Jason Thom Announced as Commissioner of National Preparatory Association

Jason Thom has officially been announced as commissioner of the National Preparatory Assocation, following commencement of the 2018 NPA National Championships.

Thom is a veteran of almost 20 years in Canada’s sports media landscape, who helped lead the charge behind the scenes for The Score Television Network which pushed basketball programming to the forefront of a traditionally hockey-centric country in the mid to late 2000’s.

A father, husband and passionate basketball supporter Jason is now ready to help lead the NPA to levels that high school basketball has never seen in Canada’s history.

In 2018, Thom took on the role of lead broadcaster and senior producer for the league, narrating video features on NPA programs, and becoming a prominent voice.

Courtesy: Fazlur-Rehman Malik

“I have been involved with the NPA as a broadcaster from day one and am excited about the direction the league and its members are moving in. The mandate I have been given as commissioner is simple, professional leadership and nationwide representation.”

In the 2017-2018 season, the NPA grew from nine to 13 teams from coast to coast, including represenation from British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.
The NPA will continue its expansion going into next season, with application details to be released later this week.
“This position allows me to follow my passion for the game of basketball while utilizing the skill set I have gained in almost two decades working in mainstream media. I will continue to tell the stories of the NPA, its programs and its players while communicating the league’s vision to our members.”
After two years of experience within the NPA, Thom has gained the insight needed to help continue raising the bar.
“The second season was undoubtedly a success, but knowing how much we can improve on makes me even more excited for Season three.”


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