Ethan Gabert-Dayon on the drive

Ethan Gabert-Dayon on the drive

SHERBROOKE, QC–Blowout games are never fun to watch. Many blowouts have taken place this week but the final two days of games are worth watching because playoffs have allowed for teams with relatively the same caliber talents to compete against each other.

The game of the night featured two well sized teams, with a mix of speed, outside shooting and certain positions which had strong athletic abilities. All of this was a recipe for a competitive game between Quebec and British Columbia. Quebec played the role of the aggressor early on and grabbed hold of a lead that would stay with them until the final buzzer where the score read 80-67 in their favour.

Quebec unleashed from the tip with a great deal of tenacity from the group as a whole. QC came into the second quarter with a 21-13 lead  but British Columbia kept themselves in it; keeping it within 9-12 points throughout the game yet were not able to make enough stops.

The guard play of one of the youngest players on the floor, 14 year old Ethan Gabert-Dayon was a nightmare for BC because he can create a shot for himself and get more than one defender to focus on him; in these cases he dished off for an easy two. Gabert-Dayon finished with seven rebounds and 4 assists to go along with 14 points.

Silvio Biabo

Silvio Biabo

Other major contributors for QC included; Silvio Biabo (17 pts, 7 rebs, 4 asts), Malick Turenne (14 pts, 3rbs), Jerome Desrosiers (18pts, 3 rebs) and post man Anthony Longpre who was perfect from the field with 8 points and 7 rebounds.

After having his way all week against other opponents, BC’s Jauquin Bennett-Boire had met his match in the second half as Head Coach for QC Etienne Wilsey put Biabo on Bennett-Boire. Bennett-Boire still finished with a game high 23 points.

BC point guard, Cordell Parker hit a couple big threes to keep the game interesting but these baskets were quickly answered forcing BC to foul with 1 minute to play.

Quebec will be facing a very tough Ontario team in the finals, a team to which they lost to in preliminary games by 39 points. The team Quebec we saw in that loss was an entirely different squad. The intimidation factor of a dominant Ontario has faded for them and they have gained confidence and swagger from their win against BC.

Defensive assignments will match up very well and this will shape up to be a very exciting U15 final. Quebec will bring their home crowd with them into Bishop’s University at 3:45pm and this game will be followed by the 17U championship between Ontario and Manitoba.

Elias Sbiet

Written by Elias Sbiet

Elias is the National Recruiting Analyst at NPH, keeping you up to date with Canadian basketball news on Canada's top prospects. You will find Elias at events across North America providing coverage and evaluating talent. He has been involved in the game as a scout, servicing NCAA, CIS and NBA teams for nearly a decade.


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  1. Mike says:

    And considering Bennett-Boire sliced his wrist on a broken window a few hours before the game and played with it wrapped but unstitched, he played alright.

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