NPH Top 25 National High School Rankings – 2018/19 Final Rankings

*** All scores, team records, and rankings are up to date as of April 3rd, at 9:00am***

1. Crestwood Prep (North York, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 6 Ranking Change: Up 5 League Record: 9-2 Overall Record: 24-6 Week 18 Wins: Oakville Prep (11-86), TBA (102-91), Edge (97-83) Week 18 Losses: None

Crestwood did everything right to capture their first ever NPA National Championship. Winning every game by double digits, the Lions left no doubt as to who earned it this year. Jahcobi Neath followed up his MVP performance by also capturing the Biosteel All-Canadian Slam Dunk Title and MVP for Team White, solidifying a legendary high school career as he heads on to Wake Forest in the fall.

2. TRC Academy (Brantford, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: Ranking Change: Down 1 League Record: 14-5 Overall Record: 23-9 Week 18 Wins:  Week 18 Losses: None

Following an MVP Performance at the OSBA championships, TRC Wolfpack’s Avan Nava has committed to St. Francis Xavier and will begin his U-Sports Career in the fall. He will be joining his TRC head coach Tyrell Vernon, who announced he will be taking over as head coach of St. FX just a few days prior.

3. Edge School (Calgary, Alberta)

Last Week Ranking: 12 Ranking Change: Up 9League Record: 8-4 Overall Record: 10-8 Week 18 Wins: CTA (86-80), Halifax Prep (86-69)Week 18 Losses: Crestwood Prep (97-83)

Edge enters the top 5 for the first time since week 1 after knocking off the defending 2-time NPA national champs CTA. Fofo Adetougan did everything he could to held send Edge to their first ever national title game, and most definitely put himself on the radar in front of all of the college coaches in attendance for the NPA nationals.

4. Canada Topflight Academy (Ottawa, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 2 Ranking Change: Down 2 League Record: 11-0 Overall Record: 26-4 Week 18 Wins: GTA Prep (101-63) Week 18 Losses: Edge (86-80)

A disappointing end to the season for the 2-time defending NPA Champs, as they just couldn’t hold off Edge in the semi finals. Regardless, CTA still managed to have one of the highest winning percentages of any Canadian Prep program, solidifying their position as an elite program in Canada.

5. Thornlea (Thornhill, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 3 Ranking Change: Down 2 League Record: 13-6 Overall Record: 22-11 Week 18 Wins: None Week 18 Losses: None

6. Orangeville Prep (Orangeville, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: Ranking Change: Down 2 League Record: 18-1 Overall Record: 31-7 Week 18 Wins: None Week 18 Losses: None

7. Ridley College (St. Catherines, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 5 Ranking Change: Down 2 League Record: 14-5 Overall Record: 26-11 Week 18 Wins: None Week 18 Losses: None

8. Father Henry Carr (Rexdale, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 7 Ranking Change: Down 1 League Record: 13-6 Overall Record: 21-13 Week 18 Wins: None Week 18 Losses: None

9. Vaughan (Vaughan, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 6 Ranking Change: Down 3 League Record: 10-9 Overall Record: 19-21 Week 18 Wins: None Week 18 Losses: None

With alumni Taryn Todd and current player Noah Ngamba participating in the Biosteel All-Canadian and Futures games respectively, Vaughan can be proud of a successful season that saw their kids get top level exposure.

10. RISE Prep (Brantford, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 9 Ranking Change: Down 1 League Record: 13-6 Overall Record: 24-13 Week 18 Wins: None Week 18 Losses: None

RISE Prep rounds out the year remaining in the top 10. With the promotion of Head Coach Jeremie Kayeye to TRC, Rise will welcome Mario Celebre as their new Head Coach for the 2019/20 season. As a feather in the cap on such a successful season, Miguel Tomley managed to capture the Biosteel All-Canadian 3-point contest title. Meanwhile, point guard Josh Noton has also committed to Hill College in the NJCAA for next year.

11. Toronto Basketball Academy (Toronto, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 13 Ranking Change: Up 2 League Record: 8-4 Overall Record: 15-10 Week 18 Wins: RNS (102-97) Week 18 Losses: Crestwood Prep (102-91)

TBA managed a first round bye after a default over Saint Laurent, then managed to knock off higher ranked RNS before finally falling to the eventual NPA champs Crestwood Prep. With Amir Golizadeh moving on to Chicago State, there will be space for scoring on this roster heading into next season. For now TBA moves up on the season’s final rankings for a strong finish.

12. King’s Christian (Oakville, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 11 Ranking Change: None League Record: 11-8 Overall Record: 16-12 Week 18 Wins: None Week 18 Losses: Central Tech

King’s Christian Finishes their year with a 16-12 overall record, while managing to send their top PG Luka Sakota to Harvard in the fall.

13. Rothesay Netherwood (Rothesay, New Brunswick)

Last Week Ranking: 10 Ranking Change: None League Record: 8-4 Overall Record: 23-8 Week 18 Wins: None Week 18 Losses: TBA (102-97)

After being given a first round bye, RNS was unable to knock off TBA in the NPA quarter-finals. Regardless, Kellen Tynes, Shyheim Malcom, and the rest of Rothesay have a ton to be proud of this year thanks to a strong regular season performance. Tynes was also honored this past weekend with a Biosteel All-Canadian appearance. Both players also managed to gain first and second team honors for the NPA.

14. Southwest Academy (London, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 14 Ranking Change: None League Record: 8-11 Overall Record: 14-16 Week 17 Wins: None Week 17 Losses: None

Despite a tough finish to the year, Southwest has plenty to be proud of, having managed to get as high as #8 in the national rankings, behind the play of OSBA MVP Kobe Elvis. Alec McGregor also managed to win Sportsman of the Year for Southwest to top it off.

15. Pine Ridge (Pickering, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 16 Ranking Change: Up 1 League Record: 10-0 Overall Record: 32-5 Week 18 Wins:  None Week 18 Losses: None

Not much else can be said about going viral. That’s exactly what Shak Pryce and the rest of Pine Ridge did on their way to repeating as OFSAA champs. It didn’t come easy though, as upstart LaSalle gave everything the Pumas could handle and then some. If it was not for the shot now seen around the world, who knows how overtime would of went in a game where the largest lead was six points. It was all settled in regulation however, and brought a new level of exposure to Canadian HS basketball in the process.

16. London Basketball Academy (London, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 16 Ranking Change:  League Record: 6-4 Overall Record: 14-11 Week 18 Wins: None Week 18 Losses: Oakville Prep (85-81)

LBA had a battle on their hands in the first round of the NPA Nationals with a revitalized Oakville Prep, and were unable to advance in heartbreaking fashion. This was a year plagued with challenges for an other wise very talented roster, and their is no doubt that a ton of work is already under way for next year.

17. Central Tech (Toronto, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 17 Ranking Change: None League Record: 6-13 Overall Record: 21-19 Week 18 Wins:  Week 18 Losses:

A playoff berth, a winning overall record, and a top 20 finish in national rankings, not a bad result for a roster that experienced almost a total rollover from last year. The Blues are only going to get better as 2019/2020 comes around after the addition of Marcus Moore for next season’s roster.

18. GTA Prep (Brampton, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 18 Ranking Change: None League Record: 5-8 Overall Record: 7-15 Week 18 Wins: SBA (88-68) Week 18 Losses: CTA (101-63)

GTA Prep showed just how dominant this young roster could be in their first round win over SBA at the NPA Nationals. However, their youth also showed in a tough matchup against CTA the very next day. A quarter finals appearance was ideal for this team regardless, and they can hang their hat on sending Andrew Robinson to the Biosteel Futures game.

19. Halifax Prep (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Last Week Ranking: 19 Ranking Change: None League Record: 8-4 Overall Record: 11-5 Week 18 Wins: Northstar Prep (91-77) Week 18 Losses: Edge (86-69)

A 1-1 NPA Nationals keeps Halifax where they are to end the year. Halifax looked great in their first matchup against Northstar, but were unable to keep up the momentum against eventual finalists Edge School in the Quarters.

20. LaSalle Secondary (Kingston, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 20 Ranking Change: None League Record: 9-0 Overall Record: 47-2 Week 18 Wins: None Week 18 Losses: None

The LaSalle Black Knights may have only won a silver at OFSAA, but they clearly showed just what this team is capable of when fully healthy. The highest winning percentage in Canada, smallest margin of victory at ‘AAA’ OFSAA was 9 points against a well known Pickering program. To top it off, it took a last second shot from one of the best HS players in the country to finally take them down. Cole and Luka Syllas can both look back from this year and know they helped create what could be a new dominant program in Ontario. For head coach Rom Severino, it’s simply next man up come the Fall 2019.

21. Lincoln Prep (Hamilton, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 21 Ranking Change:  League Record: 8-11 Overall Record: 8-19 Week 18 Wins: None Week 18 Losses: None

Lincoln Prep concludes their season in the top 25 in national rankings, while managing to send a number of their players to promising collegiate prospects.

22. Saskatoon Basketball Academy (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

Last Week Ranking: 22 Ranking Change:  League Record: 5-9 Overall Record: 5-11 Week 18 Wins: None Week 18 Losses: None

SBA kicks off their NPA schedule against GTA Prep. Look for this to be the most interesting matchup in the first round of the NPA Nationals, where size meets speed.

23. Oakville Prep (Oakville, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: N/A Ranking Change: N/A League Record: 4-8 Overall Record: 9-12Week 18 Wins: None Week 18 Losses: None

Oakville Prep managed to climb back into the top 25 in the final week of the year after knocking off heavily favoured LBA in the first round of the NPA Nationals. Jordan Persad played like a man possessed in Oakville’s two games, and has certainly risen his stock after being named NPA “Newcomer of the Year”.

24. Central Toronto Academy (Toronto, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 24 Ranking Change: N/A League Record: 9-0 Overall Record: 31-5 Week 18 Wins: None Week 18 Losses: None

The Toronto District champs have been on the bubble throughout the year, but they finally break through at the 24 spot after a bronze medal performance at OFSAA. Led by Ree Compton and Flynn Gilmour, this team has taken on some of the top competition the GTA has had to offer this year and more than held their own.

25. Saltfleet (Stoney Creek, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 25 Ranking Change: N/A League Record: 10-3 Overall Record: 31-4 Week 18 Wins: None Week 18 Losses: None

‘AAA’ OFSAA host Saltfleet round out this week at the 25 spot after finishing 4th at the provincials. Steven Lagah was an impressive standout all tournament for the Storm, while Thomas Matsell managed to drop 19 points in the bronze medal game. Slatfleet for at least this year, can claim bragging rights finishing the year as the top team in the Hamilton region over rival powerhouse Cathedral.

Have Your Say…Who Should be in the Top 25?

On the bubble:

  • Vincent Massey Collegiate (Winnipeg, MB)
  • Orillia (Orillia, ON)
  • Cathedral (Hamilton, ON)
  • Pickering (Pickering, ON)
  • Terry Fox (Port Coquitlam, BC)
  • Northstar Prep (Winnipeg, MB)
  • St. Patrick’s (Ottawa, ON)
  • Jeanne Mance (Montreal, QC)
  • Burnaby South Rebels (Burnaby, British Columbia)
  • Holy Cross Crusaders (Surrey, British Columbia)
  • Lord Tweedsmuir (Surrey, BC)

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  1. Michael Alan Rice

    I have a few questions re your rankings: Did Crestwood Prep play any of the OSBA teams? If so, what were the results? I assume, in Crestwood Prep’s record of 24-6, the wins in the CISAA league in which they played are included. If so, I would say their record is inflated with games against inferior teams: league games won by an average of 36 points, two playoff games won by a average of 59 points. I saw Crestwood play one CISAA game won by 17 vs Ridley senior team. I would have liked to see them play the Ridley Prep team whose schedule was much stronger. Putting the Edges School at 3 is a joke. They played 18 games with a League record of 10-8 which means in the other games they were 2-4. Yes they beat Canada Topflight Academy but one game does not deserve the rise in rank they got. Ridley beat TRC by 12 and lost twice to them by less than 5 points total. You show a preference to your league over the OSBA. Maybe there should be some crossover games

  2. Michael Alan Rice

    I disagree completely with the top rankings. I wrote earlier but you may not have received the e-mail. How can a team winning 56% of its games be ranked #3? Yes, Crestwood Prep won 80% : I think it was 12 of them that were played against the CISSA senior teams usually won by at least 35 points, the final won by 60. No competition. No other Prep team played such a weak schedule. Take out the 12 wins and they won 66.7% of the games. If you did receive my first e-mail, then I can only assume you have no way to reconcile your rankings other than you have a bias towards the North Pole Hoops League. Maybe play exhibition games to see what would happen.

  3. Michael Alan Rice

    My error, I checked and Crestwood had10 games vs CISAA senior teams thus ,when taking them off their record, they won 70% of the games played outside the CISAA,( sorry another error in my previous e-mail.)
    I do say they played a weaker scehule.

  4. After QC brought 4/4 gold medals from the Nationals, It may be interesting to start looking at ´la Belle Province’ high schools? Brebeuf Quebec was dominating last year… no way that was not a top 25 team nationally. St-Laurent is building momentum and should offer a good show in 2019-2020 for a bunch of 10th and 11th graders.

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