Dartmouth Takes Top Spot in Nova Scotia After Thrilling Victory over Citadel!


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HALIFAX,NS–This may have been the game of the season in the Nova Scotia basketball scene, a completely packed gym with crazed fans and two undefeated teams, NPH ranked #4 Citadel Phoenix with a record of 14-0 would take on NPH ranked #14 Dartmouth Spartans with a record of 10-0.

This game was very fast paced, both teams consisting of incredibly deep and athletic line-ups constantly would battle back and forth sharing baskets.

Citadel had control the whole game holding on to a small lead at the end of each quarter. However, the Spartans came out in the final frame with a whole different energy level and defeated the #1 ranked team in metro by two points, 79-77.

Point Guard JJ Wilson had a focused mindset coming in, he told NPH in the post game “I knew we could beat them, because I believe we are the number one team and as of right now we are.”

Citadel seemed like the more dominant team in the first six minutes of game play, up by thirteen being led by NPH ranked (2013) Jayden Nordin who was inialating the Spartans, knocking down three pointers and using his superb athleticism driving in the lane.

Dartmouth really picked up there defense and caused Citadel to turn over the ball multiple times leading the Spartans to a 9-0 run, trimming down Citadels lead which ended the first quarter 19-15.

Dartmouth staying consistent in the start of the second tied the game up which forced Citadel to take a time out. The Spartans held a solid four point lead throughout the majority of the quarter but NPH ranked (2013) Travis Adams started to open up. Adams a physically mature 6’3, 205 pounds fits the cliché of a man amongst boys. Driving aggressively would rip through the Spartans and putting the Phoenix back on top with a 4 point lead of 40-36 at half.

After halftime, the Spartans showed great defensive pressure, they went on a 5-0 run which tied up the game with three minutes remaining 50-50. Justin Beals of Dartmouth ended the quarter exceptionally, with three fast break plays in a row which put the score at 57-56 for Citadel entering the fourth.

At the start of the fourth Citadel was out playing Dartmouth and managed to push their lead up to five points, although Ashton Slawter from Dartmouth knocks down back to back three pointers giving the Spartans a one point lead of 69-68.

Multiple foul calls on Citadel caused translated into free throws for Dartmouth, yet they still maintained a one point lead of 75-74 with only 39 seconds remaining.

Citadel couldn’t seem to stop the momentum of the Spartans resulting in a two point win and a final score of 79-77. This victory gives Dartmouth the first place spot in Metro with a 11-0 record and pushes Citadel down to second moving on with a record of 14-1

NPH spoke to Justin Bealsin the post game, “In the second half my coaches told me to keep pushing the ball and I listened because I could tell that Citadel was getting tired which seemed to work out and we came back and got the W”.

That they did…in thrilling fashion.


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