athlete instituteThis weekend, North Pole Hoops will be in Orangeville, Ontario for the Athlete Institute tournament which will feature many top Canadian prospects.

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Athlete Institute Tournament Schedule & Draw


Pool A Pool B
AI HS Alma Prep
Alma HS AI Prep
Bill Crothers Clarkson Secondary
SJK Thornlea
Outaouais Griffons Alma (3)
Time Court 1 Court 2


4:30 PM Clarkson Secondary vs AI Prep Bill Crothers vs SJK
6:15 PM AI HS vs Alma HS Alma (3) vs Thornlea
8:00 PM AI prep vs Alma Prep Bill Crothers vs Outaouais
9:00 Alma HS vs Outaouais AI HS vs SJK
10:45 Alma Prep vs Clarkson Secondary AI prep vs Thornlea
12:30 Bill Crothers vs Alma HS AI Prep vs Alma (3)
2:15 Clarkson Secondary vs Thornlea AI HS vs Outaouais
4:00 Alma Prep vs Alma (3) Outaouais vs SJK
5:45 Alma Prep vs Thornlea AI HS vs Bill Crothers
7:30 Alma HS vs SJK Clarkson Secondary vs Alma (3)
8:00 Play-in Game Play-in Game
9:45 Quarterfinals Quarterfinals
11:30 Quarterfinals Quarterfinals
1:15 Semis Semis
3:00 Finals Finals



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