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16 thoughts on “Watch LIVE – Darius Thorne Memorial – Pine Ridge VS Pickering High

  1. Mind me asking how Pine Ridge standout point guard Jordan Henry is playing for the Pumas in this game? I watched him earlier this year playing with the Thornlea Thunder basketball team?

  2. anon says:

    can you see how many viewers r watching

  3. anon says:

    LOOL y’all are sleeeepin

  4. ANON says:

    What a terrible game. Pickering starters were so bad the coach gave up in the first quarter and put the bench for the rest of the game lmao

  5. anonymous says:

    Agreed ^ . I was expecting more of a well constructed, close game. Pickering High coach seems like he gave him early on. Hm. Interesting game .

  6. Trojan man says:

    Why isn’t Tyvall playing?? Coach is dumb gets 3 fouls and doesn’t put him back in at all.. Tyvall could of won this game for Pickering

  7. PINE RIDGE says:

    rest in peace to Darius. Pine ridge is still heart broken. Lots of love to the family. ❤

  8. ANON says:

    Where’s Pickerings point guard tho. Miller?

  9. Anon says:

    And Tristan Miller doesn’t go to Pickering anymore

  10. Corey Joseph says:

    Not proud of the coaching staff. They gave up after one quarter of play.
    You should be embarrassed!

  11. Coach Gordo says:

    1. Not sure how Jordan is eligible?
    2. Tristan does not play for the team anymore
    3. Pickering was forced to play 2 league games yesterday, JClarke at noon and Pineridge at 8pm. They travelled to Sault Ste. Marie and spent 16 hrs on a bus on the weekend playing 5 games in 3 days. They have players who are sick and injured. The seedings for the playoffs were determined after the game vs JClarke so the Pineridge game meant absolutely nothing. PHS finished 1st, JClarke 2nd, Notre Dame 3rd and Pineridge 4th. By all likelihood PHS and Pineridge will play on Thursday in a semi final. Coaches decided what was best for OUR team was to rest starters and play bench. Simple as that.

  12. Coach Gordo says:

    We played our starters in the first quarter but our players needed rest. We donated t-shirts for both teams to wear to honour Darius. Although we are fierce rivals, when something this tragic happens we all feel the loss and want to support Pineridge anyway we can.

  13. ANON says:

    i was there. pickering needed Tristan. he makes that team go and best matchup for Jordan.
    pine ridge walked all over pickering

  14. Anonymous says:

    Expected to see a fierce Game in honour of Darius. Very disappointed. Pickering lacked enthusiasm and energy. Boring game. Where is the long haired kid???Coaches should never give up.. no excuses …you came to play didn’t you? … so play. RIP Darius …

  15. PRP says:

    More and more L’s

  16. PumaPride says:

    Thanks to NPH and Onpoint for coming out to support the Darius Thorne memorial game.

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