Canadian Basketball Prep League Taking Flight — A Nation Inspired


North Pole Hoops is proud to present the National Preparatory Association, a league catered to character programs from across Canada to develop, compete, and thrive in, both in the classroom and on the hardwood.

The NPA is a league the country will be proud of, with representation from coast to coast. The NPA works with programs that put student-athletes first and take the necessary action to place prospects into scholarship opportunities.

The end game is guiding youth, through mentorship & strong leadership; NPA programs bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and contributions to Canadian basketball spanning over twenty years. 

“Upholding the ethics of the NPA is the number one priority with a focus on academic excellence,” explained NPA commissioner Tariq Sbiet.

“The personnel and programs we have involved are charged up and ready to contribute to the game on a national, united front.”

Since inception, NPH has supported the high school game in Canada from coast-to-coast and will continue to do so. However, as talented prospects continue to leave the country, a league of this nature is necessary for the continued growth of Canadian basketball.

nation inspired

“The National Preparatory Association will strive to become the best amateur basketball league in the world providing top-notch competition and exposure for our members.”

Basketball is the vehicle that will be used to help youth evolve from boys to men, and ultimately positive contributors to society.

Stay tuned on @NPACanada as participating programs will be announced, starting this week.

The NPA will change Canadian basketball for the next century.

A nation inspired. Coming this fall…

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