’2 point guard has played in 23 different countries for various teams, including the Jordanian National Team where he has played five years, helping qualify the country to the world championships.

However, before his international experiences, there was Grand River Collegiate in Kitchener, Ontario…where it all started. Now, the next generation will have the chance to prove themselves throughout a weekend of intense competition.

“I want to give that opportunity for the young high school kids to make a name for themselves regionally and nationally and I feel that NPH will provide that.”

With the help of Mark Yolkowski at CWOSSA Basketball and insight from various high school coaches around the region, the list below has been compiled to form the first ever Tri-City Top 40 camp!

While a crop of new talent will hope to blossom by the end of this camp, Qahwash will continue to weigh his options for next season, deciding between basketball in Europe and the NBA D-League.

A list of the top underclassmen prospects (grade 9 and 10) within the region can be found below.

NPH will be providing extensive coverage on the event…be sure to follow Esbiet_NPH on Twitter for LIVE updates.

Imad Qahwash Evolution from HS, NCAA, Jordanian National Team & the Pros
Imad Qahwash Evolution from HS, NCAA, Jordanian National Team & the Pros

Tri-City Top 40 Rosters


  • #1 Arshid Babury Huron Heights 5’10” Guard
  • #4 TJ Lall Galt 6’3″ Guard
  • #9 Harnoor Samra Centennial 6’0 Guard
  • #12 Vlad Vamanu J.F Ross 6’0″ Guard
  • #22 David Khayenga Lourdes 6’2″ Forward
  • #24 Greg Swann J.F Ross 6’5″ Forward
  • #15 Zaigham Ali Centennial 6’1″ Guard
  • #26 Matt Minutilo North Park 5’10” Guard
  • #14 Tommy Yankus J.F Ross 6’1″ Guard
  • #28 George Demitru St. David 5’9″ Guard


  • #6 Adam McEachern Bichop Mac 5’11” Guard
  • #7 Josh McEachern Centre Wellington 6’3″ Guard
  • #2 Andrew Folkerson J.F Ross 6’4″ Forward
  • #34 James Scott Centre Wellington 6’0″ Guard
  • #13 Bojan Vincic Waterloo 5’8″ Guard
  • #9 Ahmed Radi Huron Heights 6’0 Guard
  • #17 Mike Blumel St. Marys 6’5″ Forward
  • #23 John Kusinski Lourdes 5’10” Guard
  • #19 Adi Trtovac Grand River 6’1″ Guard
  • #29 Alvaro Saluta Assumption 5’6″ Guard


  • #5 Jermaine Lyle St. Marys 6’0″ Guard
  • #11 Austin Tlustos Assumption 5’10” Guard
  • #20 Joey Hasson St. James 6’0″ Guard
  • #31 Jamari Stephenson St.Marys 6’2″ Guard
  • #10 Nathan Riley St. Marys 6’0″ Guard
  • #33 A.K Rai North Park 5’10” Guard
  • #36 Connor Kuzmich St. Johns 5’9″ Guard
  • #38 Quinn Feeney St. James 6’0″ Guard
  • #37 James McBride St. Davids 5’6″ Guard
  • #25 Nedim Hodzic SJAM 6’3″ Forward



  • #27 Elijah Callender Forest Heights 6’0″ Guard
  • #40 Jamal Murray Grand River 6’2″ Guard
  • #39 Mitchell Marquis St. James 5’9″ Guard
  • #30 Craig Valeriote Lourdes 5’11” Guard
  • #32 Brett Parrot SJAM 6’5″ Forward
  • #18 Bronson Botelho St. Marys 6’2″ Forward
  • #8 Adrian Mendoza St.Johns 5’7″ Guard
  • #35 Ryan Timms North Park 6’0″ Guard
  • #21 Muratda Khamis Grand River 5’10” Guard
  • #16 Noel Bomberry BCI 6’0″ Guard

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