Rowan Barrrett Jr. – Best 15 Year Old Basketball Player in the WORLD!



Springboard bunnies, a three point shot, great physicals with size and length, PG passing touch and alpha mentality. He defends multiple positions at a high level.

This is the make up of the best prospect in the world at the 2019 class, Canadian product Rowan Barrett Jr.

His tireless work ethic and focus ensures he will maximize his potential. With the guidance of his father Rowan Sr., he has stayed the course and developed a tough and mature approach on the court and with his dealings with the media.

This season at Montverde Academy in Florida, where this year’s likely 1st overall pick Ben Simmons played, he was the leading scorer and has been using the off season to develop his body.

There is a discussion going around that he has surpassed the high school version of Andrew Wiggins in terms of skill set. This is now pretty clear to scouts.

We will be in Indiana continue to scout Rowan Barrett Jr on his UPlay squad as he and a plethora of Canadians compete on the AAU Circuit.

Elias Sbiet

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