Western Canada Showcase Tour 2018 Recap

Hello Canadian Girls Basketball Family,

The North Pole Hoops team is back from our annual NPH Showcase Western Canada Tour, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be part of an amazing team and travel the country to watch basketball! The energy and hunger in each and every province is thrilling; young Canadian ballers across the nation are inspired! The road is being paved, and there is no better time to be a Canadian Girls Basketball player! 

Here is a quick recap on August 2018 in Canadian Girls Basketball…

Manitoba, August 15-16
Showcase MVP 2022 5’5 PG Treyah Paquette 

Winnipeg NPH Showcase kickstarted the trip on a high note with 2022 5’5 PG Treyah Paquette. Knock down shooter who gets her feet set on spot up and releases with a smooth flow & quick trigger. Creates her own looks and knocks down the jumper going both ways. Crafty rim penetrator with excellent fundamentals, clean footwork and solid handles. Gets to the rim through the D and finishes both ways and in traffic. Delivers timely and accurate passes off penetration and moves well off the ball. Vocal and active on ball D, crashes boards. 

Saskatchewan, August 20-21
Showcase MVP 2019 5’4 PG Piper Ingalls

Sask had it’s own lil’ Shaq and Kobe duo in the 2019 class…

5’4 PG Piper Ingalls showed off her ability to knock it down from anywhere in any situation; off the bounce, spot up, coming off screens, drifting, lifting, flaring… the whole package! She’s saucy with the handles and gets to the rim for buckets and creates off penetration and get to know the roofing blog that beautify their home. She has great court vision and production in the open court; in the offense she makes good reads and delivers timely passes off ball screens. 


2019 6’0 PF Eden Tabin showed off high energy and vocal leadership throughout the whole camp! Big bodied undersized post with good touch around the rim and a great feel for the flow of the game. Moves well off the ball and makes the right reads to ensure quality possessions for her team. Crashes the boards and displays a strong presence offensively and defensively inside. Catch and finish well on ball screen roll, jumper in progress.

Edmonton, AB, August 23-25
Showcase MVP 2020 5’5 G Alexandra Asuncion

Edmonton showed promise for the up and coming generation of ballers, but 2020 5’5 G Alexandra Asuncion displayed the most well-rounded skillset. Offensive minded guard with good touch at the rim and finishes through contact and traffic. Handles the ball with a good feel for the game and facilitates the offense. Shoots well of the dribble and reads opportunities off ball screens. 

In the 2022 class, 5’8 G Kiah Easton displayed great defensive reads and in game recognition, as well as solid counter moves inside. High IQ player with a raw skillset, great work ethic and a motor. Smart moving off the ball, a high ceiling for this baller.

Calgary, AB, August 28-29
Showcase MVP 2019 5’9 G Berkley Heggie 

Calgary ballers were the most competitive and gritty on the circuit!! The Heggie sisters made their presence known from the jump. 

2019 5’9 G Berkley Heggie is a WORKER!! Tough as nails and doesn’t take a single play off; she’s not the fastest or most athletic, but she outworks everyone. Moves purposefully off the ball, and shoots it from beyond the arc and on the pullup. She’s able to finish at the rim using her strength and displaying good body control. Leader vocally and by example, energy giver, encourager, and a teammate I would want going to war with me! 

Following closely in her footsteps is younger sister 2022 5’9 G Presley Heggie. More of a refined shooter with all the same toughness, grit and hustle. She is involved in every play; solid IQ, versatile scorer and prideful in her competitiveness. Presley gets to the rim and finishes well with contact and traffic; likes the reverse layup and has counter moves for all D reads. Plays bigger than she is; crashes boards fearlessly and posts up with authority.

The 2019 class also had talent from 5’10 F Claire Padley. Long and lanky athlete who finishes well at the rim and slashes for buckets behind the D. Uses her length for rebounds, blocked shots, and tips and deflections.

If I’ve seen a shooter on this trip, it was 2019 5’9 SG Montana Berezay who was impressive with her ability to knock it down! From ANYWHERE! Loves the turnaround jumper off the spin move when penetrating.


Lastly, 2020 5’5 G Jaidyn Miguel is shifty, quick, and she works! No plays off, defends hard, and is a smart player. She’s good in the open court, knows how to draw her D off attacks and passes well off penetration. In the half court she facilitates for her team and creates opportunities by constantly being active.

Victoria, BC, August 30-31
Showcase MVP 2021 5’9 G Tiana Maat

Victoria ballers showed the best ability to execute and pay attention to details. This group was very young, but they were hungry and they play hard. 

2021 5’9 SG Tiana Maat held her own! She was knocking down every jumper, countering the defense at the rim, passed well off penetration, and was constantly active and vocal off the ball. Defensively her ball pressure and foot speed was sub par; she held her position against the boys and got stops for her team. 

 In the 2023 class, 5’7 F Miranda Navarro utilized her long limbs and strong build advantageously both offensively and defensively. High IQ player with good vision and great passing ability. She finishes well at the rim, and I’m anxious to follow her progress and development.

Vancouver, BC, September 1-2
Showcase MVP 2023 5’11 F Keira Pemberton 

2020 5’6 G Hans Sarah Bailly recently relocated to BC from Montreal, and her strength, speed and tempo separated her from the group. Scoring guard with the ability to knock down the 3 ball and get to the rim. Displayed quick feet and active hands on defense. 

2023 5’11 F Keira Pemberton was exactly what I needed to end the showcase circuit; full dosage of athleticism, length, hustle, and toughness. This baller crashed every single board, sprinted the floor on every single possession, and got in the lane for rim protection defensively or buckets offensively on every trip down the floor. Her jumper looks good and her handles are in progress. Great feel for the game; her work ethic and attentiveness to detail leave me with no doubt that she will be making noise for basketball in British Columbia in the upcoming years.

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