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INTERNATIONALREPORT1With so many talented Canadians doing special things in 30+ different leagues, we are following each league in order to get out the correct information to the public. This being said we are proud to announce our monthly NPH International Report.

This report will cover a monthly MVP, best single game performance, current best PPG (points per game), APG (assist per game), RPG (rebounds per game), 3PG (3s per game), and finally FG (field goal) percentage.

Our team looks at all statistics and the bigger picture as well. Statistics show us the bare bones of the players; how much he is scoring and at what rate, while the big picture stuff is more focused on who the player is playing for and against.

Here are some on going facts about our Canadians overseas:

  • 52 Canadians playing in top leagues in 22 different leagues.
  • 17 Canadians playing in FIBA Europe Cup or higher.
  • 31 Canadians in double digit scoring.
  • 5 Canadians averaging a double double.
  • 9 Canadians averaging more than 3 apg.
  • 11 Canadians shooting better than 50% from the field.
  • 9 Canadians hitting more than 2 three pointers a game.
  • 8 Canadians perfect from the foul line.


Jordan Baker (Portugal – Galitos Tley)

jordan bakerJordan Baker earns the first MVP of the season from all Canadians abroad, for the month of October. The Alberta Bears alumni leads all Canadians in rebounding and is 2nd in scoring, showing how versatile he really is. Shooting 53% from the field and exploding for a 29 and 12 performance on 85% shooting last week. After dominating the league, he received Player of the Week in Portugal. In his latest game he continued excelling, as he finished with 32 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists with 3 threes on 67% from the field and 83% from the line.

Best Single Game Performance

Murphy Burnatowski (Switzerland – Starwings)

Starwings – BC Winterthur LNBM, Samstag den 10.10.2015

Courtesy: Tages Woche

The best single game performance by a Canadian is held by Kitchener/Waterloo product Murphy Burnatowski. In week two, he finished with 35 points, 12 rebounds, 3 assists with 3 made threes on 68% from the field.

Murphy was a beast on the mid block and continues to put up high numbers in Switzerland. His foul shot percentage is low but expect the ex-National Team member to finish among the top out of all the Canadians in most categories.


Biggest Sleeper

Dejan Kravic (Holland – Den Bosch)

dejan holand

An early season sleeper for the Canadians is Dejan Kravic. In the preseason, he hurt his ankle which sidelined him for a few weeks but when the regular season rolled around he came to play. In his first game he recorded 23 points 11 rebounds on 64% shooting from the field. He displayed versatility bringing up the ball and using his quickness to get by defenders. His last game, in the FIBA Europe Cup, was the most impressive and it was recognized by EuroBasket giving him weekly MVP honors. Started the game slow but exploded in the second half and put up a monster stat sheet of 22 points 13 rebounds on 69% shooting, oh and he had 6 blocks. His team is well known in Holland and he is surrounded by all national team members in the starting line up. Look out for a strong seasons from the London, ON native.

Top Scorers


* = Europe Cup or Higher

  • Marc Trasolini (Italy – Agropoli) – 25.25 ppg
  • Jordan Baker (Portugal – Galitos Tley) – 23.75 ppg
  • Sean Denison (Turkey – Socar Petkim) – 21.50 ppg
  • *Dejan Kravic (Holland – Den Bosch) – 19.33 ppg
  • Murphy Burnatowski (Switzerland – Starwings) – 16.80 ppg
  • Tyson Hinz (Holland – Landstede Zwolle) – 16.33 ppg
  • *Evaldas Zabas (Estonia – TU/Rock) – 16.25 ppg
  • *Brady Heslip (Italy – Cantu) – 16.00 ppg
  • *Hernst Laroche (Hungary – Sopron KC) – 15.50 ppg
  • *Ross Bekkering (Holland – Groningen) – 15.29 ppg
  • Jahmal Jones (Czech – Svitavy) – 15.00 ppg
  • Johnny Berhanemeskel (Estonia – TLU/Kalev) – 14.00 ppg
  • Diego Kapelan (Spain – Ourense) – 14.00 ppg
  • Srdjan Pejicic (Italy – AGET/Grifo Imola) – 13.75 ppg
  • *Ryan Wright (Hungary – Falco KC) – 13.71 ppg
  • Nick Lewis (United Kingdom – London Lions) – 13.40 ppg
  • Yannick Anzuluni (Sweden – Umea) – 13.17 ppg
  • Simon Farine (Israel – Irone KA) – 13.00 ppg
  • Kris Joseph (France – Orleans) – 12.80 ppg
  • *Kyle Landry (Russis – Zenit) – 12.29 ppg
  • Aaron Doornekamp (Germany – Fraport Sky) – 12.17 ppg
  • *Sefton Barrett (Finland – KTP Basket) – 11.86 ppg
  • *Thomas Scrubb (Finland – Kataja Basket) – 11.57 ppg
  • Justin Dennis (Germany – Hertener Loewen) – 11.17 ppg
  • Jarred Ogungbemi Jackson (Portugal – Galitos Tley) – 11.00 ppg
  • Khem Birch (Turkey – USAK) – 11.00 ppg
  • *Kevin Pangos (Spain – Gran Canaria) – 10.80 ppg
  • Kenny Chery (Hungary – Alba) – 10.60 ppg
  • Robbie Sihota (Hungary – Mafc) – 10.40 ppg
  • Ashton Khan (United Kingdom – Worcester Wolves) – 10.00 ppg
  • Jamal Williams (United Kingdom – London Lions) -10.00 ppg

    Double Double

    Jordan Baker (Portugal – Galitos Tley) –
    23.75 points and 11.50 rebounds

    Shaun Dennis (Turkey – Socar Petkim) –
    21.50 points and 11.00 rebounds

    Dejan Kravic (Holland – Den Bosch) –
    19.33 points and 11.33 rebounds

    Ross Bekkering (Holland – Groningen) –
    15.29 points and 10.00 rebounds

Khem Birch (Turkey – USAK) –
11.00 points and 11.00 rebounds

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