The draft lottery was announced May 17th, which means NBA clubs are ready to start narrowing down their choices through workouts.

Three Canadian prospects in Thon Maker, Dyshawn Pierre, and Dillon Brooks have started their journeys.

Maker, the adopted Canadian, recently met with the Charlotte Hornets.

The Hornets seem to be a good fit for Maker, as they love the idea of stretch fours, (ex.Frank Kaminsky), along with tough defence. 

Maker looks like a player they would be interested in. 

Dyshawn Pierre worked out for the Utah Jazz, as the Whitby, Ontario native is looking to be a diamond in the rough.

If Pierre was to be drafted, he is likely a second round pick as the Dayton standout averaging 12.6 PPG and 8.5 RPG, while shooting 44% in his last season.

Dillon Brooks has reportedly agreed to workout for the Denver Nuggets. 

Brooks, who led a Oregon to a number one seed in the 2016 NCAA tournament, was named a Pac-12 first-team player with averages of 16.7 PPG, 5.4 RPG, and 3.1 APG.

Brooks looks very similar to another Denver Nuggets player in Garry Harris, a tweener at the guard position with a three point stroke.

Stay tuned as more opportunities will be tracked for our 2016 Canadian NBA draft hopefuls.


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5 thoughts on “Thon Maker, Dyshawn Pierre and Dillon Brooks Continue NBA Draft Workouts

  1. WS says:

    Pierre is a likely second round pick? Says who?
    Please show me one expect (besides you of course) that agrees Pierre is a likely second round pick. I’d be happy to see it but I thought he was not in anyone’s conversation as a second round pick.

    Brooks should be going back to school and work on the many holes in his game – i would be very surprised if anyone drafts him this year.

    1. Williams says:

      Your reading comprehension skills are subpar. The article states “If Pierre was to be drafted, he is likely a second round pick” the key word being “IF”. No one is saying he is a second round pick. They are saying that if he is fortunate enough to get drafted it would most likely be in the 2nd round. Relax.

      1. WS says:

        Hey…thanks man for pointing that out. And especially the advice to relax. That is good advice that I will take under consideration.

        I am merely asking the author to point me in the right direction of credible sources saying positive things about Pierre and his NBA chances. I want to know if he really has a meaningful shot at the NBA – that would be exciting and surprising. This site doesn’t have the best rep for unbiased journalism – it is more of a fan sight prone to hyperbole.

        I think the quote I posted by Chard Ford is far more meaningful than there link to a SLC paper that doesn’t say anything specific about Pierre. It certainly doesn’t call him a “Diamond in the Rough” as implied.

        1. WS says:

          I apologize for the biased comment – it is a little harsh. I know you guys are working hard and doing great things for Canadian basketball and I hope you keep it up. I have been in the U.S. for a decade and this a great source to stay in touch with Canadian basketball. However I do think NPH can get a little too much of a hometown(country) bias and are sometimes prone to unrealistic expectations and hyperbole – especially on really young prospects. It is great to support Canadian talent – that is what you guys do – but too much hype can put you at risk of not being taken seriously.

  2. WS says:

    This is the most complimentary thingI can find about Pierre…from Chad Ford.

    “Dyshawn Pierre, G/F, Sr., Dayton

    Pierre is an off-the-radar guy that showed some things in his workout in New York. He’s worth considering as a potential 3-and-D guy.

    While his scoring numbers really flatlined after his sophomore season, and his 3-point percentage went down every year, he shot the ball very well in workouts, and defensively he has the tools to be a stopper.

    The odds are against him as far as the draft goes, but I definitely think a team will pick him up and give him a try in summer league. If he makes it to the right team and opportunity, he could play in the NBA.”

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