Anthony Bennett

Anthony Bennett, incoming freshman at UNLV is expected to be an immediate contributor following a big senior year | Courtesy: ESPN

TORONTO, ON–Which Canadian Freshman will make the Biggest Splash in the NCAA? 

Following a week long NPH poll and over 400 votes later, the clear favourite taking nearly half the votes (43%) was UNLV’s Anthony Bennett of Brampton, ON.

Michigan’s Nick Stauskas (Mississauga, ON) who recently had himself a strong showing at the senior national team camp, took the second most votes with 24%.

  • Dayton’s Dyshawn Pierre (Whitby, ON) – 11%
  • Other – 10%
  • Iowa State’s Naz Long (Mississauga, ON) – 6%
  • Columbia’s Grant Mullins (Burlington, ON) – 6%
Considering a strong Canadian 2012 class, don’t underestimate any of the incoming freshman. Players that received votes under “other.”

Don’t Sleep On

  • Stefan Jankovic (Missouri)- With his combination of size and versatility, you can never count out Jankovic.
  • Kaza Keane (Illinois St)- Keane has compiled great experience and developed leadership over the years. He is fresh off a run with the Canadian junior national team which has surely helped with the growth of his game.
  • Joe De Ciman (Colorado St)- Based off pre-season action, De Ciman has impressed the coaching staff early and could be the biggest surprise, especially considering he is the lone NCAA product hailing from Saskatchewan.
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2 thoughts on “NPH Poll Results: 400+ Votes Later, Which Canadian Freshman Will Make Biggest Splash in NCAA?

  1. Stauskas will put in work as always. So will Bennet and Naz.

  2. Cameron says:

    I know he’s not a freshmen but it’s his first year in the NCAA and I think Chad Posthumus from Winnipeg will turn more than a few heads at Morehead St. Just sayin.

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