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20 thoughts on “LIVE STREAM – AAA OFSAA on North Pole Hoops

  1. Talha says:

    The scoring tally is a bit off. It awards points to the wrong schools at times but its really good! I all the games are gonna be great!

  2. Kevin says:

    Your scores are backwards in the Orillia. Vs JP game

  3. Terri says:

    Is the Notre Dame 8:00 p.m. running late? I don’t see it streamed.

    1. Chris Lee says:

      Click on the YouTube link for the St Mary vs St Peter’s game and then look down the side for other YouTube showings. The game is there…

    2. Chris says:

      Click on the YouTube link for the St Mary vs St Peter’s game and then look down the side for other YouTube showings. The game is there…

  4. Chris Lee says:

    Looking for Game 11 (Notre Dame vs Quinte @ 8:00 pm) as well. The game before it is finished…

  5. David says:

    Where is the 9:00 am game this morning? St. mikes vs Upper canada?

  6. tut says:

    Where is the Orillia game at 10:30 on Tuesday

  7. Carolyn Luciani says:

    Where do I find the Sarnia Northern Game that is on at Noon today?

  8. John schiestel says:

    Looking for the Northern Vikings Game @ 12pm March6 ?

  9. Duncan Onhue says:

    Looking for the 5:30pm Orillia Game???

  10. Brian Chenier says:

    Are NPH streaming consolation tournament games?

  11. Tut says:

    Where is the 5:30 Orillia game?

  12. Lmg says:

    Where is the live stream for Quinte game starting at 7 tonight?

  13. Wendy says:

    Is there a live stream for the 8:30 Beal vs St Mary’s game?

  14. Amber says:

    They won’t answer your questions. This is a paid sponsor event. The minimum amount of effort is used. OFSAA paid for their services and have stretched their product over multiple games. When they do 1 game it’s good to great but now the product is stretched thin. As you can see. Unpaid interns isn’t the way to go.

  15. Steve King says:

    Are you streaming the consolation semis today at Herman?

  16. jeff says:

    What is mind boggling is how ofsaa would allow a group that runs a prep league that has helped lead to the soon to be extinction of high school basketball to be the ones live streaming AAA ofsaa and promoting their own league/events/organization every chance they get. What is ofsaa thinking allowing this? Smart move by nph, dumb move by ofsaa. no wonder high school ball is dying

  17. Kevin says:

    weren’t teams like St. Michaels almost recruiting guys anyways while winining while giving scholarships and Nike money, pulling Danilo and Rainier Croft from Brampton, Duane Notice and Malcolm of the 416. Getting D1 guys got them titles.

    1. Kevin says:

      Nike money means sponsorship.

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