NCAA Basketball Programs Travel to Canada for NPA New Year Challenge in Toronto, Jan 3-6

The secret is out and at this point over 50 NCAA programs have crossed the border this season so far to recruit Canada and hope to create a pipeline for up and coming talent.

AJ Lawson, Lual Akot, Kaosi Ezeagu, Franco Miller, Shol Ayach, David Muila, Marijan Obad, Filip Milosovic, Kur Jockuch are prime examples of 2018 sleepers that coaches will be coming to see, while building a depth chart for future years.

With over 90 young Canadian men at the DI level in the NCAA this year, that number is expected to increase well past 110 during the 2018-2019 season.

Below are the schools that have confirmed attendance at the New Year Challenge of the National Preparatory Association Jan 3-6, with more confirming over the next two weeks.

Confirmed Programs

  1. VCU (NCAA D1)
  2. Purdue (NCAA D1)
  3. Illinois (NCAA D1)
  4. Toledo (NCAA D1)
  5. SMU (NCAA D1)
  6. Rhode Island (NCAA D1)
  7. K-State (NCAA D1)
  8. Central Michigan (NCAA D1)
  9. Jacksonville State (NCAA D1)
  10. University of Toronto (USports)
  11. Brock (USports)
  12. Hutchinson (2017 JUCO National Champions)
  13. Guelp (USports)
  14. George Brown (CCAA)
  15. McMaster (USports)
  16. Queens (USports)
  17. Western (USports)
  18. Canisius (NCAA)

This list will continue to be updated as more coaches prepare for their travels into and around Canada over the next few weeks.

With an NPA National Championship and scholarships on the line all teams in this event and all prospects will be approaching their peaks.

Join us in Toronto at Crestwood Prepartory College where the New Year Challenge will start the year on a strong note!

$10 day passes. $30 Week pass.

College coaches interesting in attending this event, please email to

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