VIDEO: NPH Showcase Canada-Wide Tour 2016

North Pole Hoops was on the road again this summer, traveling from coast to coast scouting the best prospects Canada has to offer on the NPH Showcase Tour.

Lead National Scouts Elias & Tariq Sbiet were on the road with Videographers Mike Dotto and Matt Babiak as they started out in Halifax, Nova Scotia and worked their way West, profiling the top talent in the Nation and providing students of the game the insight they need to make it to the next level. Keevan Veinot and Liam Chislett took home the Upper and Lowerclassman East Coast MVP honours respectively, and set the bar high for the rest of Canada on the circuit.

From Halifax, the team moved to Ontario, where they hit up Kitchener, Toronto and Hamilton to see what the O had to offer. Michael Nuga, AJ Lawson, Joel Brown, Josip Vrankic and Shamiel Stevenson were all players who stood out in Ontario, and represent a deep talent pool that keeps on giving.

The NPH team continued their journey to Manitoba, where U17 Team Canada members Daniel Sackey and Emmanuel Akot put the Prairies on their back and proved that Canada’s basketball talent doesn’t take any breaks from coast to coast.

In Saskatchewan, NPH made home base at Athol Murray College of Notre Dame, and put a spotlight on some of the quality talent coming out of the region. The slick lefty Tyrese Potoma took home MVP honours in Sask and put his name on the map after coming into camp as a relative unknown.

The team kept traveling West and stopped at the University of Calgary next to see what Alberta had to offer. Emmanuel Kuac, Diew Moses and Sabry Philip all made statements on the court and showed how high the level of talent really is on the West Coast.

It only got hotter as North Pole Hoops ventured into British Columbia, where the team not only took in some of the most beautiful landscapes imaginable, but some of the most beautiful basketball as well. Jiordano Khan and Keenan Dowell were named MVP’s of the Showcase and showed the true grit the West Coast had to offer. Dowell played the entire weekend with one eye swollen shut after suffering an injury during the first games of camp.

That type of grit is what will keep the rest of the country on its toes, as the place Steve Nash called home has something to prove to the rest of the world.

The final stop of the NPH Showcase Circuit was Montreal, where Mardoché Mpoyi and Nginyu Ngala stood out as top players from a province known for its athletic ballers. After closing out the Showcase, it was a spectacular thing to realize that Canada is hungry and looking to announce itself to the world as a basketball nation. From coast to coast Canada is improving at an exponential rate, and soon the Red and White will make its way to the top of the food chain as basketball powerhouses.

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the NPH Showcase circuit and made the journey a special one.

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