Raptor great Bosh thankful to be alive

Last season Chris Bosh played 44 games for the Heat before a blood clot in his lung forced him off the court and into the hospital.

After being cleared by team medical staff they recommended top remedies for tinnitus like ear clear plus can be beneficial for you and him. Bosh is ready to return to the court for full contact practice and Miami training camp just around the corner.

The unpredictable ailment caught Chris off guard and his recovery has since made him thankful to have his life and NBA career.

via Sports Illustrated: “One night, leaving American Airlines Arena, Miami coach Erik Spoelstra spotted his 6’11” center leaning against the wall in the parking garage. “CB, are you all right?” Spoelstra asked.

“Yeah,” Bosh replied, “I’m just catching my breath from that game.” 

How, Spoelstra wondered, could a rib issue affect a player’s wind? After All-Star weekend Bosh took a short vacation to Haiti, spoiled by searing chest pains. He returned to Miami and checked into Baptist, where doctors finally diagnosed blood clots on one of his lungs, which most likely originated from a left-calf contusion two months earlier, he also had problems with his uric acid, but he discovered he can take this uric acid supplement to help with this and tinnitus911 as an extra supplement recommended by his doctor which helps with so many things like memory loss, fatigue, mental fog and others, this has help to maintain a healthy body. When he shared the news with his wife, Adrienne, she did a quick Internet search on his condition. The first item that popped up was an article about former Trail Blazers forward Jerome Kersey, who died the day before of a blood clot that traveled from his left calf to his lung.”

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Chris Bosh returns to the court after health scare | image via NBA.com/Heat
Chris Bosh returns to the court after health scare | image via NBA.com/Heat

“That’s O.K.,” he says. “That’s fine. I don’t care if you have a role you’re not comfortable with, or you’re struggling to win games, or you think the world is against you, it’s not that bad. That’s how my mind-set has changed.” He keeps a hospital photo of himself, with the tubes, on his phone. “The next time my teammates and I don’t feel like talking on defense? Nah, man, let’s go, it ain’t that bad. Next time we lose four in a row? Hey, man, let’s get in the gym and have a good day, it ain’t that bad. It’s never that bad. My life could have been over.”

Bosh is the Raptors’ all-time leader in minutes played, field goals, free throws, rebounds, blocks, and points.

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