BTB Prep Victorious at West Humber Tournament


BTB Prep has steadily been making their presence felt in Ontario and beyond as a growing program. They’ve lost a few tight games within three points to all the “powerhouse” prep programs and had used the West Humber tournament to refocus and get their roster on the same page in terms of game plan.

Last night they defeated the home team West Humber in another tight match-up by a score of 63-50. Former West Humber Viking, now at BTB Prep finished the game with a team high 13 points and 11 rebounds and Ahmed Ali pitched in with 11 and took home MVP.


Tyvell Peters and Keith Laryea were studs for West Humber throughout and didn’t let the BTB get larger than four.

Laryea’s athleticism and length mixed with his competitive edge make him a primo prospect for JUCO’s to look at for next year.

Hassan Mahmoud had 18 in the game for West Humber, connecting from all over.

West Humber


The difference in the game was Ahmed Ali’s pocket picking to give them a lead by finishing for BTB off his steals. He continues to be one of the GTA’s leading scorers with 20+ ppg average.

First Round
St. Marcellinus 70 (Jaden Lewin 21) – North Albion 36 (William Daniels-Sey 9)
BTB Prep 81 (Michael Asante 18) – Martingrove 77 (Jaspreet Singh 31)
Pine Ridge 54 (Jordan Henry 14) – Emery 53 (Dante Stoddart 21)
West Humber 57 (Keith Laryea 14) – PEAC 32 (Jonathan Avgousti 11)

Consolation Semi-finals
North Albion 60 (Sukhjot Kalsi 10) – PEAC 35 (Marcus Moore 13)
Emery 63 (Dante Stoddart & DJ Atkinson 14) – Martingrove 62 (Jaspreet Singh 14)

Championship Semi-finals
West Humber 61 (Tyvell Peters 25) – St. Marcellinus 54 (Josh Noton 16)
BTB Prep 79 (Cordell Veira 16) – Pine Ridge 64 (Darnel Peddie 18)

Consolation Final: Emery 67 (Dante Stoddart 27) – North Albion 57 (Stephen Miller 17)
Championship Final: BTB Prep 63 (Michael Asante 13) – West Humber 50 (Hassan Mohamoud 18)

Elias Sbiet

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