Canadian Guard Ahmed Ali Makes History, Drops 103 points in High School Game

Ahmed Ali has joined the history books with Denham Brown (111 points, 2001) as the only Canadian ever to score over 100 points in a high school basketball game, recording 103 (23 triples) in a 111-76 victory against C.W Jeffreys today (December 16, 2015).

There’s layers to this story, and a lot to explain.

103 points is 103 points, which is absolutely wild, and should be recognized. That said, I hope to put everything into proper perspective.


Ali, a 2016 PG plays for BTB Prep (runs out of John Polyani Collegiate Institute) and plays in the newly-formed Ontario Prep league (OSBA) where he is one of the leaders in scoring at 26 PPG. His best performance has come against Thon Maker and Athlete Institute where he had 35.

In this case, Ali’s 103-point explosion was playing for the John Polyani high school team, the school he attends.

At the request of school administration and teammates, Ali is maintaining a commitment with the HS team, where he started two years ago. This was the third game of the high school season. In game one, Ali put in 46 points in a 6-point loss to Emery.

Ali is an NPH Top-50 Nationally ranked prospect in the class of 2016.

ahmed ali 100

In April, Ali put up 41 points against Indiana Gym Rats in championship game of Indiana Circle city shoot out. In June, 48 points against VCU commit Marquel Fraser and UPlay. He ended the summer putting up 46 points against Ohio Basketball Club and 44 points @ CNIT against Sphere including the game-winning shot.

“He’s a microwave, he can definitely go off; you have to be disciplined against him. If you’re not, he’s going to burn you,” explained Coach Mike Chmliewski of Sphere.

After this historic offensive onslaught, people will certainly want to know who this kid is, and just how good he is if he’s putting up numbers like this.

Who is Ahmed Ali?

Ali is a charismatic individual, who I’ve gotten to know over the last couple years. He has the utmost confidence in his game, and definitely brings showmanship to the table. Combine that with a pure shooting stroke, and you have an unpredictable player.

Ali is currently one of the top uncommitted guards in the country being recruited by high level JUCO’s including Vincennes, Chipola, and Kilgore.

As he matures, Ali must become more discipline and bring the same enthusiasm on the defensive end to continue his growth; his leadership has stepped up, which has been nice to witness.

Game Recap

At halftime, the score was 56-28–Ali had 48 points at that time.

“After the first half, I started taking stats, I felt something special was going to happen,” explained his Prep Head Coach Adeel Sahibzada.

He shot approximately 50-60% from the field for the game, according to Sahibzada.

“They tried box and one, double teaming, diamond (1-3-1) and 3-2 zone defense” he continued.

“He kept going further and further.”

Ali was launching from right around half court…where he made five of them, as hard as that is to believe.

“It was tough to guard him…every time he touched the ball, he launched.”


One to Remember

Ahmed Ali becomes a part of history with this performance…people will say what they want and some may show scepticism…but at the end of the day, 103 points is 103 points, and nobody can take that away.



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