NPH Top 25 National High School Rankings – Week 15

*** All scores, team records, and rankings are up to date as of February 22th, at 9:00am***

1. CanadaTopflight Academy (Ottawa, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 1 Ranking Change: None League Record: 8-0 Overall Record: 22-3 Week 15 Wins: None Week 15 Losses: None

CTA had a week with no games, but are back in action starting today at 1pm EST in Montreal as they take on Halifax Prep, followed by a matchup against hometown Saint Laurent later in the day. They will then wrap up their NPA schedule tomorrow at 11am against Rothesay Netherwood.

2. Orangeville Prep (Orangeville, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 2 Ranking Change: None League Record:17-1 Overall Record: 29-6 Week 15 Wins: AI Red (96-47) Week 15 Losses: None

A win over AI Red now brings Orangeville Prep to 17-1 on the regular season. Ben Hendriks had 25 on his senior night, while Jevonnie Scott poured in 19. On the recruiting trail, 4 star recruit Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe was representing Canada at the Basketball Without Borders camp being held in Charlotte over NBA All-Star Weekend.

3. Father Henry Carr (Rexdale, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 3 Ranking Change: None League Record: 13-4 Overall Record: 20-10 Week 15 Wins: Central Tech (106-88) Week 15 Losses: None

FHC pulled out the win over Central Tech last night, with Caleb Johnson leading the way with 22. FHC is right back at it later today with a matchup scheduled against Ridley College at 5pm EST.

4. RISE Prep (Brantford, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 5 Ranking Change: Up 1 League Record: 12-5 Overall Record: 23-11 Week 15 Wins: Vaughan (105-97) Week 15 Losses: None

Rise managed to solidify their playoff seeding after a 105-97 win over Vaughan in league action. Notable performances include Bryant Selebangue, who had 14 rebounds along with 9 points and 3 blocks in the win. Rise has two more games remaining in their regular season schedule against roommates TRC Academy, and then Bill Crothers to round out the season.

5. Ridley College (St. Catherines, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 6 Ranking Change: Up 1 League Record: 13-4 Overall Record: 24-9 Week 15 Wins: TRC Academy (66-53) Week 15 Losses: None

Noah Wharton and company managed a big win for Ridley over TRC Academy to take sole possession of first in their division. Wharton had 18 in the win, while Anthony Daudu also tallied 15 for the Tigers. Ridley still has two big tests remaining on their season schedule, as FHC and Orangeville will be their final two opponents before playoffs begin on March 8th.

6. Thornlea (Thornhill, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 4 Ranking Change: Down 1 League Record: 11-6 Overall Record: 19-10 Week 15 Wins: None Week 15 Losses: None

Thornlea went without a game this past week, but will be in action later today as they take on Bill Crothers at 4:15 pm EST. They move down two spots after RISE Prep and Ridley College each managed to knock off top 10 programs earlier this week.

7. Crestwood Prep (North York, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 7 Ranking Change: None League Record: 8-2 Overall Record: 19-6 Week 15 Wins: TBA Week 15 Losses: None

Crestwood managed to knock off TBA in a non-NPA matchup yesterday for their one win of the week. Their next official NPA matchup will be March 6th when they take on LBA.

8. Vaughan (Vaughan, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 8 Ranking Change: None League Record: 9-9 Overall Record: 17-20 Week 15 Wins: None Week 15 Losses: Rise Prep (105-97)

Vaughan closed out their regular season with a disappointing loss to Rise Prep. Tyson Dunn had 24 in the loss. despite their 9-9 record, Vaughan has many positives to take away from a tough schedule and some amazing personal performances from their players throughout the year.

9. TRC Academy (Brantford, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 9 Ranking Change: None League Record: 12-5 Overall Record: 18-9 Week 15 Wins: None Week 15 Losses: Ridley College (66-53) 

TRC fell to Ridley this past week, but still remain comfortably in a playoff position. Darius DeAveiro managed 19 in the loss, while Lorenzo Downey also tacked in 9. TRC still has two games remaining on their schedule, first against rival Rise Prep, followed by a matchup against AI Black.

10. Rothesay Netherwood (Rothesay, New Brunswick)

Last Week Ranking: 10 Ranking Change: None League Record: 7-3 Overall Record: 21-5 Week 15 Wins: None Week 15 Losses: None

Rothesay had a quiet week, but will have a busy weekend in Montreal as they will be taking on host team Saint Laurent and CTA to round out their NPA schedule. Expect Kellen Tynes and the rest of RNS to leave their mark over the weekend.

11. King’s Christian (Oakville, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 12 Ranking Change: Up 1 League Record: 11-8 Overall Record: 16-11 Week 15 Wins: Southwest (98-88) Week 15 Losses: None

King’s Christian managed to notch another win to close out their regular season schedule on a 3-game winning streak. They finish with an 11-8 record which will be enough to secure a playoff spot for the Oakville school which will begin on March 8th.

12. Edge School (Calgary, Alberta)

Last Week Ranking: 11 Ranking Change: Down 1 League Record: 8-4 Overall Record: 8-7 Week 15 Wins: None Week 15 Losses: None

Edge was off for this week, as of now they do not have any games scheduled until NPA nationals in March, but stay tuned as this team gears up after a dominant performance at the Western Session.

13. Toronto Basketball Academy (Toronto, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 14 Ranking Change: Up 1 League Record: 8-4 Overall Record: 14-8 Week 15 Wins: GTA Prep (122-103) Week 15 Losses: None

TBA managed to knock off GTA Prep this past week to finish their NPA schedule an impressive 8-4. Marcus Masters poured in 34 points and grabbed 11 rebounds in the win, while Amir Golizadeh also notched 22 points along with 6 assists.With the nationals approaching, TBA will be looking to make a push at the nationals coming up in March.

14. Southwest Academy (London, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 13 Ranking Change: Down 1 League Record: 8-10 Overall Record: 14-15 Week 15 Wins: None Week 15 Losses: King’s Christian (98-88)

Southwest falls again to King’s Christian to further slide under .500. They will still get a chance to finish their season on a strong note when they face Thornlea on Monday.

15. London Basketball Academy (London, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 15 Ranking Change:  League Record: 6-3 Overall Record: 13-9 Week 15 Wins: None Week 15 Losses: None

LBA are gearing up for the nationals next month, but will in fact be in action tomorrow out in Michigan, as they take on the International Academy of Flint. After an impressive showing at the NPA Western Session, this team remains a threat to be crowned NPA champions by the end of March.

16. Central Tech (Toronto, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 16 Ranking Change: None League Record: 5-13 Overall Record: 19-18 Week 15 Wins: None Week 15 Losses: FHC (106-88)

The Blues were in tough this past week against the #3 team in the country. Jamal Fuller had 25 in the loss, while Malachi Davis notched 19. Central Tech still has two more games on their regular season schedule, starting on Monday against Bill Crothers.

17. Pine Ridge (Pickering, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 18 Ranking Change: Up 1 League Record: 10-0 Overall Record: 26-5 Week 15 Wins: Pickering (74-65) Week 15 Losses: None

Pine Ridge managed to hold off an impressive Pickering Trojans squad to retain their LOSSAA championship last night. Shak Pryce remains one of the best uncommitted prospects in the country, while the rest of the Pumas can celebrate the fact that they are back in OFSAA to defend their provincial crown.

18. GTA Prep (Brampton, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 17 Ranking Change: Down 1 League Record: 5-8 Overall Record: 7-15 Week 15 Wins: None Prep Week 15 Losses: TBA (122-103)

A loss to TBA has GTA Prep round out their NPA record finish at 5-8. Scottie Austin had 13 points and recorded 7 assists in the loss. GTA will now get themselves ready for the NPA nationals in March.

19. Halifax Prep (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Last Week Ranking: 19 Ranking Change: None League Record: 7-3 Overall Record: 9-3 Week 15 Wins: None Week 15 Losses: None

After a long layoff, Halifax Prep will be back in action this weekend, starting later today in Montreal as they take on top ranked CTA. It will be a tough test, but one that Akoi Yuot and the rest of this team will be ready for.

20. Lincoln Prep (Hamilton, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 20 Ranking Change: None League Record: 8-11 Overall Record: 8-18 Week 15 Wins: AI Black (89-78) Week 15 Losses: None

Lincoln Prep managed to finish off their regular season on a high note, defeating AI Black 89-78 to finish 8-11 overall. Tyler Sagl finished with 21 while Bennett Grumbach had 14 in the win.

21. Saskatoon Basketball Academy (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

Last Week Ranking: 21 Ranking Change: None League Record: 5-9 Overall Record: 5-11 Week 15 Wins: None Week 15 Losses: None

SBA had the week off and is now in preparation for the NPA nationals next month.

22. Saint Laurent (Montreal, Quebec)

Last Week Ranking: 22 Ranking Change: None League Record: 2-6 Overall Record: 7-9 Week 15 Wins: None Week 15 Losses: None

The Express had no games this past week, but are geared up this weekend to host the final NPA session of the year before nationals. Their first matchup will be later this morning when they take on RNS, followed by a 5pm EST game against top ranked CTA. This will be the final test for Junior Mercy and the rest of the Express before the big dance in March.

23. Middlefield Collegiate (Markham, ON)

Last Week Ranking: 24 Ranking Change: Up 1 League Record: 7-0 Overall Record: 37-1 Week 15 Wins: Pierre Trudeau (84-53), Richmond Hill, St. Augustine (58-52) Week 15 Losses: None

Middlefield remain in the hunt for the YRAA title as they managed to go 3-0 this week to make it all the way to the finals with an OFSAA berth on the line. They will be taking on Vaughan’s varsity squad in that final, which will be scheduled for Monday at 8pm at Sutton.

24. St. Benedict (Cambridge, ON)

Last Week Ranking: 23 Ranking Change: Down 1 League Record: 11-1 Overall Record: 29-5 Week 15 Wins: None Week 15 Losses: None

With the CWOSSA tournament scheduled for later today and tomorrow, St. Benedict, along with bubble teams North Park, Kitchener C.L, Eastwood, and Centennial, will all have the most difficult road to OFSAA of any teams in the province. Only one of these very deserving teams will advance, which hopefully will begin a conversation as to how this region is seeded for OFSAA moving forward in the future. At this time, the Bennies should be considered a favourite to pull it out after winning the D8 Title, but this outcome is far from certain.

25. LaSalle Secondary (Kingston, ON)

Last Week Ranking: 25 Ranking Change: None League Record: 9-0 Overall Record: 43-1 Week 15 Wins: LCVI (64-36), Regiopolis (70-44), Frontenac (51-32) Week 15 Losses: None

LaSalle has managed to qualify for AAA OFSAA for their first time in school history. The historically AA school that is better known for football has officially arrived on the provincial scene after a 3-0 week to solidify their spot. Look for this team to be a dark horse that has the potential to knock off anyone who isn’t ready for their physicality.

Have Your Say…Who Should be in the Top 25?

On the bubble:

  • Westview (Toronto, ON)
  • Central Toronto Academy (Toronto, ON)
  • Orillia (Orillia, ON)
  • Cathedral (Hamilton, ON)
  • North Park (Brantford, ON)
  • Oakville Prep (Oakville, ON)
  • Terry Fox (Port Coquitlam, BC)
  • d’Youville (Brampton, ON)
  • Brampton Centennial (Brampton, ON)
  • Northstar Prep (Winnipeg, MB)
  • St. Thomas Aquinas (Oakville, ON)
  • Brebeuf (Hamilton, ON)
  • St. Patrick’s (Ottawa, ON) 
  • Jeanne Mance (Montreal, QC)
  • Henri-Bourassa (Montreal, QC)
  • Burnaby South Rebels (Burnaby, British Columbia)
  • Holy Cross Crusaders (Surrey, British Columbia)
  • Kennedy HS (Windsor, ON)
  • St. John Paul II (Scarborough, ON)
  • Oakwood CI (Toronto, ON)
  • Holy Trinity (Oakville, ON)
  • Eastwood (Waterloo, ON)
  • Lord Tweedsmuir (Surrey, BC)
  • Auburn Drive High School (Cole Harbour, NS)
  • Halifax Grammar School (Halifax, NS)

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